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Born as, Monaneka Jones in Athens, Georgia, Mona J is
no stranger to the music, acting, and entertainment world.
During her younger years, she was apart of the East
Athens Educational Dance Foundation, where she learned
the art of ballet, jazz, tap, & modern dance.
At the age of 6, Mona was casted for a leading role in
the community musical stage play, Annie. Mona J took
the leadership, discipline, and teamwork skills that she
acquired from her younger years, and used those skills to build her own brand.

In 2002, Mona J formed an all girls dance team and began organizing and hosting fashion and talent shows as before making solid connections. In 2004, she became a dance choreographer for Cedar Shoal’s High school and in 2006, she became the dance instructor for Clarke Central high school’s dance team
In 2006, Mona J attended a Theatre 101 class and gained her first acting experience as an adult. Mona J was casted for her first speaking role for a local tax commercial “Check and Exchange Tax Services” directed by Zebra Media Co and was also casted for a music video titled “Liquor” directed by Reality Check Productions.

In 2007, she began working for Seat Fillers and worked for several years as a production assistant for the B.E.T Hip Hop Awards.
In the same year, Mona J played a role in the independent film “The Jack Squad directed by Simboya Entertainment Co, and she was also casted in the film “Road Trip 2".

She later teamed up with Da Underground Entertainment Company and worked as a Radio Personality for WBKZ880 A.M. Known by the name, CoCo. Mona J co-hosted the Underground Radio Show starring Buddah & Coco and since CoCo was made into a brand name in her area, she continued to utilize the name Coco when she teamed up with a local television owner in 2010 to create the talk show, “It's Time to Talk Today with Richard & Coco”, which aired in five counties in the Northeast Georgia area.

In 2011, the name Mona J was created when she teamed up with a former coworker from Da Underground Radio Show, Tavaris Roberts, owner of All Out Management and Promotions LLC, where she worked as an Artist Development Manager preparing artists for the music world.

Later on that year, Mona J started her own Artist Management and Development company,Mona J & Associates, LLC which specializes in development of music artists and engineers. This current role fulfills her desire to support others in the entertainment industry, while enjoying what she does as well.

Besides managing artists and producers, Mona J also attended Celebrity Actors Studio under the direction of acting instructor and film director, Gaylord Parson in order to increase her skills as an actress . Mona J also began working as Parson’s production assistant for the film “Truth Seekers” .

In the same year she worked as the Associate Producer for the musical stage Play, “For the Love of Angie, by director and owner of Broadway Bound Productions Co., Vincent Kee
Later in that year, Mona J was introduced to Damels, CEO of Xsquad DJs, and began working as a radio host for their online radio show titled “Celebrity Sundays” in which she was afforded the opportunity to interview artists such as the legendary, Kurtis Blow.

Some of her work with the Xsquad DJ coalition includes participation in DJ conference calls where she listens and give feedback on new music being introduced to fans from celebrity artists.

Through social networking, Mona J met Todd Uno, producer at Atlanta's #1 FM radio station, V103, and began working on several projects for him.

Mona J has also worked as on air radio personality for A105 Aworldradio.com, Xsquad DJ Radio, and CollaboLive 106.5.

Mona J is currently an actress in the hit stage play, " I Don't Want A Church Man", a host of her own television show, "The Mona J Show" which airs on Comcast Cable Television, a new music artist, an artist and production development manager, an entertainment consultant, a spokes model/brand ambassador, and she continues to act as an hostess, perform celebrity interviews, and do correspondent work for a variety of events and showcases worldwide.

Mona J’s versatility to be a behind the scenes business woman, but also a talented entertainer ready for lights, camera, and action, sets her apart from most people in the industry.

Through dedication and focus, Mona J plans to walk the path of success.

3375 What motivates you to get up in the morning?

MONA J  Thoughts of being successful wakes me up each morning. I'm a thinker. I constantly think of my next move and ways to become more successful. This keeps me from being content with where i am in life and encourages me to work hard for the goals I'm aiming to achieve.

