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Kym Nelson

Public Relations Rep

Kym Nelson is the Public Relations Rep for the #1 Show in Indie, The Eddie Kayne Show
viewed all over the US and 96 countries worldwide. The Eddie Kayne Show is sponsored by
Cricket Wireless.  She's also the PR Rep for Storm Reigns Productions a woman owned film Production Company. Kym also works with local artist, models and actors by writing bios, creating press kits and artist development.   I had the pleasure of interviewing Kym Nelson last year and her interview was so well received that I wanted to do a Follow up interview with her.  You can check out my previous interview with her here:

3375  How did you get into Public Relations?
KYM As I stated in my first interview with 3375 Magazine, I joined an all female motorcycle club in 2006. I gained popularity almost instantaneously. The club thought that I would be a great Public Relations Officer for the club. Our club gained notoriety quickly.  Since leaving the club, I was often contacted by other clubs, small businesses, artists, models,  Storm Reigns Productions and ultimately; Eddie Kayne, Radio Personality to represent them.

3375  Tell us what Public Relations entails?
KYM  A Public Relations Representative is contracted to sometimes create and always protect the image of their client(s). Unfortunately, the role that most people know PR Reps for is damage control, making sweet lemonade out of sour lemons. There is more to the job though: the Public Relations Representative will also craft press releases and help direct the content of publicity campaigns.

3375  Roughly, how many hour do you work per week?
KYM  I work around the clock for my clients. I have two clients that I am currently working with. I am the PR Rep for Eddie Kayne. He has the #1 Independent Radio Show that is viewed all over the US in addition to 96 countries world wide. He is my #1 client at this time. I also work with Storm Reigns Film Production Company. Storm Reigns is a woman owned company based in the DMV area and is currently shooting their first film this spring.

3375  What do you find interesting about PR work?
KYM  Public Relations work allows me to do everything that I love to do.  I love to write. I love people. I love networking. I love the art of persuasion. I know, that sounds kind of weird lol. Taking on new challenges excites me. I enjoy creating opportunities for my clients, it's extremely rewarding!

3375  What are the key skills to being a great pr?
KYM  A Public Relations Rep has to have great written and verbal skills (as well as persuasiveness in both), a good manner with the public, networking skills, and a really good understanding of the media. Ultimately, the goal is to create, pitch and sale a positive to image to the public about your client in addition to promotion and finding financial opportunities for the client.

3375  Tell us about the Eddie Kayne show.
KYM  I am very proud to work with The Eddie Kayne Show. Eddie and I went to High School together. So, I’ve known him for a very long time. He has always been a pretty popular guy. His show gives independent artist(s) of all genres’s a platform to showcase their music. Eddie started out in the DMV music scene back in the day dancing for DC Scorpio and battling other dancers like P. Diddy when he went to Howard. He was a popular figure in the Go-Go scene as well. Eddie is pioneer in the DMV music scene which solidifies him as a Radio Personality for Indie Music. His radio show is #1 world wide. His show is sponsored by Cricket Wireless. Eddie Kayne is not only doing huge things for Indie Artist in the DMV area but World Wide. I think that is an amazing accomplishment especially, for an Independent Radio Show. I admire Eddie Kayne and look at him as a mentor.  I love working with #TeamEddieKayne. The Show continues to get bigger and bigger.  Eddie Kayne Show has a lot in store for everyone. Stay tuned!

3375  What part of your job do you find the most challenging?
KYM  I would have to say dealing with some Artist is the most challenging part of my job as a PR Rep. Many want something for nothing and don’t understand the business. They’re quick to slander your reputation when they don’t get their way. But, that is only a few bad apples. Most of the Artist(s) are very supportive and great to work with.  I love working with the hungry artist who puts in the actual work, invest in themselves and grind hard. 

3375  How has the new media landscape changed how you do business?
KYM  Social Media has made my business easier. Social Media has been proven to be the best Marketing tool there is at this day and age. You can advertise and promote to thousands of people all over the world in a matter of seconds, just by a few strokes of your keyboard.

