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Angie has been singing since the young age of 5 and has a Vocal Performance and Marketing degree from West Chester University. She has had a love for singing and ventured into stage works in high school and college. Seven years ago she discovered modeling and has now made that another passion. She loves to work with many of the indie designers and singing artists as well. SHe has been feautured in online magazines and designer websites and has graced runways from Alabama to New Jersey.

3375  Tell everybody your name and what area you represent?

ANGIE  Angie and Philly

3375  How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?

ANGIE  I have been performing since I was 5 when my grandma made me sing at a mother's day event and taking lessons since I was 8. I love it.

3375  How would you describe your style and best attribute as an artist?

ANGIE  My style is very eclectic and runs many scales of music genres. I am working on my own genre which I am keeping under wraps until I release my first single ;) I am very versatyle in my sound and have a 3 1/2 octave range .

3375  Tell us your greatest experience thus far as a music artist and why?

ANGIE  I think all my performances have their own special experiences, but some highlights were singing on warm-up time of Monique show and her whispering in my ear later it was beautiful :)

3375  What is the biggest challenge you face being an artist?

ANGIE  I feel as a plus size model and with my physical attributes, I run into a lot of "unprofessional" people. I am a flirt by nature but at tne end of the day busines is business and that's all I am concerned with but working in tight studio spaces things get confused.

3375  Who would you like to collaborate with in the music industry and why?

ANGIE  These two brothers Nuttin but Stringz. They are from NY but I heard them years ago in my church when I lived in ATL. I think a colab with them would be epic.

3375  So how do you feel you rank against top music talents today? And why?

ANGIE  I think I could give most female artists a run for their money. Everyone has their attributes, but I have been classically trained and that is the strongest vocal background you can have.

3375  What are you working on now, and when can fans expect to hear more from you?

ANGIE  I am working on a lot of things, but musically working on finding the right sound from a producer and a few singles. Hopefully by 2013.

3375  Give readers one tip about pursuing their dreams?


3375  So what do you want to accomplish as an artist overall?

ANGIE  I want to make people smile and be at peace when they hear me sing and feel good. I want to be able to financially give back to many organizations and causes I believe in.

3375  If music never existed, what do you think you would be doing?

ANGIE  I always wanted to be an architect or dolphin trainer but science and math were not my strong subjects :)

3375  Tell us your influences and inspirations?

ANGIE  I am inspired and influenced by nature and anything positive.

3375  What quote do you feel best represents you?

ANGIE  Live the life you love and love the life you live.

3375  What music do you have playing in your sound system right now?

ANGIE  hmmm a little bit of everything but Adele stays in rotation a lot.

 3375  I have to ask for the single men out there. Are you single or do you have someone special"?

ANGIE  I have some prospects but single at the moment.

3375  When did you decide you wanted to try modeling?

ANGIE  I kind of fell into modeling 7 years ago.

3375  What are your favorite kinds of shoots?

ANGIE  Glamour, edgy, pin-up.

3375  How do you find your modeling jobs?

ANGIE  Word of mouth, casting websites, facebook

3375  Has modeling changed the way you see yourself?

ANGIE  Yes. I used to have low self -esteem and the love and admiration I get since I started modeling.. well let's just say is good for the ego lol .

3375  How do you stay positive when faced with adversity or size discrimination?

ANGIE  I am who I am .. I have always been thick but I go to gym and eat healthy for my health not for my size.

3375  Do you think the fashion world is becoming more accepting of different types of bodies?

ANGIE  Slowly but surely. Plus size industry has made a lot of big strides this year and hopefully will continue.

3375  What’s your response to people who argue that fashion’s idea of plus-size is not “reality” of plus-size?

ANGIE  Let's be honest as long as you are healthy curves are the way of America. If you go into stores now a days and look in a clearance section. most of the clothes are smalls and mediums..More designers need to recognize norm in America is 12/14/16 +. I stay in the gym and try to eat healthy but not lose my curves ;)

3375  How can business heads and fans contact you in the future?

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

ANGIE I want to give  shout out to my girls I ride with in modeling NQDAC (owners of Empress Lingerie and yes I roll with movers and shakers and my family and friends/fans for always supporting me!

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Born in QUEENS, NY Richie Wess moved to TAMPA, FL where he would begin starting his young career with his cousin DJ Spinatik. Wess was influenced by Run DMC, at an early age. His father produced many music videos for Russell Simmons Def Jam in the early eighties and Wess took a liking to the music and the business.
At 4 years-old he played in an urban movie as the lead’s son in "The Last Boxer". At 6, he was performing for his family and friends, and by 10 years-old Richie Wess started to write down his ideas and started rapping to friends and family members, then later entered into rap battles in the streets and school. The word was out that he was up next. From March – May 2003 he was performing as the Opening Act with the “Def Jam Vendetta Tour 2003” with Joe Budden, Method Man, Capone & Nore in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville.
He also was the opening act for Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz and later that year dropped his 1st album at only 15. Now he's the CEO of YTC Entertainment Group along with Yung Dred, his younger brother. YTC Entertainment has been independent for the last 3 years releasing such singles as “Shawty Is A Freak” Ft. Sammie & Yung Dred which peaked at #65 on Billboards Urban Top 100 in 2011.