3375  Do you consider yourself as a triple threat?

MONA J   I consider myself more than a triple threat. I am skilled at being an event hostess, an actress, a correspondent, a radio personality, a music engineer manager, a talk show host, and a business owner of my own hair collection. I'm a force to be reckoned with.. Lol
 3375  How did you get your started in radio?

MONA J   I teamed up with a young lady who i worked as a partner with for Girl Scouts for underprivileged children. We later teamed up after she had an idea to run her own radio show on an A.M radio station. She called the name of the show, "Da Underground Radio Show, and i worked as a radio show host/personality who went by the name of CoCo at the time.
 3375  Were you nervous when you did your first interview on the radio?
MONA J   Yes, i was nervous then and i get nervous now. When you talk with celebrities that are well known today, they'll also informed you that they still get nervous when hosting an event or going live on air. I don't think a person ever loses that nervousness because a lot of people strive for perfection. I am guilty of that as well. I get nervous because i desire to entertain people and I'm sometimes afraid that i either will mess up a line or not entertain the crowd as much as i planned to do.
3375  What made you want to get into acting?

MONA J   Ive always had a desire to be an actress. Acting is all about embodying a character and making the audience believe in the character. I believe that i can do just that, and i enjoy embodying different types of characters and giving the audience that experience to believe in the character that Ive embodied. My first passion was to become a professional dancer, and my second passion has always been to become a professional actress.
 3375  How difficult was it to learn your lines in your first film?

MONA J   Not difficult at all. My first experience as an actress actually happened at the age of 6. I learned at that time how to study lines and how to perform in front of an audience. Since i gained experience of rehearsing and memorizing lines at such an early age, I've always knew what it took to be great as an actress in film. One of the most important jobs that a person has to do as an actress or actor is to study your lines consistently.
3375  Whats the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
MONA J   Thank God for another day.
3375  How important is it to give back to your community?

 MONA J   Giving back is very important. Because I've experience growing up in poverty, dropping out of school as a teenager, becoming pregnant at the age of 15, and being in an abusive relationship, it's easy for me to give back to others that have experienced these things I've went through. My goal is to be an inspiration to their and i aim to change their lives for the better. After experiencing all of these things, I went back and obtained a GED, an associates degree in Marketing Management, and then a Bachelors Degree in business. I went on to work as a manager in the E.R. at a public hospital, and later pursued my dreams in the entertainment field. So, I honestly experience joy when i can share my story with others and be a inspiration to their lives.
3375  Was it difficult for you as a woman to be taken serious in the
entertainment business?
MONA J   It's difficult for me to be taken serious in this entertainment business everyday. The biggest challenge i face is from men that come approach me everyday about sex. There are some women in this industry that have slept their way to the top, but i believe that you should work hard for the things you desire and not always lean on the easy route. Most women play themselves, and are left with only a bad name in the industry. I value my brand name, and i intend to keep it that way. I say that i you do choose to sleep with someone, my personal preference would be to sleep with a guy that doesn't work in the entertainment field.

 3375  What are the pros and cons of being in the the entertainment business?

MONA J   The pro's are doing what you love instead of working a job that you do not enjoy doing, meeting and networking with new people that can benefit your career, and making income for doing the things that you love. When you're doing the things you love doing each day, and you're getting paid for it, it never feels like you are being forced to work a job. The cons of this business would definitely be the huge amount of competition. There is a lot of competition in this industry, so you have to be the best at what you do so that others will acknowledge your competitive edge and want to hire you. People that are interested in the entertainment field have to understand that success make take years and doesn't happen over night.

3375  What part has your family played in your success?

MONA J   My family has recently played a huge part in my success. I am a mother of two, so my son and my daughter are in Athens Ga with my family while I'm in the Atlanta area pursuing my career. My family looks after my kids while i am making the sacrifice to obtain success. Without my family, i wouldn't be able to do all the things that I'm doing. I miss my kids everyday, so i am determined to be successful, so that i can create a lifestyle in which i won't be forced to work as hard and in which I'll be able to spend as much time with my kids and with my family as i desire.
3375  What does Mona J do in her spare time?