3375  How do you maintain sustainable relationships with the media?

KYM  Support is key! When you support and show love to others, they tend to support you.

3375  Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?
KYM  I don’t know about others, but I am always busy. My clients and I have to keep food on the table.

3375  What would you recommend to a college graduate to help start their career?
KYM  Well, my degree is in Accounting. As a Public Relations Rep, I am self-made. I researched Public Relations. Studied it in my past time. Then applied what I learned. However, I would advise college graduates with a degree in Public Relations, to intern while in school. It’s always best to get the experience while in school. Put together a plan. After graduation, put that plan in action using the connections you gained from your internship.

3375  What's your favorite quote?
KYM  Show them better than you can tell them”

3375  If there is someone who would like to hire you for PR Work, how do they contact you?
KYM  They can visit my website at  

3375  Any shout outs?

KYM  This time around, I would like to S/O my family first; My Mom, Dad, Daughter Danche, Nieces and Nephews. Huge S/O to Eddie Kayne, Niki Ro, Tea the Songbird, Authenic Sounds, Vivian #TeamEddieKayne. I would also like to S/O Sarah Harris Founder of Storm Reigns Productions, Frances, Joy, Chiffon, Tasha, Teneshia, Kuumba aka DMVMuscle, BZell, DelDada, DBlac, DC Delegate, DC Young Rebel, OverTymeSimms and last but not least Jay Ceo of Ryde4mine Ent and 3375 Magazine!

Follow Kym:
Twitter @The1MsHBIC
Instagram The1MsHBIC

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Crystal Anokam, known by her stage name Young Royal, is a young aspiring American Christian hip-hop artist. She may be young, but she is restless to praise the Lord. Her sole goal is to spread His word through her music.
Young Royal was born in Washington D.C. on July 7, 1996 to Nigerian parents Fidelis and Gladys Anokam. Eldest and only girl of a family of four children was raised in Bowie, Maryland. As child she loved music. Ironically, she despised rap.
“It’s funny how I used to hate rap music in my younger years because they talked too fast and it was hard to catch the words they would say, but now it’s my life. I love it,” says Royal.
Lecrae’s “Don’t Waste Your Life” was the start of Royal’s love for rap music. There began the journey of Rap Music. In 2009, Royal was sent to Nigeria to go to school. She attended Chosen International Secondary School in Mgbidi for two years. There she began write poetry something she did for leisure and in her spare time. To her they were the closest thing to music since they were not allowed to bring any electronics to the school. After writing her Junior Waec in 2010, she switched scenery and started schooling at Infant Jesus Academy in Asaba. As poet, she became known as Shylock. The name came because she was quite timid and quiet – at least until you got to known her. Royal began turning her poems into raps then into songs. The rap game started when she joined a group of girls called the Cyclones. They wrote a song called Dirty Money Flows In. The Cyclones performed at the school’s Carnival Night. There began the dream of becoming a rapper. The seed was sown.
Upon returning in 2011 to the United States to resume school Royal searched for an identity. Who was she? As sophomore at Bowie High School, she began to discover Christian rap and hip-hop – from Lecrae to Kj-52 to Young Chozen to Tye Tribbett and much more. In 2012, Royal changed her rap name from Shylock to Koncept. She joined a rap group at her church – Divine Grace Mission – called JFL (Jesus for Life). She was the only girl in the midst of boys. She was featured in the JFL Anthem song. By March 2012, she left the group changing her name to Young Royal. Royal realized that God had a purpose for in life and that was to share his word. She chose to share it through music. She currently resides in Bowie, Maryland and is the Youth President and member of the Music Ministry at her church. Royal also plays guitar for her school’s Gospel Choir. She is also part of group called Royal Girls with her two friends in Nigeria. Her hobbies include playing the guitar, reading and singing.
“So here I am. Here I stand. I spread his word through my songs. I speak to him through my songs. And I just want the whole world to know that He sent his only son to die on that cross for me, to bear my burden for me, to pay my depth for me. I just want the whole world to know that my God is truly amazing.” - Young Royal