You probably heard Richie Wess in the streets, on one of his many collaborations with Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, 2 Pistols, Brisco, Smitty and The Game. Richie Wess is heavy in the mixtape circuit and has dropped 8 mixtapes with DJ Spinatik. He is now ready to take over the airwaves once again with his **New Single** “Put it Down” Ft. Def Jam Recording Artist Verse Simmonds! Put It Down will also be featured on Richie Wess' upcoming project "Joints Ova Blunts" slated to drop 6.6.2012.

3375 When did you first start rapping?

RICHIE I started rapping at age 9 in a group with my cousins. I knew it was my dream in highschool.

3375 So when did you record your first rap track?

RICHIE I recorded my first track at age 9 called "It's All Good" on a tape deck. I did my 1st in studio track at 15 and released my 1st studio album at age 16.

3375 How old are you?


3375 What city/state are you holding down?


3375 Is there anyone past or present that you would say you sound like?

RICHIE I don't sound like anyone. I'm a natural student of hip-hop so I have influences, but I have my own unique sound overall.

3375 Anyone in the game that you look up to?

RICHIE I look up to Nas, Outkast, Sean Carter. I respect what they did in their career I know it's hard to have such longevity and growth in this industry.

3375 What would you say your music is like?

RICHIE It's 100% Me. What I been through, what I'm doing currently, and what I will be doing in the future. My style is versatile you can't label me one way.

3375 What made you wanna get a career in the music game?

RICHIE It has always been my passion, once I got older and started understanding the industry, I wanted to start my company YTC ENT and make it a career.

3375 Who are some people you would love to work with in the future Male or Female rapper/singers?

RICHIE Andre 3000, ,Mary J, Nas, and whoever wants to work with Richie Wess.

3375 How long have you been rapping and performing?

RICHIE I've been performing since I was 15. The Def Jam Vendetta Tour was my first major stage I rocked.

3375 Is there any Music Lable that you would like to be signed to that fits your kind of music?

RICHIE I'm really focused on building my brand, and doing some joint ventures with a major. I like what some of these camps are doing also like Good Music and MMG.

3375 Whats something you want the world to know about you?

RICHIE Richie Wess makes DOPE music and J.O.B is out now go check for yourself.

3375 Where can people go to check out your music?

RICHIE Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and

3375 Whats your twitters? and Facebook?

RICHIE Twitter @RichieWess Facebook Richie Wess

3375 Do you have any shout outs?

RICHIE Shoutout to my artist Yung Dred & My Dj Spinatik. Shoutout to everyone supporting the YTC movement.

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Trin is a 26 year old army veteran now hip hop artist. He first got his big break in Hawaii when he received national radio play for a song call "Life of a star" It was an instant hit and led to him to open up for artists such as Bone Thugs, Talib Kweli, Paul Wall, and meeting Kanye West in the studio and so forth. Trin live in Richmond Virginia where he is managed by Jay D'amour of Ryde4Mine Ent. Since moving Virginia, he has done several showcases, but on March 1,2012 he recieve a call to perform at SXSW in Austin Tx. Trin performed in front of a grammy nominated producer, Ron C (ceo of swisha house) and 2 other judges. He scored a 77 out of 100. Since then, he's been asked to perform in Cleveland, North Carolina, ATL, NY, and Louisiana. He's style is unmatched, and he's grind is like no other. Trin network speaks for itself. Trin has a huge arsenal of songs already on top of the 3-4. He usually write during the day and night. When performing on stage Trin shine bright when he is on stage. Because music is what he love..Trin was quoted saying " I am not into that whole trap music/gang banging theme, i am more so party focused have a good time kind of vibe."

3375 Who is Trin, and how would you describe what you do?

Trin Trin is the next big thing. I'm more than just a hip-hop artist, I am a visionary. Whether I am in the studio, performing, shooting a music video, or just thinking about the music industry in general, I always picture how I am going to do it bigger than the last person. It's hard telling people "I rap," so I tell them that I am a musician. In the end that's what I am, and music is what I do.

3375 You have a very timeless sound and style.. A mixture of smooth R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, (and many other Top-40 genres)... When did you realize that real musicians don't limit themselves?.. and is it possible for you to pick a favorite genre of music?