MONA J   I really don't have a lot of spare time.. LOL.. But when i do have spare time, i spend it with my family or i travel.
3375  Tell us about your TV talk show?

MONA J   It's basically and entertainment and lifestyle show. I named it Mona J The Center of Attention show because every person who is reaching for success or just talking about themselves in general desires to be the center of attention at that particular time, meaning, they desire for all eyes and ears to be on them. So, each guest that comes on my show will be called, not guests, but the center of attention for that day's show. I call myself Mona J Center of Attention, so i figured why not call every guest center of attention as well. Besides having celebrity guest, the show will consist of segments with a professional chef cooking for the audience each week, and I'll talk about topics in the entertainment world and topics in worldwide news.
3375  How does it feel to have your own talk show?

MONA J   Its a great feeling. The funny thing is, Ive always said that i wanted to be the next Oprah and the next female Ryan Seacrest, so to have my own talk show on cable television is a huge accomplishment in my career. I feel extremely blessed to be given this opportunity by the owner of the network.
3375  Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into the
entertainment business.

MONA J   Be willing to make sacrifices, network everyday, build a team of good people to work with and for you, and never give up.
3375  How can we find you online?

MONA J   You can log on to my website at www.itsmonaj.com , on my instagram and twitter @_Mona_J , and you can also find me on facebook at facebook.com/monajxsquad.
3375  Any shout-outs?

MONA J   Wow, i have so many shout outs to give because i have so many people to be thankful for, but the main shouts would be to my God, my family, my manager Nate Bryant, my entire team that works so diligently for me, Damels with Xsquad DJs, Kermick Freeman, Trechotty Meadows, Michael with Specialist Tv Network, and everyone else who's played a major part in my success. I truly love them all..

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Who Is Jina Law?

"I believe in Destiny... "

Humanitarian, Model, Stylist, Personal Image Consultant, Mentor
Jina Law is going to take the industry by storm. She is a socially-conscious, strong willed young woman that wants to leave a lasting impression on every life she touch. With her work ethic, ambition and spirit of excellence she is not only consistant, but persistant in accomplishing her goals.

Jina Law is thankful for the exterior beauty. However,she understands that beauty can only be the initial attraction it takes substance: Love, passion and character to maintain it.
I am the face that will elevate your company to the next level..
3375  Looking back on the last year, tell us
what it has been like.
JINA  Looking back on the last year it has been full of trials and triumphs. I have learned to embrace both. As both have cultivated me into the person I am today.
3375  One thing that I love about young generation is their creativity and flexibility because it
transfers so well into a successful online presence. What social media tools do you use to promote yourself.
JINA  Social media is truly present day PR. I use several social media sites to network. My favorite are twitter and instagram. Both allow me to connect with people I otherwise may not have access too. I use them both to it's full potential.
3375  So Jina what made you want to become a stylist?
JINA  I started doing hair, makeup and wardrobe regularly in college. Once I realize I could really make some money. I decided to attend cosmetology school while in college . It would not only give me financial stability, but also flexibility . And that is how the gift was born.
3375  I notice you are also an Personal Image Consultant. Who have you work with?
JINA  As for image consulting I have and will continue to work with anyone who is sencere about make a positive change, taking there brand to the next level or enhacing what they have. I have work with clients from all walks of life.
3375  What motivates you to get up in the morning?
JINA  The that I know God has on my life motivates me to get up every morning. I look at each day as a new opportunity.
3375  Who is Inspires you?
JINA  I most inspired by those that have gone before me. Those that come from humble beginnings and how through hard work they persevered.
3375  Tell us how you got started Modeling.
JINA  I started back model for fun after college. However, when I realized I wanted to be seen as more than just a pretty face, I began to really study my craft . I want to use my platform to give others a voice.
3375  Do you have a favorite quote?
JINA  My favorite scipture is " Don't grow weary while well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not" My motto is Destine for complete Sucess~ they shall call her Blessed
3375  Being a mentor, how important is it to you to give back to the community?
JINA  It is so important to give back It not only teaches the next generation the power of Love, it is also or purpose ... We are not her for ourselves but to be s blessing to others.
3375  What is your best advice you can a young generation following there dreams?
JINA  To our younger generation ... Never give up, through prayer and perseverance .. Dreams do come True.
3375  What make you stand out from the world?
JINA  What makes me stand out in the world and especially the industry is I conform to the world and what they believe ... I am a very strong women, transparent and strong willed. I do not give into pressure.
3375  Talk to my reader about being a Humanitarian.
JINA  Being an Humanitarian on any level is needed and welcomed. As I stated previously we are here for one another. If I can help someone in any way I will. I love to see children start early from coat drives to soup kitchens to marches against bullying.
3375  Where do you see Jina Law in five years?
JINA  Definitely a successful model, actress and entrapenuer. Taking my humanitarian work to a higher level ~ "for where much is given, much is required
3375  How can we find you online?
JINA  You can find me online www.iamjinalaw.weebly.com
Facebook~ Jina Law (actress)
Twitter~ jinaLaw
Instagram jlaw4
ImDb~Jina Law
3375  Any Shouts?
JINA  First and foremost,I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ my family and friends .without their love and support I never could have made it!