3375  Tell us your name and where you from.
CRYSTAL  My name is Crystal Anokam but I go by the name Young Royal. I am a Nigerian American born in Washington DC on July 7, 1996 and raised in Bowie, Maryland. My parents are Nigerian.
3375   How old are you?
CRYSTAL  I am 16, turning 17 in July.
3375   You began to share the Gospel through the form of hip hop in 2011, please tell us your story on what lead you to making this decision?
CRYSTAL  In my younger years I had actually preferred listening to rock and alternative more than hip hop which is ironic because now I love rap and hip hop though I do still listen to rock and alternative just not as much as before. I got into hip hop because I loved the style of music but not the content of music and I felt that needed to be changed. One day as I was on YouTube I came across Gospel artist Lecrae’s “Don’t Waste Your Life.” And I was like wow! That was the very first time I had heard a gospel rap. It spoke to me. I’ve heard of just normal raps and at that time my favorite rapper was Eminem. But after that I was like he’s music didn’t have anything that could actually impact my life. Gospel music had lyrics that made sense that could change lives and that was what I wanted to do – I wanted to spread God’s word through my music.
3375   How did you get started in hip hop?
CRYSTAL  I got into hip hop actually when I first was in Nigeria going to school. It was weird because I wrote poetry but never felt I was capable of actually writing a rap. I would learn raps of songs when just listen for leisure but it was never something I really took seriously. One day, my friends were drumming some type of beat in the hostel and singing and free styling. It was crazy! And they were really good. Then they called me to spit a little something. I generally didn’t feel like I could even rap but then it was like as soon as I felt the beat the words just came naturally and when I was done. People that were around clapped for me and I was so awestruck. I realized that I was something I might consider trying to do. After that us, friends, made a group called the Cyclones. We eventually broke up because I came back to the United States
3375   What make you stand out from other artist?
CRYSTAL  Well first of I would say because I am a young female rapper and the gospel rap industry is composed of mainly men. Which would make people say, “hey she a girl but she’s really good.” Secondly, my love of God and with his favor I know most definitely he love and infinite love and affection showers over me.
3375   What challenges do you face as a gospel artist?

CRYSTAL  One of the major challenges I face as a gospel artist is persecution. Yes! I love what I do but sometimes it is honestly hard to get most people to like it because we are in day and age where people don’t care about God. So trying to get people to get back on track is where the real challenge lies. Then the negative comments on my music and personality sometimes set me back. They hurt but it’s my motivation to get heard and make Jesus famous!
3375   Where do you think the gospel rap industry is now and where would you like to see it go?
CRYSTAL  The Gospel rap industry is actually in a good place right now. An increasing number of people are starting to hear more gospel rap songs put out there than before. I would actually like to congratulate those who aren’t afraid to show who they are and spread God’s word and love through their music. I would love to see more females in the gospel rap industry in the future.
3375   Who is your inspiration?
CRYSTAL  God is the hugest inspiration in my life. Without him I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Without His strength, His love, His mercy, His guidance, his protection I am nothing. Lecrae is who got me to even like rap so he’s another inspiration to me. In fact, the whole 116 Clique.
3375   What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
CRYSTAL  When I wake up in the morning, I thank God for waking me up. I thank him for his guidance and protection over I can’t breathe without him.
3375   How do you think you will overcome the challenges of getting more media exposure?
CRYSTAL  Hmmm that’s a tough question.
3375   What as been your biggest accomplishment?
CRYSTAL  My biggest accomplishment is yet to come. My mixtape Here I Am Vol.1 is yet to come. That right there will be my biggest accomplishment.
3375   Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
CRYSTAL  In the next 5 years, I see myself on a stage doing what I love. I see myself graduating from college.
3375   Tell us something we don't know about you.
CRYSTAL  I love writing poetry and spoken word. I love listening to classical music. I’m actually a huge fan of Shakespeare and Mozart.
3375   How can we find you online?
CRYSTAL  Like my Facebook: And Subscribe to my YouTube channel
3375   Any Shout outs?
CRYSTAL  Shout out to my family, for being a huge support! Shout out to my bros Testafi and 2edge. Shout out to my church family, Divine Grace Mission. Shout out to my crew JFL. Shout out to the Cyclones. Shout out to my bros Testafi and 2edge. Shout out to Jay Thomas for giving me the privilege to be on his blog. Shout out to God for giving me this purpose in life. Thank you.