Trin Thank you. Yea, I try to do a big mixture of styles of music to give each person something to listen to. When my album Illuminati drops, there will be something for everyone, Hip-hop, r&b, pop, even a little twist of rock and roll because I don't want my fans and new listeners to get bored hearing the same type of song every track. If you don't like one song, I am sure you will like another, trust me haha. I realized actually on my own, that I can't just limit myself to making one style of music, because my fanbase would be limited. If I did have to pick a favorite genre of music, it would definitely have to be hip-hop, that's where my heart is.

3375 How did you get your name?

Trin I actually shortened my last name, Trinidad, to T.R.I.N. which also stands for "the real is now." Marinate hahaha.

3375 Can you remember back to when you first discovered Hip-Hop?

Trin I first discovered hip hop more so when i was an early teenager, around 14 or so. I say that and people are like "oh no, i used to listen to so and so when I was like 9..." but then i tell them, listening to hip-hop and actually embracing and understanding the culture are two different things. It's around the same time when i wrote my first couple of verses and came to realize that this is what I want to do.

3375 I always give artists the chance to reflect on what they have been through (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to get where they are today.. Let's touch on Trin's journey for a moment.. What was life like for you growing up?

Trin Growing up was not rough at all. I was fortunate enough to have my parents there for me. My dad was in the Army when I was growing up, then after he got out, both of my parents worked all the way up until me and my younger sister graduated high school. I wasn't born rich though, but one thing my parents drilled into my head was to make due with what I got, and what I need, will come to me if I work hard enough for it. Of course, with all journeys, there are some bad roads that we have to travel. I was in the Army from 2005-2009 stationed in Hawaii. While I was there, i released the song "Life of a Star" ft. DJ Malakai, and it was an instant hit. The radio DJ was Krystilez, and he heard it maybe for like 45 seconds, told me to adjust some of the levels on it and that same night, I got my first national radio play. That jump started a lot for my career but with all good comes bad. I reached the end of my service contract and had gotten out of the Army. Living there was expensive so I had to move back to my home state of VA. So just when I thought I had it all, life got in my face and said "try again."

3375 What are your views on the Virginia Hip-Hop/Music scene at the moment?

Trin The Virginia music scene is on the move. There is a lot of local talent in Virginia. Artists like Red Rum, Nickelus F, Famlay, Pusha-T, Malice, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Skillz, just to name a few. One day though, Im gonna be there rockin wit them.

3375 Who would you say are your musical influences, and why?

Trin My influences in music are Eminem because that man is a lyrical genius, Busta Rhymes because of his delivery, 2pac because of the attitude, and of course Biggie, because every song he made was a hit. Each of those artists have done different styles of music and they have all done it well.

3375 With the major label system going down quicker than a Vegas hooker a lot of people believe this is a great time for indie artists.. What do you think?

Trin This is definitely the perfect time for Indie artists to get a fast jump start. I remember watching the movie "Socail Network" and the dean said "its better to create a job than to find one" so i applied that with music. I don't have to pay a distributor to put my music out, I don't have to pay a label to put their symbol on my CD case, I can just login to my reverbnation page and release whatever I feel like, and with the way the social networks are blowing up, its almost impossible to not have at least some type of following, a lot of it is just how hard you work.

3375 The major label system will NEVER be the same and produce those major dollars and deals because the indie artists got tired of begging for a deal and getting rejected.. Indie artists are smarter now, and technology has provided the tools to create your OWN label, buzz, $, etc.
What's your favorite Gangster Movie?

Trin Do i got to pick just one hahaha, nah but for real, it has got to be Goodfellas.

3375 Where can we contact and listen to you?

Trin I can be reached on twitter @trin804 and yes i respond to EVERYONE and i FOLLOW BACK. I can also be heard on by email at

3375 Any Shout out?

Trin Definitely got to shout out 3375 magazine, Ryde4Mine Ent, my manager Jay, my girl Jayme, my producer Smallz, David b Goliath, Da kennel, Dj Flaco, Kulture glass shop, my family, my fans, and most importantly GOD.

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Comedian Lissa P was born July 6th, 19yea right (lol) in Richmond Virginia. She WAS the youngest of 3 girls until her mother adopted her cousin (@ the age of 7) who is now a theater writer/performer in Chicago Ill.

Since Lissa P was able to talk she could never keep her mouth shut (just ask ALL of her teachers, from elementary, middle AND high school…sad but, true).

Lissa P always knew it was in her blood to bring laughter to people’s hearts & souls.

One day in conversation a co-worker stated that a local Comedy Improve Troupe in Richmond was holding auditions and I, me (new to the game) Lissa P should try out. Indeed, I auditioned and became a part of the “Richmond Comedy Sports Improve Troupe” spring of 2007 until winter 2008.

