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The woman who would one day be known as the princess of island pop was born into a home where music and unbridled creativity were ever-present companions. The combination of her innate musical gifts and an environment where a broad array of musical styles was easily accessible helped shape Shalli into the woman she is today. Shalli it seems was destined to make her mark on the world through musi...c.

Shalli’s parents nurtured her affinity for music and by the age of 5, she was already singing for audiences in her church choir. Her father, a career musician, specialized in a variety of eclectic musical styles and her exposure to various artists and rhythms at such a young age gave her a sense of musical flexibility well beyond her years. This openness to sounds that aren’t “run of the mill” is a crucial element to the sound Shalli continues to showcase in her music to this day.

It wasn’t long before Shalli’s talent took her in new directions. By age 12, she was writing poetry and by age 14 she was crafting lyrics to original songs. In her later teen years, she would perform some of these original songs with a musical group she helped to create.
The budding songstress continued to hone her image and powerful on stage presence when she stepped out on her own and went on an international tour. It was during this time that Shalli grew exponentially as a performer. However her focus as a solo act sharpened when she survived the Boxing Day Tsunami just 3 weeks into her tour.

Shalli continued to perform at festivals, clubs and lounges in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia to ever increasing acclaim. Her childhood exposure to multiple musical styles bore fruit as she realized that in spite of the language barrier between her and the audience, her music was a language of its own that allowed her to bridge the gap between herself and many different cultures. This ability to cross cultural lines is a key feature of Shalli’s music that can be found in her songs today.

Shalli’s life experience is the soul of her music. With a style of creating music and lyrics that can best be described as “fearless”, Shalli’s upbringing and world travel allows her to incorporate a unique perspective into her music that few performers can hope to match. It’s apparent in the infectious, upbeat and wildly individual songs she has released to date.

Shalli’s talent cannot be denied, and neither can her growing popularity. In a short period of time, Shalli has established herself as a true artist who stands apart from her contemporaries. Her willingness to take risks musically has earned the respect of artists from the West Indies, to North America, to Europe and beyond. Her singular sound and melodic voice has won her many fans in those locations and beyond.

Shalli’s sound is the music of the future, and her time is now.

3375 I understand that it was noticed pretty early in your life, when you
were pretty young, that you could sing. Did you always think you could

SHALLI  Yes, I always knew that I could sing and loved harmonizing with other kids. I
always had a heavier tone than many of the other kids which stood out right
away as a child. I was the only 12 year old in the teen church choir. I did
however grow up around some power house singers which definitely kept me very

3375  So how did you come to the idea that maybe you could maybe do this for a career?

SHALLI   Ha! Now that is a good question simply because I had continued perusing
singing along with a few other things and found that the music always stuck no
matter what. I sang because I loved it but more because as time progressed I
realized that I just did not have the true love for anything else. I can be
sick, tired and even discouraged and still continue doing this. I haven't
felt that for anything else. With that, I knew in my heart I had to do this as
my career.

3375  How would you describe your upbringing?

SHALLI   Musical. Strict in some ways that I've now learned to appreciate. I grew up a
Seventh Day Adventist in church. My father was the more obvious musical
character to me growing up as he was a musician and taught me rhythm and
encouraged me to dance and sing. He played percussion. My parents also made
it a point to bring my sister, brother and I to their places of birth (Jamaica
and Dominica) quite often and made many sacrifices to do so. I thought it was
just family vacation but now that I look back I learned a lot of things
especially in the country side of Jamaica. How to clean, cook, hand
mom even sent me to school one day just for the experience. Let's just say
never again... I was so behind compared to the other students in Jamaica at
that time!

3375  How did you enter the music business?

SHALLI   I began the process of recording a few songs and performing at various venues
with a band but bigger moves happened for me when I teamed up with good
management. This helped me learn more about the business, get noticed and work
toward developing my writing and image better.

3375  Why is it that there are still fewer successful female artists in a
music that speaks of equality and justice?

SHALLI   Women need to do their part of being versed in the business side of the
industry as much as they can and helping other women along the way is key.
Many of us are have worked so hard and are so happy to get to where we've
gotten to that we forget that true success happens when we can share the goods
with others. Now, I must say, some men who have the power to help with this problem
actually feel threatened by more diversity. Maybe that's the story of human
kind. Those with power want to stay in power.

3375  Who and what inspires you to write?

SHALLI   Dreams, a great track, acoustic guitar, sunshine, falling in love. Traumatic
events and stories of others. Sometimes I just sit and say 'God' I know your
going to give me the words and then wait for the spirit to move.

3375  A lot of artists whether earlier or later in their career become
producers. Do you see yourself working behind the scenes producing
other artist music.