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Jesus Christ has allowed D'Aych to use his past lifestyle as a way to encourage others that God can turn a MESS into a MESSAGE. His goal is to win as many souls to Jesus Christ as possible through music-especially those who are living a lifestyle that he himself once was accustomed to. Daniel Harris is currently the CEO of a Christian rap music company that God has allowed to flourish for the last six years ((G.O.D.D.Z. G.A.N.G./DAYCH MUSIC)). It has been a privilege for him to provide the kingdom of God and the world with music saturated with the truth about Jesus Christ.

D'Aychs love for Christian rap music began when he first heard a man by the name of Michael Peace on the Bobby Jones show in the late 80's. From then on he had a true love for the artform. Since he was raised in a Christian home by a pentecostal minister, gospel was the only music that he & his cyblings were allowed to listen to when his mother was around. She encouraged her children to listen to Christian rap rather than secular rap, so D'Aych wound up falling in love with various artists in the Christian rap music genre ((A1 Swift, Gospel Gangstas, T-Bone, Prime Minister, Mike E, DC Talk, etc)). However, when she left his older brothers never hesitated to play their latest hip hop records ((Digital Underground, PM Dawn, Heavy D & The Boys, Tupac, Dr.Dre, Diggable Planets, Black Sheep, Scarface, Rakim etc)).

Once he became old enough to make his own decisions concerning the faith, D'Aych put Christ on the back burner. At the age of 14 he began becoming more and more involved with the street life; gang activity, alcoholism, and drug abuse. D'Aych left home, became rebellious towards the truth, sold drugs, dropped out of school and began living a life contrary to the way he was raised. In 2000 his best friend in the gang he was affiliated with found himself in a terrible situation. He was apprehended by the Milwaukee Police Department, and wound up facing 840 years for crimes he was connected to. He later took a deal for 20 years in prison and 25 years on probation for turning in his closest friends-one of which was D'Aych. Daniel L. Harris spent two years on the run after being listed on Milwaukee's Most Wanted list as an armed & dangerous criminal. In 2003 he was sentenced
to a 4 year
prison bid for armed robbery, gun possession and mastermind charges.

While he was serving time in the House of Correction Jail in Franklin Wisconsin he was placed in solitary confinement for disrespecting staff for 30 days. While D'Aych was in solitary confinement he began to think about everything that God had spared him from, all of the times he tried to drown out the voice of God with drugs and alcohol, and all of the times his mother prayed for him. While in solitary confinement he made a covenant with God. He said, "God if you help me out of this hole that I've placed myself in I will live for you. I will use all of my gifts and talents for your purpose & not my own". It was there in solitary confinement that he gave his life to Jesus Christ, and his life has not been the same since. After he was released from solitary confinement he was still doing secular rap on the yard, but he felt like he was a hypocrite by doing so. D'Aych knew it
time to change, so he began converting all of his old rap lyrics into Christian rap lyrics. When he went on the yard to share the lyrics in a cipher everybody loved it. D'Aych figured if he can get brothers who are doing 20 plus years to love the new lyrics, it wouldn't be that hard to get everyone else to follow suit.

What others perceived to be a failure God used as his training ground for ministry. During D'Aychs 4 year prison term he learned to spend time with God everyday. The closer he drew to God the closer he drew to him. It was there during his time of incarceration that D'Aych experienced true freedom-freedom in Christ Jesus. After serving his sentence he was released in April of 2007. D'Aych came home with a new respect for his freedom (spiritually & physically), a new mentality, a fresh anointing, and fresh material. Since then D'Aych has released 4 independent projects((The Resurrected Dead Mixtape, The All Consuming Fire Album Preview, the "ALL CONSUMING FIRE" album, and his latest release the "SUPPLY & DEMAND" Mixtape)). D'Aych has also done motivational speaking in various schools all over the midwestern region. D'Aych shares his testimony with the youth because it is his job to warn them about the pitfalls of life. If he can convince any of them to avoid the mistakes he's made & bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through his music then he feels calling is being fulfilled.