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3375 How long have you been in the music industry and has music always been
a part of your life?

Krash K  Well my aunts and uncles started in the music industry and became baltimores first reggae band and even recorded a song in bob marleys famous tuff gong studio and my older cousins keisha starr and d-rip kind of brought me up into it and since i was 7 i used to freestyle and battle loved it so much, I myself became apart of the music industry probably two years ago during my freshman year when keisha introduced me to a producer with a camp under warners due to bad grades my parents never agreed so i started working on my own progressing trying to find myself and distinct a sound but YES MUSIC HAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE APART OF MY LIFE.
 3375  Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “music is
what I want to do”?
Krash K  Yes ive always wanted to do it but the moment i decided to persue it was around january this when i had grown tired of the game and considered quitting music but weeks later i woke up and said MUSIC IS IN MY BLOOD JBR DYNASTY IS WHAT IM WORKING FOR and that inspired me to do a whole tape and a EP which is dropping 3/20 which is like a introduction for what the tape will be like.
3375  Who would you say has has been your biggest influence musically?
Krash K  I would have to say my biggest influence musically would be my two older cousins kiesha starr and d-rip how they grind for what they want which gave me the same hunger in a music sense.
3375  Would you compare yourself to any of the artists that you’ve just mentioned?
Krash K  No i wouldnt compare myself to anyone i believe im different and unique in my own way no matter the comparisons i never tried to sound bite i created my own genre Ear Porn.
3375  What is your definition of Real Hip-Hop?
Krash K  My definition of real hip hop is anything with a real message behind it and positive influence even through its negativity and standing for what you believe no matter what.
3375  Who are some producers that you have worked with in the past?
Krash K  Some producers Antsy, JaYliit3, OG Rocket, Vanilla, Raheem X, Ralph French, and many more thats just to the few who are currently the most relevant.
3375  Are you an independent artist or are you signed to a major?
Krash K  I am as of now an indie artist with alot of drive and worth ethic and talent looking to make a name completely diffrent from any other and would love to have a major label deal because its not about the money for me more the opportunity to share my music and life with the world and contributing to the good of hip hop.
3375  Why is it you think the south continues to make a heavy noise, and a
lot of West and East artists don’t go on a mainstream level anymore?
Krash K  Nowadays the main focus is trap beats party music you know stuff to "Turn Up" to so thats why the south has such a impact mainstream cause people can bump to them which is true but west and east artists don't meet those terms but surprisingly the west and east are both contributing to the progression of hip hop in a major way big up Beast Coast artists.
3375  What do you think is the best track that you’ve put together and why?
Krash K  I have a track called martials law which is on my tape and everything about that song from the mixing to the lyrics hook and bridge is like a masterpiece.
3375  Have you done any gigs recently?
Krash K  No unfortunately the baltimore hip hop scene is well overlooked so if you dont have a "BUZZ" you miss out often talent or no talent but i am hoping to get some very soon.
3375  If you had a choice out of absolutely anyone who would your dream
collaboration be with?
Krash K  If i could collab with anyone i would pull a 1 train like rocky did but it would be J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas in illmatic mode, Jadakiss, Sheek louch, Styles P, Cassidy, Chris Brown, Myself and Lupe all on one track.
3375  So have you ever considered collaborating with another up-and-coming
artist, who might be from a totally different music background from
that of yourself?
Krash K  The Weeknd would be a dope collab also wouldnt mind working with Popcaan Or Movado who are jamaican reggae/dancehall artist big up jamaica.
 3375  Apart from yourself of course. Do you know of anyone else that we
should all be keeping an eye on? A star of the future so to speak
Krash K   I believe right now hip hop is thriving with talent like Clyde rose,Tony rebel,Witty rock ,OG Dutchmaster, Soduh, Writer of 93rd soultribe, Jay Verze ,Bink, Melz,Mooda, Don Told Ya and a few more but as for future stars i cant predict the future ha ha so we'll see whats to come.
 3375 Outside of music, what do you like doing? Have you got any hobbies or interests?
Krash K  Outside of music i like fashion thats cool graffiti "tagging" im new to it but i enjoy it also like reading and educating myself on whats going on in the world another interest is my practice of the rastafari faith, Haile Emperor Selassie I.
3375  What is coming from you next as far as mixtapes or albums?
Krash K Future projects and albums well i drop my first solo EP this wednesday 3/20 my 18th birthday its titled "18 EP" and my mixtape drops the end of summer.
3375  And finally Krash K, do you have a Facebook page for fans? Can they
follow you on Twitter? Any Shout outs?