SHALLI   I can totally see that. I have given my ideas 'behind the scenes' for along
time in may areas of the music industry, so it would be quite natural for me
to be a producer (with more advanced training on the technical side of
course) I'd love to do that!

3375  What is the most memorable thing a fan has ever done?

SHALLI   A fan once gave me a freshwater pearl necklace at one of my most difficult
gigs and it really made my night.

3375  What is your biggest musical accomplishment so for and why?

SHALLI   Expanding my range. Believe it or not I used to sing mostly alto and even
tenor. My talking voice is naturally not high and I probably abused my voice
a bit as an early teen belting it out in the gospel choir. I didn't realize I
could train my voice with practice to sing in a very high key until I simple
tackled those songs and gradually got better at them, slowly but surely.

3375  Are you planning to go on Tour any time soon?

SHALLI   I'm always touring. Just stay tuned to my Facebook where I post my tour dates.
Just look for 'Shalli'

Live performing could be disrupted by malfunctions of stage props and
could lead to devastating results. How would you handle one?

I've had this happen and I handle it with a bit of humor and then give the
people what they want ,my voice, even if it's acapella. In fact, people are
often relieved to see my personality without all the hoopla for just a moment.
Good opportunity to really connect with the audience.

3375  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

SHALLI   Yikes, hopefully healthy and just a better more seasoned version of my self.
I would love to dabble in other aspects of the entertainment industry. You
mentioned producing, sure and hosting, speaking and acting. A home in the
tropics would be good too.

3375  What can we expect to hear from you in 2013?

SHALLI   It's already begun with my new video singles 'Down In Jamaica' and 'Fire' ft
Orlando Octave. You will now begin to understand how versatile I am with some
new collaborations and some new sounds. I am so excited to show the world more
of what this Island Pop ting is all about.

3375  As a artist, what advice would you give to someone that wants to get
into the music industry?

SHALLI   Work on getting your craft (singing, performing etc) to a place you and
eventually an audience is happy with. You wont be perfect but you must be
happy with what you've worked on. Read a book on the music business, Google
it there are many and most popular ones are good. Hook up with someone,
family, friend, lawyer, coach who is versed in the music business to some
degree and can give you some basic consult.

Believe in yourself even before you have a product to sell. If you don't who
will. Cliche but true.

3375  Where can we find you online?

SHALLI   Facebook 'Shalli',, Twitter @ShalliSings and my new fav
Instagram 'Shalli Sings'

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Born on August 4th, in the city of Brooklyn, New York and raised between the United States and Puerto Rico. Her parents are both from Puerto Rico. During her childhood, she spent her holidays and summers in Puerto Rico with her family where she learned about her Hispanic roots and culture.
After graduating from high school, she moved to Puerto Rico with her mom. Erica began to study Computer Programming at Universal Technology College of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, PR for two years where she graduated and received an Associate degree. She then relocated to Florida where she is currently majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Motion Picture/TV Production and Public Relations.

The former Latina Beauty Queen started in the arts and entertainment industry at an early age. Multitalented, charismatic, hardworking, outgoing and beautiful inside out are just some of the characteristics that define Erica. With a charming personality, loving, honest, determined, and persistent, a dreamer who loves life and is determined and passionate to do the best she can with her talents. Spontaneous and disciplined because it keeps her balanced but always does the things she enjoys because she understands that life is a journey and not just a destination. She believes that life is about finding your true potential and not settling for anything less.

As a child, Erica developed many talents just to name a few: Dance (Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Gymnastics, Lyrical, and Hip Hop). Her mom enrolled her in dance and acting classes at an early age. She started Ice Skating at the age of 5 and acting at age 7. She became passionate in the world of dance where she had 16 years of dance training and considered dancing professionally and auditioning for Broadway dance Musicals in New York City. She filmed her first TV cereal commercial at the age of 7 at Barbizon Modeling Agency in New York. She has modeled for many fashion shows such as Fashion Designers Expo and modeled gowns/cocktail dresses for Zola Keller and Kesi Case. Erica was recently a featured extra on “Step Up 4” and has been an extra on “Havana Nights” and “Wuthering Heights”. She has been a model in music videos, commercials and television series extra roles such as “Burn Notice”. She started modeling at the age of 14 when her mom signed her up for a local pageant at the mall and won her first local pageant. Dance and acting still play a huge interest and impact in her life.
She had the opportunity to be featured in two Dr. Pepper commercials with Pitbull in 2011 and 2012.
3375  Tell us when and how your career got started?