In Milwaukee Wisconsin there aren't many opportunities for Christian rap artists, so D'Aych asked God to show him how to create his own opportunities. D'Aych has done countless radio shows, festivals, and concerts but he knew that there was more kingdom work for him to do. One of the ways that people have become familiar with D'Aych Music's ministry & music is because he has held countless benefit concerts throughout the country. "The Give Your Heart Away" benefit concert was orchestrated in the fall of 2010 to help bring in food and clothing donations for the homeless. All of the proceeds went to a youth ministry he once co-directed called "Love, Jesus" ministry. Their assignment was to go into the streets of Milwaukee and feed the homeless at 5am every Sunday morning. In 2010 God blessed D'Aych to orchestrate the "HAITI BENEFIT CONCERT". Proceeds from that concert went to American Red Cross to help bring in money for the people of Haiti after the earthquake destroyed their homeland in January of 2010.

On Friday July 15th 2011 D'Aych Music held another benefit concert called, "THE CARE FOR KENYA" benefit concert. D'Aych Music is currently working with an organization headed up by pastors from Kenya Africa called the 7-4-6 project. Through this organization 7 American dollars can feed a family of 4 for 6 days. ALL of the proceeds raised at this concert went towards feeding families affected by the HIV/AIDS virus in Kenya Africa. As D'Aych Music promotes these causes God has been promoting him, and D'Aych has received phenomenal responses from all around the world concerning his ministry/ music.

At the end of the day D'Aych Music's main goal is to promote the kingdom of God, and bring souls to Jesus Christ. Although his past has been one of hardships his future is definitely shining brighter than ever. D'Aych Music's next release is due out on Nov.8th 2012 titled, "Supply & Demand V2-Yellow Tape Edition". D'Aych is currently #9 on the independent music charts, and this is just the beginning of many great things to come for D'Aych
3375  Who is D'Aych?
D'Aych  D'Aych is first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ. Secondly, I am the type of person that would give the shirt off of my back to someone who is really in need. Thirdly, I'm supporter of great music.

3375  Turning Points in Life. 
D'Aych  The main turning point in my life was when I was sentenced to 4 years in prison. My best friend was facing life, and he wound up telling on the whole crew to cut his time short. Who would've ever known that someone who I considered a brother one day would later be one of the reasons why I'd be placed behind the cage. However, my own ignorance played a big part of that as well. Its the results of wanting to be accepted by people who truly don't have your best interest at heart.

3375  How did you get through that situation mentally? 
D'Aych  I got through that situation through God's grace, showing respect to everybody, and not trying to be something that I wasn't. Due to the way I carried myself I gained the respect of both the inmates & the guards. I knew how to handle myself as a man, and I kept out of business that didn't have anything to do with me. I stayed writing, I stayed reading the bible, and I made plans that I am currently executing now.

3375  What keeps you inspired & motivated?
D'Aych  One of the things that keep me inspired and motivated is the fact that I know that my music will reach & touch millions of hearts & souls. I don't want to just touch millions of lives for the fame or for the money, I want to do it to show people that come from the bottom that it's possible. I want to show the people that are thrown away by society that when you put your trust in God, and keep working towards accomplishing your dreams anything is possible. Another thing that keeps me inspired & motivated is the fact that I want to be able to share real life experiences and perspectives that people of all walks of like can understand & relate to. My greatest rush comes from knowing that something that I've said brings light to a dark situation in someone else's life.
3375  With your music being different than your typical Gospel artist, do you feel any pressure ? 
D'Aych  Absolutely lol. Its a good thing though, it keep me on my toes. Also, I think alot of times the older gospel artist don't understand the way that the younger artists are presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to our generation. I don't take it personally, I look at it as an opportunity to grow into an artist that the older gospel recording artist have no other choice but to respect.