Krash K  Yes Actually My Twitter Is @Krash_Out And My FB fan page is Krash also shoutout God without him this isn't possible all baltimore hiphop artist grinding to achieve their goals man and R.I.P. to my bros darius and renzo as well as JBR john rallin and barbara all of my family and keisha and d-rip. Thanks For Taking Your Time Out To Interview Me Im Humbled AND beyond blessed i appreciate this.

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The Lees" better known as Rylan Ashlee and Leah Michelle, are sisters and business partners from Virginia. They have recently started their own website and online store called Glamour Gang (www.glamourgang.com launching soon) which will feature a variety of blogs and retail merchandise. They are two powerful, intelligent women who have the drive and motivation to succeed. Although they could pass for twins, they are not, and when put together their two different personalities created a force which will be soon recognized.

3375  Tell us a little about The Lees!

Ryan  The Lee’s are innovative, smart, sexy and sassy creative women who are lovers of fashion and all things beautiful.

Leah  My sister Rylan has always been around me during my shoots, she has helped me pose, fixed my hair, put together my clothes etc... A lot of the shoots I have done had her creative eye. Since we started our business Glamour Gang we decided that both of us needed to be in front of the camera as a brand in order for the whole idea to come together.

3375  Why did Rylan and Leah decide to join forces?

Ryan  I have always helped Leah behind the scenes with her shoots whether it be assisting with developing the concept, styling or being her cheerleader. Leah has always encouraged me to join her in the bright lights and when she and I began developing our Glamour Gang brand we decided that it was time to introduce The Lee’s to the world!

Leah  We are not twins, although we look a lot alike, we are sisters but we are very much individuals. I feel like instead of getting two of the same person you get two totally different people with the same drive and motivation.

3375  What do you think will set you apart from everybody else out here?


Ryan  I think that what sets us apart is our distinct similarities and differences. We are asked all the time if we are twins (she’s the older sister J) and although we look almost identical our personalities are distinctly different. Leah is a firecracker and risk taker; which is seen in her portfolio because she never looks the same in any photo. I am a little more reserved, but like they say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. J
 Leah We are not twins, although we look a lot alike, we are sisters but we are very much individuals. I feel like instead of getting two of the same person you get two totally different people with the same drive and motivation.