ERCIA  I started my career in the entertainment industry at the early age of 3 with Dance, Acting & Modeling. My mom registered me for Ballet classes and I didn’t like Ballet. She then decided to enroll me in Tap classes and I loved Tap! Then she signed me up for acting classes at age 7 with Barbizon and I filmed my first cereal commercial and at age 14, she signed me up to compete in a local pageant at the mall and I kept winning titles! And that’s how my career started.

3375  Being born in the USA, how important was it for you to visit Puerto
Rico and learn about your roots?

ERCIA  It was very important for me to visit my country since I have family there and my mom was born in Puerto Rico. Every Christmas and summer, I would spend one month in Puerto Rico and after graduating high school, I moved there and attended College there as well since I knew the language perfectly, I never had any trouble adapting to living in my country of origin. Aside from that, I learned a lot and had the opportunity to attend college in Puerto Rico and receive my Associate Degree in Computer Science.

 3375  Was it difficult to get respect as a woman in your career?

ERCIA  It was very challenging since I’ve always worked around more male than female in my career. I’ve never been comfortable doing nude or partial nude model shoots and in numerous occasions, I was offered to do nude model photo shoots since it has never been my cup of tea so those are the jobs I always reject.

3375  How did you feel when you won Latina Beauty Queen?

ERCIA  I was extremely excited and it was the best experience of my life! It opened up so many doors for me into many different areas of the entertainment industry.

3375  How did winning Latina Beauty Queen contest impact your life?

ERCIA  It had a huge impact on my life since it opened so many opportunities for me. I was featured on the front cover of Latin Connection Magazine, newspapers, radio interviews and worked with numerous charities which I really enjoyed. I was shy as a child and competing in beauty pageants was not something I had an interest for until my mom enrolled me in my first beauty pageant at a local mall. I started out as a dancer at age 3. Pageantry started at age 14 when my mom signed me up for a local beauty pageant at the mall and I won my first pageant and made it to nationals. I always considered myself a winner even when I didn’t win a crown because to me pageantry has never been about winning a crown but the experience and standing in front of such a huge audience to compete considered me a winner and I would compete for myself and thought of myself as my only competition.

3375  Who inspires you?

ERCIA  My mom inspires me. She has always been my hero and has instilled confidence and motivation that inspires me. She taught me to be resilient and never give up.

3375  What role does your family play in your success?

ERCIA  My family has always been very supportive of my career. They play a huge role in my success and have given me the motivation to move forward in my success. I am blessed to have such a supportive family.

3375  Tell us about college and what you major in?

ERCIA  College is my tool to success and education to me is a plus no matter what field of study you’re in. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Science and I am majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Film Production with a minor in Public Relations.

3375  Can you teach me how to ice skate?

ERCIA  Of course I can teach you how to ice skate. lol

3375  Talk about the TV shows and movies you appear in.

ERCIA  I appeared in shows such as “El Show de Las 12” on Telemundo in Puerto Rico, A commercial spot for Miss Puerto Rico World in 2000, a cereal commercial for Barbizon Modeling Agency, the movie Wuthering Heights as a featured extra, Havanna Nights as a featured extra, Step Up to the Streets as a featured extra and Step Up Revolution as a featured extra.

3375  How did you feel working with music artist Pitbull on the Dr. Pepper

ERCIA  Wow! Working with Pitbull on the Dr. Pepper commercial was such an amazing experience. I was really excited and it was the experience of a lifetime.

3375  You do a lot of charity work for a lot of organization. Why are these
specific organizations important to you?

ERCIA  These specific charity organizations are important to my because they have taught me to be thankful and appreciate everything I have accomplished in my life. Each charity organization is an inspiration in my life and has taught me many lessons in many ways. For that reason is why I enjoy being a role model for the young generation who looks up to me and inspire young girls and woman in the world.

3375  With everything you have achieved, you also host on online TV Show for LCTV?

ERCIA  Yes! With so many of my amazing achievements, I am so excited to be working with such a great team and working as a host for Latin Connection TV.

3375  What is your greatest accomplishment?

ERCIA  I would have to say my greatest accomplishment has been graduating from college.

3375  What next for Erica?

ERCIA  Erica will continue working as a TV host since she enjoys it has a great personality! Working in the Spanish TV network, she hopes to host her own entertainment TV show and own a modeling agency. She will also continue to work with various charity organizations since it’s her passion and she enjoys helping others.

3375  How can we find you online?

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

ERCIA  Yes I sure do. I’d like to thank God first because without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.
My mom for all of her continued support, my family, friends and fans for their continued support.