3375  Tell about the Haiti benefit concert!
D'Aych  The Haiti benefit concert was something that God placed in my heart when the destruction in Haiti first broke. Many times there is a lot of talk about the things that goes on in the world, but many times the people who have the ability to lend a helping hand don't. So I chose to align myself with other Christian artists and we did a Haiti benefit concert in Milwaukee and the proceeds went to the Red Cross. How can I truly proclaim Christianity if I am not making a difference in the lives of people who need it the most? Not only have we done the Haiti Benefit concert, but my music company has done other concerts where the proceeds went to other people; "Care 4 Kenya benefit concert", "Give Your Heart Away benefit concert (100% of the benefits went towards feeding and clothing the homeless), and the "Give Your Heart Away benefit concert".

3375  How important is it for you to give back to the community?
D'Aych  Its one of the highest priorities for me as a man, and as an artist. You have to remember that there is always someone who is doing worst than you...even on your worst day. When you look at it like that, how can you not give back? Even as God is opening doors for me I never want to forget how far he has brought me. Giving back is my way of saying thank you to God for helping me to grow into the man that people love & respect today.

3375  What’s one of the challenges you’ve faced being a new artist?
D'Aych  One of the challenges I face is figuring out how to balance my personal life, music and business. I don't have a team of people behind me, its just me. Sometimes things are time consuming, but I love what I do so I accept that part of the business. I haven't learned how to balance things 100%, but I'm getting better at it day by day.

3375  Why did you decide to start your own label?
D'Aych  I started my own label , because I wanted to be able to put out my own music without going through red tape. One of the most important things for a new artist is to create a buzz on your own, without the support of the majors. I wanted to create a buzz so heavy in the streets and online to the point where I didn't have to go to the majors...they have to come to me. Not only do they have to come to me, but they have to come to me correct. I think I'm doing a good job of that so far, but I'm just getting started.

3375  With the growth of gospel music today, What impact has hip hop made on gospel music?
D'Aych  I don't think hip hop has had as big of an impact on gospel music as gospel music has had on hip hop. Every form of music that's out now derived out of gospel music. All of the great icons that we admire all came out of the gospel field, so its definitely the other way around. One of the first rappers that made me want to rhyme was a Christian rap artist-Michael Peace. However, I think that the culture has opened a door for brothers like myself to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses in a language that our generation can understand.

3375  What advice would you give a new comer to the industry?
D'Aych  D.I.Y.=Do It Yourself. Learn the business; copyrights, marketing, promotion, publishing, networking, etc. Be true to who you are, and don't allow anyone or any amount of money to change you into something that you aren't. Treat people the way that you want to be treated, because no one wants to work with a person with a bad attitude. If God gave YOU a gift of music, don't wait for another person to validate you. Do It Yourself. Don't think that a record label means that you made it, because realistically you can have more creative control financially & musically as an independent artist.

3375 What would you change about gospel music today?
D'Aych  I would change the fact that some people feel that if you're not part of their click they won't help you to get to the next level. Some people see this as a competitive sport, but its not supposed to be like that. We're all on the same team, at least that's the way it's supposed to be. What some people fail to realize is that my destiny is to be one of the greatest to ever do this...period. Either way, they're going to have to deal with me, so they might as well do it willingly lol. I love everybody, but I refuse to kiss up to anyone for something that God predestined for me to have since the beginning of time. That's not my style. I'm confident in who I am in Christ, and I'm confident in the fact that God will get me to my destiny without me selling out or compromising my beliefs.

3375  How can we find you online?
D'Aych  You can find me online @ I am currently #2 on ReverbNation, so go and download tracks from "Supply & Demand V2" for free. Also, you can connect with me on twitter @

3375  What can the fans expect from you in the future?
D'Aych  For the duration of 2013 I'll be releasing more music videos, more video blogs, and new singles that will be leading up to the next album. My next album is officially going to be "All Consuming Fire Reignited". I am a nominee for the 2013-2014 Rhythm of Gospel awards, and I'm really proud of that. If I win cool, if not it's great to be recognized as being one of the best independent Christian rap artists from people that are outside of my region. You can definitely expect more radio interviews, magazine editorials, and national/international tv appearances. Also, there are a few sponsorships that are being negotiated, so I'll keep you posted with that. The best way to stay posted on everything is to follow me on twitter.