After exploring a year in the Improve world Lissa P started to spread her wings into performing stand up in other venues in the surrounding areas of VA. Her first big step was gracing stage of the well known Richmond Funny Bone May, June & August of 2009.
After entering in the Richmond Funny Bones “Clash of the Comics” open mic competitions in May, June, in August (the finale) Lissa P became the 1st female EVER to place top 3 in a “Clash” (Lissa being the only SEXY chick out of 11 dudes..that was a HUGH honor.
Lissa P thanks her father for introducing her to the world of comedy. Since she was 5yrs old her father would have her on his lap @ 8p to watch the Benny Hill Show (a British comedy that ran from Jan. 15th, 1955-May 30, 1991). Lissa P feels that comedy/entertaining/hosting.. is in her blood & it’s here to stay!!

3375  Can you please tell our readers who Lissa is?

  LISSA  Lissa P is a funny, out of control (when needed) up & coming Comediennes. I've been in the entertainment field of comedy since 2007 but, in my soul since birth : ) I am a very caring, loving, (which is soo common for a zodiac Cancer, July 6th baby such as myself..OOW OOW!!) like to going to the movies, working out, shopping for shoes, Cowboys fan (but, if they aren't doing well by the 4th quarter I usually go for the other team)!

3375  How would you describe your act?

    LISSA   Relatable Life!! Point Blank. 9 x's out of 10 anything that I talk about has happened in my life and somehow some way you'll be able to relate. People always say "Tell me a joke" & I ask them "how much time do you have b/c we have at least 20+ years to cover" LOL!

3375  It seems like everyone is getting into music, why did you choose comedy?

   LISSA   B/C I can't sing..LOL so, my music career would have been over w/ the first note! I'm not the one who listened to my mama when she said "gone sing baby" nay i listened to my daddy when he said "make em' laugh before they laugh at you".

3375  When did you realize your talent or gift?

    LISSA  1st grade. We would go on the playground in the evenings and I would entertain my friends. We had this game  where each person (about 8 of use) would go across the monkey bars one by one & as each person went across we would have to cheer the loudest for the person who we wanted to go across again & again just to do silly stuff. You guessed it! I got the loudest cheers. Ay-dont knock this game we were ONLY in 1st grade.. geesh!! I think the loud cheers and seeing that I could put smiles on peoples faces felt good & most of all it was priceless.

3375  Who do you think is the funniest comedian of all time?.

    LISSA  WOW, funniest of all times???? It's hard to pick just one but, I would say Mr. Richard Pryor!

3375  Do you have a certain age group for what you do or your act is for everybody?

    LISSA  Everybody! You just gotta let me know ahead of time what the age group will When I started off doing comedy @ Comedy Sportz Improv Theater in 07'. those shows were family friendly (my grandma went so, your kids were safe)

3375  How did it feel the first time you was on stage?

    LISSA  WOW. My first time on stage was @ Comedy Sportz & that wasn't to bad b/c I was on there w/ other players on there w/ me but, my first solo performance was @ the Richmond Funny Bone & b/c it was on my mom's birthday (May 4th)  I knew she was watching over me so, I was actually ok! For some reason stage fright comes along every now & then but, it subsides once I open my mouth!

3375  Tell us 2 things you will want our readers to know about you.

    LISSA  1.) I trained to be a EMT before I started comedy but, cried over every patient we picked up SO, I knew I was ONLY meant to make people laugh once they felt better. 2.) I'm a

3375  How can we keep updates on performance?

    LISSA Facebook @ "Comedianess Lissa P"!
My next performance will be Saturday July 21st 2012 for the Tropical Diva's Plus Size Fashion Show @ the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. Check out their website for ticket information!!

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

    LISSA  My mom & dad Mary & Clarence Smothers (Rest in Perfect Peace..thank you for EVERYTHING) ,my sisters Kim, Annette, Melanie & my cousins (Jody). Jay Grizzy, VCU's J-Lowdown Show, REPVA Radio, Ain't No Half Steppin' w/ Marcus J Internet Radio,  the Aaron Turner Show & the Richmond Funny Bone. To anyone I may have left out charge it to my head and not my heart! Love to you all & thank you to 3375 Magazine!!