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#1 Indie Radio Host World Wide


Eddie Kayne is the host of the #1 Indie Show, the Eddie Kayne Show. Born and raised in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, Eddie was always a fan of all genres of music but, the love he has for Hip Hop is irreplaceable. As a pioneer of Hip Hop, Eddie has worked with some of Hip Hop legends such as, Producer Max Kid. He has worked with artist such as the Legendary African Bambaatta and DC Scorpio. Three short years ago, Eddie recognized that the Indie music scene needed a voice. Having the expertise to discover raw talent and wanting to provide the world with diversity he decided to host his own show. Since then, he has become The Voice of Independent Artist Worldwide. Eddie Kayne has taken his Indie Movement to a syndicated level while providing a platform for artists of all kinds. Eddie engages his audience during his action-packed shows while he spins some of the hottest independent music from around the globe.

His listenership/viewership is heard in 96 countries worldwide. Eddie strives to help bring the independent movement to the forefront for the world to see many different undiscovered talented artists who are unsigned with no major distribution or funding. At the present time, Eddie Kayne is sponsored by Cricket Wireless MUVE Music and is currently doing a city tour in Washington D.C. with a national tour in development. He has created the first Indie Music Festival in the Washington D.C. area. Eddie is also co-owner of UrbanE TV, a website dedicated to independent music, films, music videos, fashion, and TV. Eddie Kayne currently features independent artists in short films that are directed and produced by UrbanE TV. Eddie’s Top Weekly Video Countdown airs every Tuesday night at 8pm (EST) where he also showcases live performances by Indie Artist and his syndicated radio show airs every Saturday from 1-4pm on WLVS Radio. He has also started his own digital record label "EKS Records". Eddie Kayne has also written a featured article highlighting an Indie Artist on Freeway Rick Ross new social media website

3375  When did you decide that radio was your calling?

EDDIE KAYNE.   I`ve always had a passion for music. I saw the lack of support for independent music 5 years ago and decided to provide a voice for indie artist world wide.
3375  How do you manage to keep the show exciting and entertaining?
EDDIE KAYNE.   Being spontaneous and out the box makes my show unique. You never know what`s going to happen on the Eddie Kayne show LOL.
3375  If you could change one misconception about you: What would it be?
EDDIE KAYNE.  One misconception about me is I`m not Hollywood I`m very approachable. Some folks mistake my passion for arrogance.
3375  What are your goal/plans with "The Eddie Show" for the coming months and years?
EDDIE KAYNE.  My goal is to make the world respect independent artist. We`ve been programed by mainstream radio/media.
3375  Tell us about UrbanE Tv?
EDDIE KAYNE.  UrbanEtv is the new world wide platform for indie artist world wide.Unlike World Star Hip Hop and other music social sites we don`t charge.
3375  What was your reason Starting UrbanE Tv?
EDDIE KAYNE.  UrbanEtv is a joint venture between myself and videographer MJR Visuals and we wanted to provide people unlimited free access to everything Indie.
3375  What influence does music have in your career?
EDDIE KAYNE.  Music is everything to me and a major contribution to my career. It`s the reason Eddie Kayne was birthed.
3375  Why did you decide to start your own record label EKS records?
EDDIE KAYNE.  Small independent labels are the future major labels and major radio is almost finished. Labels like EKS are important for todays music industry. My label is a way to make all this great music accessible to the masses.
3375  Where do you see R & B and Hip Hop in 5 years?
EDDIE KAYNE.  I see indie music as a whole taking over the music industry which will help spawn new R&B & Hip Hop artist. A new sound, a new way of doing business.
3375  What has been your biggest accomplishment?
EDDIE KAYNE.  My biggest accomplishment thus far is being herd in 96 countries world wide and obtaining sponsorship by Cricket Wireless.
3375  What impact has your family made in your career?
EDDIE KAYNE.  My wife Niki has been my biggest cheerleader! She manages my career and handles my day to day while still holding down a day job. being a mom and wife.  Niki is a partial reason for my success! My kids really don`t like people to know who I am they just really want to live normal lives. My mom and sister even work with me on select events. TEAMEDDIEKAYNE which is my co/mgr Vivian & my PR Rep Kym are my extended family . Believe it or not women run my whole organization . With the exception of Authentic Sounds my show videographer my whole team is WOMEN!! Ironic enough LOL.
3375  Where can we find you online?
EDDIE K.  Catch the Eddie Kayne video show every Tuesday night 8pm est highlighting the hottest indie videos,interviews and performances. Saturday 1-4 pm est the syndicated Eddie Kayne radio show on WLVS RADIO at Listenvision studios and coming soon
3375  Any Shout Outs?
EDDIE KS/O My wife Niki, daughters Olivia, Temi and Khala,  The entire team "Eddie Kayne" my friends fans and artist who`ve supported my dream and the movement. S/o D.J. Boom for believing in my vision !!

Follow Eddie Kayne:
Twitter @eddiekayneshow
Instagram EddieKayne

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