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Born & raised in New Jersey, Verbal Assassin is a very talented rapper/songwriter and the CEO of D.T.A. RecordZ, his own independent record label. Over the years he has earned the name "Mr. Out Work 'Em" because he has surrounded himself with music from an early age and has an inspirational work ethic.
At 8 years old, he started writing his own lyrics and even surprised his teachers with his writing skills. Verbal then decided to join the local drill team and started playing drums. He self-taught himself to play every drum from the snare and bass, to the trips and quads....he really had a gift.
In 2007, he released his first mixtape "Friend or Foe. Verbal's highly anticipated 2nd mixtape "Play Timez Ova" was released in May 2009. His 3rd mixtape "Take A Stan" hit the streets in December 2009. Verbal's 4th mixtape "No More Mr. Nice Guy" was released in May 2010. Being the boss of your own label, doesn't allow much time to fully concentrate on your own projects but Verbal stayed determined. His newest mixtape "It’s GrinderSeason Vol.1" was released January 2012, you can find it on That Crack, Hot New Hip Hop & DatPiff. He is currently working on “#ALLGASNOBRAKES” and of course, overseeing all the other projects from the D.T.A. RecordZ Family. He is also in the process of scheduling trips for a marketing and promotions campaign to Miami, Atlanta, and the Carolinas.
Verbal Assassin is definitely on his way to the top and will be known amongst "The Greats"...he is just that talented. So make sure you take the time to experience some real hip-hop.

3375 What made you decide to get serious about making music?

VERBAL - Music has always been a love of mine but losing too many friends to the streets and prison pushed me to start making music to express what I was going thru.

3375 What makes you stand out from other artists ?

VERBAL - I choose to make music from the heart. I don't make music just to fit in and wear funny style clothes to be accepted. I see that there's more to people's lives than partying and bullshitting, so I try to make music to fit different situations.

3375 What can your fans expect from your album?

VERBAL - The #ALLGASNOBRAKES project that I'm working on right now shows my mind state of how I'm chasing the goals at hand. I feel Failure Is Never A Option and that's what this cd symbolizes. Never have a speed limit on your GRIND!

3375 What challenges have you faced and overcome in your music career.

VERBAL - Where to start...it ranges from booking sessions with engineers that didn't know how to mix to having DJ's so call black ball my music, to name a few things. To overcome it, I had no choice but to grind thru it and just continue to build my brand.

3375 How did you feel the first time your performed your music live and how was the response.

VERBAL - The 1st time I performed, I was anxious to see how people responded and I got a lot of positive feedback and also constructive criticism, which helped me put on better shows to this date.

3375 How was the experience of making your video , what was the concept behind it.

VERBAL - Making the video was a fun experience to me. The concept behind the video was to show what I've gone thru, some of the ups & downs in my life. So the main scene for it was one of the buildings where I grew up.

3375 Tell us about DTA?

VERBAL - Before it was a label, it was a lifestyle to me. Once I got serious with the music and I saw the way this industry was the D.T.A. meaning just fit. As far as the music goes: we make real music for real people and we look to set our own trends. My vision for D.T.A. RecordZ is bigger than hip-hop, rap and r&b, I would like to bring on musicians from all genres. The artists on D.T.A. are free to make music that makes them feel good. They are not pushed to stick to one style of music.

3375 As an artist how important is it to give back to the community?

VERBAL - I feel it's very important to give back to the community in which you came from and other communities that could use the help. I'm big on making a better life for these kids and helping out families that have fell on hard times. Sometimes giving back is more than giving money, it may be your time, your words or just the effort of you showing someone you care about what they are going thru.

3375 If you could meet President Obama what would be the first question you will ask him?

VERBAL - I would ask him if there was any way he could help the 1%, what would he do.

3375 2012 election is coming up soon whats your advice to first time voter?

VERBAL - I would tell them to vote for who they feel is the right person, not who the media pushes in your face.

3375 If you could have any artist dead or live to open for you who would it be?

VERBAL - Not necessarily open up for me but I would like to perform with BUSTA RHYMES, DMX,ONYX, Big L, 2Pac, Waka, Meek Mill, to name a few.

3375 Is there any other career you want to try in the future?

VERBAL - I could see myself acting and writing movie scripts.

3375 I know my female reader whats to know, are you single?

VERBAL I'm married to my grind and I'm cheating with success.

3375 How can we contact you?

VERBAL Contact & Booking:
email: spitheat@gmail.com
email: dtarecordzbiz@gmail.com


3375 Do you have any shout out?

VERBAL - S/O My Whole D.T.A. Team!! S/O to My Bally Boyz and Kush Queenz!! S/O to all the underdogs making their own way in life!!
S/O to all my true fans & supporters!! I'm nothing without you.
S/O to 3375 Mag for the interview!!
Anybody I forgot, blame the mind not the heart

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