Comedy Sportz Improv Richmond, VA March 2007-2008

Richmond Funny Bone Clash of Comics Richmond Va May/June/August 2009

Guest on VCU J-Lowdown Radio Show Richmond. VA January 2011

Crossroads Appearance x2 Richmond VA March 2011

Richmond Funny Bone Apollo Night Richmond VA June 2011

Antione Scott & Friends TV appearance Richmond VA July 2011

“Jody” Smith Showcase Richmond VA July 2011

Lake Side Laughs Sports & Grill Henrico VThe Green Room w/ Jay Grizzy

Radio Show Richmond VA October 2011

Underground Dance All Stars Event Richmond VA November 2011

Co-hosted Women In Business Event Chesterfield VA December 2011

Finale VCU J-Lowdown Radio Show Roast Richmond VA December 2011

Ain’t No Half Steppin w/ Marcus J Radio Show Richmond VA December 2011

The Aaron Turner Radio Show Richmond VA December 2011

REPNVA Radio co-host w/ Kizzi Henderson Mechanicsville VA December 2011

REPNVA Radio co-host w/ Kizzi Henderson Mechanicsville VA January 2012

1800 Bar & Grill Comedy Showcase Richmond VA February 2012

REPVA Radio co-host w/ Kizzie Henderson Mechanicsville VA

April 2012 (Jody Interview)

Jamil Jasey Lyric Ave Poerty Event /Bo’Dillaz Richmond VA
April 2012

Lyric Ave Poetry Event/ Club Auroa Richmond VA
May 2012

The Aaron Turner Radio Show Richmond VA May 2012

Hosted Bac2Back Radio Mid-South Bike Event Stony Creek VA June 2012

REPNVA Radio co-host w/ Kizzi Henderson Mechanicsville VA June 2012


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Interview with Up and Coming Model DeeDee Carlos

DeeDee Carlos

 DeeDee Carlos aka BodyBeautiful is 5'3 full bloodied Honduran with measurements 38C 35 48 from Bronx, New York. She outgoing free spirit adventurous published model who  been modeling close to 3 years. DeeDee love being infront of the camera expressing herself and showing creativity to the world. She's been feature on several online magazines along with hard copies and  done runway for designers. DeeDee is not done yet because there is still more of the world to see and she going to enjoy every bit of it.

3375  What was your childhood like, including any unique experiences?

DEEDEE   I came from a family with strict rules. My mother was born from Central American where there was two set if rules of males n females. The boys get to explore and the girls stay close to home.

3375  How did you get into modeling?

 DEEDEE  It was a fluke for me. My daughter used me as a test dummy for a new camera I brought her...I post it on MySpace and Modelmayhem and got great responses from photographers who would like to shoot with me and the rest is history.

 3375  Are there any particular models that inspired you to pursue modeling?

DEEDEE  Yes, Imani, Beverly Johnson, and Tyra Banks. I like their style, sexiness, and originality
3375  So, many people think models have it easy. Traveling, being pampered. How do you feel about that perception?

 DEEDEE  Traveling to different places is a great experience and pampered is nice also especially when you're tired but it can be a headache when you feel more relax in your own bed.

3375  What things about the modeling industry do you like the most, and what are some things that you would like to change?

 DEEDEE  I like the creativity between me and the photographer that shows in the images. What I would change is the stereotypes of what size criteria a model should be in certain model industry. All women are beautiful in all sizes.

3375  In this line of work, do you always feel respected by others within the industry or your peers, or have there been times when you weren’t respected?

DEEDEE   It goes both ways...most of the times I received respect for what I do and very few time I don't but it doesn't really bother because good and bad I get notice so its all good.

3375  Some photographers say they encourage models to "make love to the camera." Have you ever tried that?


 3375  What other interests do you have besides modeling?

 DEEDEE  I would like to host events, shows, being a correspondence and inspiration to all plus sized models.

3375  What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your modeling career?

 DEEDEE  Always do research on the photographers you are going to shoot with and be prepared for anything throw your way.

3375  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

 DEEDEE  As I said before do research on the photographers you are going to do shoots with to make sure they're legit and make sure your portfolio is up to date
3375  A sad aspect of modeling is that many models starve themselves to stay thin. How do you stay in shape?

DEEDEE   I'm very comfortable with my size but I do excerise and watch what I eat.

3375  What has been the biggest life lesson you’ve learned?

  DEEDEE  Preparation, preparation, preparation and did I say preparation.

3375  What is a typical day like for you?

  DEEDEE  Just work and tending to my family.

 3375  Any beauty tips you can pass along to our readers?

 DEEDEE  To keep your skin soft after a shower always use baby oil with Aloe before you towel yourself dry.

3375  The career of a model is relatively short. Why do you think the models in magazines are all so young?

  DEEDEE  The like younger looks and feel that's what the fans like to see.

3375  What are some goals that you are really striving to achieve like business ventures, etc?

 DEEDEE  Promotering for others and open my own fragrance line.

3375  Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?

  DEEDEE  No, I like to leave some things a mystery...hehe.