3375  What influences you the most when it comes to your drive?

Ryan  I come from a family of entrepreneurs and go getters so being motivated and driven is in my blood. I am a firm believer that you get what you work for and you have to grind for long periods of time before you even see results. I am most motivated by those entrepreneurs who are self-made and continue to build upon their empires.
Leah  We are the "Black Kardashians" They are a family of business women, and although they get a bad rap, they have taken their name and branded it. We love that about them! I am a fan of Rihanna, Rita Ora and my all time favorite person is Michael Jackson. I am a writer I love music and maybe one day will get to write songs as well.

3375  Would you like to work as a full time professional model? If not, what

would be your dream job?

Ryan  My dream job would be to traveling journalist and venture to different countries to experience and document the diverse cultures, ways of life and most importantly taste all of the food. One thing that only my close friends and family know about me is that I love food!
Leah It was never my goal to be a professional model. We have our own business I am in school right now for PR, and I would really love to be able to sit back and enjoy my brand. I want to be a writer, just haven't figured out which kind yet.

3375  What do you enjoy more: shooting in groups or alone?

Ryan  Recently Leah and I shot together for the first time with Ricky Lebaron Godette and I had so much fun! We were able to play off of each other and the shots were amazing. I can’t wait for the world to see them.

Leah  We have only had one shoot so far and it was a lot of fun!! I cant wait to shoot again with my sister, I just want it to stay fun and light we feed off of each other well.

3375  Who do you look up to the most in the model industry ?

Ryan  Wow that is a tough one because there are so many. I am inspired by those models who have used their modeling careers to maneuver into other avenues of the business such as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and Kimora Lee Simmons just to name a few.

Leah  The models I look up to are the girls with ink that are making a way in the fashion industry I work closely with Blasted Ink. I also love Sarah Fabel and Zombie Boy.

3375  What do you think about the way professional models treat themselves

these days (dieting, alcohol, drugs etc.)
Ryan  I think that as with any job you have to make sure you are the best at what you do. I think living a healthy well rounded life is important and remembering that at the end of the day it is a business. You have to eat right, exercise, get enough rest, take care of you skin etc.There is always someone who is waiting for you to fail so that they can get in the door so you have to stay on top of your game.

Leah  I cant call a model a professional if she/he does not take care of themselves, diet, exercise, marketing, management, knowledge etc... A lot of the girls out there just think they have to take pictures and things will happen! They have also been spoiled by editing.

3375  How do you keep yourself fit?

Ryan  I maintain a healthy balance of exercise and eating healthy. Don’t get me wrong I love bread, chocolate and a glass a wine, but everything in moderation. I don’t make myself feel guilty if I over do it sometimes because it just means I have to put in a little extra effort in the gym the next day.
Leah  I have a trainer, I am in the gym at least 5 days a week. I keep myself on a diet, and it is very hard!!!

3375  What would you say is your greatest achievement thus far?

Ryan  My greatest achievement thus far in accepting loving myself for who I am and not making any apologies for it.
Leah  My Stunnaz Inked Magazine cover with Jayda Starr, and the progress of my brand! Since my last interview with you I have expanded my brand a lot and I hope to do the same with "The Lee's"

3375  What has been your biggest setback or challenge?

Ryan  Leah said it best. Our location.
Leah  My location, being in Virginia its hard to get ahead in this business.

3375  Who do you hope to work with in the future?

Ryan  I have a passion for high fashion designers especially Alexander McQueen (RIP). Although he is no longer with us his designs continue to inspire me and I would love the opportunity to have The Lee’s represent his line.
Leah  Anyone that is as motivated as I am!

3375  Where do you see yourself in 5years?

Ryan  In five years I see myself further expanding our Glamour Gang brand and coming
up with new innovative designs.
Leah  I don't plan that far ahead, but hopefully graduated from college and still expanding my brand!

3375  Are we going to see you in any movies in the future?

Ryan  I don’t have the acting bug, but anything is possible.

Leah  Maybe my sister :), Im not so sure about myself, but I would like to have some of my writing published that's for sure.
3375  If someone wanted to book you who and how should they contact?
Ryan & Leah Email thelees50@gmail.com @thelees_ on twitter and ig and our website should be coming out soon www.glamourgang.com

3375  Any Shout outs?
 Ryan & Leah Our photographer Ricky Lebaron Godette, our family, friends, and fans!!