3375  Any shout outs?

D'Aych  I want to give a shout out to my Lord & savior Jesus Christ, without him I am nothing. I want to give a shout out to my hometown Milwaukee WI. Thanks for holding me down. Thanks to all of the people that have helped me to make such a huge impact as an independent artist on the internet. I want to give a shout out to all of my G.O.D.D.Z. G.A.N.G. affiliates; James Ervin Berry, JT, Kaylon Jackson, Jarod Harris, Jarrell Harris, AJ Nelson, Marcus Nelson, and CJ Bracy. I also want to give a shout to my promo teams that have been holding me down since day 1 on twitter; #D_AychPromoTeamNY, #Muzzikzone, and #ArtistUnited. Last but not least, I want to give a shout out to 3375 magazine for allowing me to share my music and share share my story. #DreamBigWorkHard


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Lady Jazz is a lovely young woman of 21. Based out of Providence, RI, Lady Jazz is combining her doctorate studies with a modeling career. Right now she is studying to get her doctorate degree in Psychology.

Lady Jazz has been modeling for just a little over a year, but has already landed modeling jobs with two clothing companies, Push (California), and Get Hi!p Society (Virginia). She’s also worked with a number of photographers, and hopes to keep her balancing act between college and career.

She loves modeling and is currently working on building up her portfolio. She enjoys the glamour and excitement of modeling shows. Even though she wants to get her doctorate degree, she will continue modeling as well.

3375  What’s your name?
L. JAZZ  Jasmin best known as Lady Jazz
3375  Tell me a bit about yourself?
L. JAZZ   I’m a 22 year old young lady, who can model, dance and act. I also work at a bakery shop and attend college for Psychology.

3375  How did you first get into modeling?
 L. JAZZ   I was just doing 1 shoot for someone’s portfolio, and kept getting calls to do more and more shoots.

3375  You have this great charisma when it comes to modeling, what is it you
enjoy most about it?
L. JAZZ   The thing I love the most about modeling, is the friendships you build with the people you collabwith they become like family.

3375  Who is your biggest inspiration, why?
L. JAZZ   My grandfather, he lives in a poor area but still provides and does what he has to do with a smile and an open heart each and every day.

3375  Where, if anywhere, would you like modeling to take you?
L. JAZZ   I always wanted to live in Puerto Rico, be with my grandpa and take care of him. If I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone with this one I would.

3375  What is your most memorable photo shoot?
L. JAZZ   My very 1st one, it opened so many opportunities for me. It’s the shoot that made me who I am today.

3375  How would you describe your style?
L. JAZZ   My style is comfortable, I rather be cozy and warm then glamorous and cold.

3375  What is your ideal weekend?
L. JAZZ   My ideal weekend is on a cruise ship with my family, no worries no drama, just fun and love.

3375  I understand that you are studying Psychology in school. Why did you decide to take Psychology?
 L. JAZZ   Ever since middle school I wanted to help people and give advice. Psychology is always a major I been interested in and always wanted to take it on.

3375  How have your Psychology classes help you in day to day life?
L. JAZZ    My classes help me be more optimistic with everyone’sthoughts and feelings. Gives me a better perspective on life.

3375  What influence has your family played in your career choices?
L. JAZZ   My family hasn’t really played a huge part in my life; I am my own influence with everything.

3375  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
L. JAZZ   In 5 years I see myself with my Masters in Psychology in Boston, with possibly 1 child.

3375  Any words of inspiration?
L. JAZZ   Whenever someone says you can’t do something, prove them wrong.

3375  Where can we find you online?
L. JAZZ   I’m featured on several magazines and blogs, but you can follow me on Twitter @sheeIsBack , or on my model page on Facebook -

3375  Any shout outs?
L. JAZZ   I would love to shout out my Mother, all 8 of my siblings as well as my Aunty Lisa, My Uncle Beave , my best friends Priscilla and Jon. Also RahShon and LaToya.