3375  How can we keep in contact with you?

 DEEDEE  You can always hit me up on Facebook and
also for booking

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

 DEEDEE to say it was great working with you Canvas Photography and AceDuJour, also SCB Photography. aka Mr Medi who I'm looking forward if working with..yes indeed...I'm excited already

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New Found Talent, ANISA JANAY, is a first time rapper with an undeniable delivery and flow riding ability. Even though she's only been rapping for a month, she's already been catching the ears and the eyes of major heavy hittas in the game, shes about to bring back Hip Hop to female rappers like it use to be. Best known to be behind the scenes in the industry, Anisa Janay, developed a passion to persue music. But being so in demand with event directing, model casting, and administrative attributes, it was hard to gain attention on her artistry level. By using her wits to be heard regardless, Music Cleaners CEO, Just Shawn, was in awe when he heard her very first recorded session, and her remixed version on Lil' Wayne and Drake "She Will" joint, and her unheard of word play. He immediately had a vision, and signed her on as the, FIRST LADY OF MUSIC CLEANERS. So, now with a strong team on her back Anisa Janay together with Music Cleaners, will make an indisputable sound, that will send chills down Hip Hop emcees spines, and flame under current female rappers' skirts! Watch out for the mixtape... Coming Soon!

3375 The first time I heard you rap I was blown away. How do you feel about
all the feedback you have got thus far?

Anisa *Honestly when I first started I was at a lost of words when the
feedback started coming in. I haven't had any negative feedback on my flow
pattern or delivery. I mean I do have some dislikes on youtube, but I can't
please everyone. But I am very appreciative, being compared to Foxy, Roxanne
Shante', Kim, Lauryn Hill it's been a true honor. And that just gives me

motivation to keep going.*

3375 What do you think sets you apart from the many new female rappers that
are popping up everywhere?

Anisa *I think what sets me apart from the others out now, I'm not using my
body as my main marketing tool. I don't feel like I have to flaunt around
half naked to be heard. Also my tone, I hate that tone most female rappers
have, it's only a select few I can listen to, and wouldn't mind hearing a
whole album on them. And last thing (lol) I'm attacking the root of our
culture, I feel that the 80s and 90s you had to have real talent to be
taken seriously, and that's my focus, I want people to recognize my talent

and feel my music in all aspects.*

3375 What is the best constructive criticism you have got thus far that you
are currently working on as a new artist?

Anisa *The best constructive criticism is to show more confidence. I just
started rapping in December 2011 (lol) so yeah, before then I didn't even
know what my voice sounded like recorded. So it's a process I'm still
working on. A lot of things are happening so fast, but this is my new love,
as far as being a femcee, and confidence is definitely a factor that needs

to be shown.*

3375 How do you feel about the female MC's on the radio today?

Anisa *Well there's only mainly one, (lol) Nicki Minaj, she is the reason why
I started to become interested in rapping. I love it when Nicki raps, I
know she exploring different genres, but I love her best at rapping I think
she's very talented. The other ones getting a buzz on the net... ummmm... I
think they're pretty... (lol) no but seriously they are talented as well.

And I'm going to stop at that.*

3375 Tell us about Why you want to rap?
Anisa *I started off behind the scenes, with event organizing and
administrative work. I've work with Konvict, DJ Trade Association, and
numerous local companies in my hometown of Fayetteville, NC. Like I
mentioned I would hear Nicki on the radio and I would recite her and people
around me said I was good at it. So when I finally recorded myself and
heard the feedback I knew I wanted to do it. Also I wanted to bring back
the essence of Hip Hop. There's a lot of party raps out, which I jam to..
but I miss the Nas and Fugee type of feel. They had something to say and I
got something to say as well. But we're coming back to that, well I hope so

anyways. *

3375 I let a couple people in Richmond Va hear your music. They all said you
have that old school hard core female flow! What do you think?

Anisa *I've been hearing that since I started, I love it because that's what I
was going for. I mean the old school tracks I'm remaking has something to
do with it (lol), but I wanted to be different on what you hear today. So I
am so glad that is what people are saying, I hope the continue to support


3375 Tell us how you met Shawn (The Ceo of Music Cleaner)?

Anisa *Funny story... in Fayetteville I swear we are the last in the music
scene, there is still so much people have to learn about the industry. So
me and my naive self did managing out in Fayetteville, Just Shawn is also
an artist (dope one at that), I called myself trying to manage him.. only
to realize he knows WAAYYYY more about the industry than I did. So I went
under him as a protege' to learn the business, and was the administrator
for, & from there it was history. I'm now a blogger and
rapper for the company and I still assist here and there with the


3375 How is that music marrige working out for you?

Anisa *It's great! I love my label! The independent movement is such a
force... it gives me life. Music Cleaners really respects my opinion and I
don't feel left out when it comes to the production of the finally sound.
Im right there when it's being mixed and I feel like I have a lot of

control over my sound. Couldn't ask for a better label or a better team!*

3375 What does Anisa like to do while she isn’t on her grind writing rhymes?

Anisa *Honestly I don't know (lol), I do like to blog and give other artist their recognition on our site. Sometimes it's not just about you, always
reach back to pull others up. But I love hanging with my girls and my

family! *

3375 What does Anisa like to watch on TV? Favorite movies?

Anisa *(lol) Honestly, say what you want.. I still like to watch Spongebob and
the food network channel..My mom watches it and we would watch it together,
with me being away from her it gives me a since of comfort, because while
I'm in ATL I know she's watching it in NC. (lol) Spongebob I haven't grew
out of it. Oh and I love TV dramas like Law and Order SVU, I can watch

literally all day and the repeats... I love that show!*

3375 When can we expect your first mixtape?

Anisa *EVERYTHING!!! (lol) the mixtape will get you crunk, get you smiling, get you chill and relaxed, get you sad, get you proud... it's a big ball of
emotions. I just hope all my fans and supporters like it... I put a lot

into it.*

3375 If you was on tour, who would you have open for you?

Anisa *Local artist, that has a great unique sound. I'm all about supporting
people on my way up, there is so much great talent out there that needs to
be heard!*

3375 We look forward to hearing more from you in the future, how can your
fans and my reader keep up with you?

Anisa **
*Search Anisa Janay in Youtube or *
*if you have an android download my free app search Anisa Janay*

3375 Do you have any shout outs?

Anisa *Most definitely Music Cleaners, Just Shawn, Jalil, Jamil, DJ Ray Dog,
Jason, Sean Pollard from Fayette- nam* and all my fans

Monday, July 2, 2012



Kymberly Nelson is a Entrepreneur and Blogger.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting.  Kymberly worked for the Office of The Chief Financial Officer for the District Government in Washington DC for many years.  Due to the economic downfall, she saw many companies and government agencies downsize which  frightened her. Kymberly realized that she had to gain financial security on her own with efforts of providing a comfortable life for her daughter. As a single parent, family was her first priority.  She was seeking other opportunities to make money outside of her 9 to 5.  Initially, she created her blog ", as a hobby to voice her opinions about everything that she had an interest in.  Kymberly have the gift to gab and she have been blessed with the talent to write.  She didn't realize that monetizing a blog was possible and could be very profitable.  She came up with the title of her blog from her alter-ego, her motorcycle club name The1MsHBIC.  H.B.I.C. stands for the Head Beauty In Charge. Kymberly started riding motorcylces in 2006 and she joined an all female bike club called Make Way Divas.  She was the face of the club as the club's promoter.  Kymberly felt that her name was unique and made her stand out.  She gained popularity really fast within the motorcycle community.  Since then the name has stuck with her.  Her blog is a full entertainment blog.  She voice her opinion on a wide range of things. Her blog has developed a small following.  She have written several articles for other sites such as, and  She have written many articles providing sexual advice to couples.  She in tune with her sexuality.  Kymberly know the importance of a healthy sexual relationship. So she wanted to help couples strengthen their relationships.  After those articles became fan favorites, her followers began to email me requests on different topics. Kymberly have spoken at events to couples and themed parties about the importance of sex. That inspired her to self publish her first sexual self-help book for couples titled "Spicing Up Your Sex Life to Strengthen Your Love Life.  Now, she promote and host parties locally. She aspire to manage and promote local talent.  She also writing her first novel.

Kymberly is very involved with giving back to her community.  She love to donate her time to different charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Bread for the city just to name a couple.  She also hosted Charity events for a couple of Motorcycles Clubs.  She has another blog devoted to teen girls "" and it is geared towards helping teen girls build self-esteem.  Kymberly is looking to meet with a group of local teens weekly to help empower them to become respectable, productive, responsible adults.

3375 Tell us about The1MsHBIC?

KYM The1MsHBIC is a confident, intelligent and a generous person.  I try to be the best person I can be.  I am very independent and self sufficient.  I love to uplift others by helping them any way that I can.  I'm very loyal and dedicated to the people that mean the most to me.  I love to laugh and have fun.

3375  What made you want to ride motorcycle?

KYM My dad loved to ride motorcycles and would to tell me stories about his adventures.  And, I love speed! I love fast cars and motorcycles.  I've always thought that women on Motorcycles were awesome and something about it is sexy.  One of my good girlfriends gave me the push that I needed to actually take a class to get licensed.

3375  One of my favorite quotes  is “Focus on the present, and enhance your time and life now rather than always working toward tomorrow.” With balancing a successful career and family, what do you do for yourself to help keep from getting stressed and stay in the present moment?

KYM  That's a great quote.  I might have to steal that one. I love to be around my loved ones.  Just a relaxing evening with my family and friends, filled with laughter is extremely relaxing to me.  I also make sure I find time to myself to do whatever it is that I would like to do.  I like to pamper myself weekly because when you look good you feel good.  Good times and good feelings eliminate stress.  I also play kickball for the UIKL League here in the DMV for team We All We Got, that is a great exercise.

3375  Oprah believes the universe whispers subtle clues to us about the direction we are meant to go. What were the whispers that lead you to becoming a sex educator on safe sex?

KYM  Well I wouldn't necessarily label myself as an "Sex Educator" because I don't have a PHD, I'm flattered by the reference. What lead me to helping others was my experience.  I was in a 10 year relationship and throughout the years we had periods where we wouldn't have sex for an extended period of time.  My partner at the time and I, were both very sexual and didn't know what happened to our wonderful sex life. It was frustrating to say the least. At work I would hear other women/men complain about the same thing.  I realized that most people cheated due to lack of sex at home.  I had a very faithful partner, as I was to him, so I researched ways to improve our sex life.  After successfully improving my sex life, I wanted to help other monogamous couples achieve the same success.

3375 Sex is a topic many of us feel uncomfortable talking about. How can couples begin to overcome that and learn to talk more openly about their sexual needs with their partner?

KYM  For many reasons, sex can be very taboo for some couples to discuss.  Some people have been brought up not to speak about sex. There are some people that had bad experiences in their past that makes a sexual conversation uneasy.  But, if you want your relationship to succeed you have to get to the root of the problem.  Couples have to understand that communication is the most important tool in their relationship.  Communication can make or break a relationship.  Your spouse should be that one person that you can open up to about anything.  If someone is having trouble verbalizing their needs, I would recommend writing little subtle notes to your spouse, expressing your desires and/or fantasies.  That is always sexy.  Buy some sexual games that would be fun and help express what your feeling.  If someone is having extreme difficulty with expressing their sexual needs with their spouse, I recommend that they speak to a professional counselor to help them work through their issues because there maybe a traumatizing issue lingering that must be dealt with in order to have a successful sexual relationship.

3375  Does birth control impact your sex drive?

KYM  Birth control affects every woman differently, for some you will see absolutely no effect.  For others, the side effects could decrease their desire for sex.  But, for those who have lost their desire for sex, they should speak to their physician about changing their birth control.

3375 For all the busy parents out there, what tips do you have for overcoming a lack of energy in order to keep sex a priority?

KYM  In most households, there is an imbalance of duties.  More than likely, the Mother seems to have more duties with the kids, work and taking care of the household.  This leaves the Mother feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  Therefore, she detaches from her spouse emotionally. For most women, sex is emotional. Where as the Father will most likely be more of the provider financially and have more free time.  I think that if the duties were split up somewhat equally, there would be less stress and that would create a balance.  A balance will subsequently create more free time and energy.  Also, when working together, the woman will become more appreciative and emotionally invested in pleasing her man ultimately, making sex a priority.  Sex is also a natural stress reliever, if more women would understand the health benefits from having sex, I believe that they would put more of an effort into making it a priority for themselves and not look at it as a chore, as many of them do.

3375  With all you have accomplish how difficult was it being a single parent?

KYM  Being a single parent is extremely difficult.  Even though I had help from my family and my ex who wasn't my daughter's father, it's overwhelming to try to fill the void of an absent parent.  I found myself trying to over-compensate my Daughter and so she wouldn't feel unloved by her father because she was desperately seeking his love and affection.  Which really left no time for myself outside of work. I had to come to grips that all I can do was love my daughter and claim anyone Else's burdens.  But I had to make time for myself to do things that I loved to do like writing, donating my time to help others and interacting socially with others.

3375  You are in the process of writing your first novel how is that coming along?

KYM  My first novel is in the final stages of completion.  I generated interest by posting bi-weekly installments on my blog, which since have been removed because I had a publisher that was interested in publishing my novel.  I'm looking to complete the novel by the end of the summer.

3375  Other than the novel whats next for you?

KYM  I will continue blogging.  I am looking forward to start my own entertainment company in the near future. 

3375  How can we contact you?

KYM  I can be contacted via email at
Follow  me on twitter: @The1MsHBIC
Like  me on Facebook:
Connect  with me on MySpace:!/realtalkwiththe1hbic
Join  me on Stumble upon:

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

KYM  I would like to shout out my daughter Danche, My parents Joe and Cat, My nieces and nephews, My good friends Crystal, Theresa, Tina Marie, Denetra, Barbara, Gwen, Eric, Reggie and Peachie Williams, My cousins Tiffany and Chevi and last but not least, My special friend Reginaldo!