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"It don’t take a prophet to see the young girl is gifted/either hate it or get wit it/ I am what every brilliant mind envisions..."

Brooklyn, New York, home of some of entertainment’s most gifted and vibrant superstars also gave birth to this 20th Century rap phenomenon. She is intelligent. She is fascinating...She IS Hip Hop.
Known to the industry as Candis, this burgeoning female artist has the lyrical poise to fall in line with some of the greatest of MCs, both male and female. With more than a decade of caressing line paper with an ink pen, Candis is solidifying her spot as one of the best to emerge out of the Big Apple. Compelled by the likes of Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Nas, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and Tupac, it is her very own life experiences growing up in Brooklyn's Farragut & Fort Greene Housing Projects that allows Candis to demolish any microphone she encounters speaking truth whenever she breathes air into the mic.
It was in 2003 when Candis composed a tear-jerking number in reference to her troubling years growing up and the loss of her grandmother, titled "It's OK", that she started to see hard work and dedication paying off. This work of art earned her a $10,000 college scholarship in the annual BMG World of Expressions songwriting contest. Candis has a message in her music that separates her from her peers. A “heart- felt” message that captures the essence of hip-hop. Candis is a constant reminder of what the entertainment world is missing. But being such a powerful force in the tri-state, it will be a matter of no time before she is recognized by the masses for her lyrical flow.
In August of 2010, Candis united with an elite group of New Jersey hip hop artists to form F02 Music Group, of which is now an LLC that she is co-owner of. It was then that she was given the name "SheIsHipHop". After seeing her work in the booth, the moniker became a no brainer! With the 1st quarter 2011 release of her mixtape @SheIsHipHop, Candis has been performing at some of the hottest spots in the tri-state. She was also awarded the privilege to perform at the 2nd Annual Female Hip Hop Honors in Los Angeles before Music Industry legends like Roxanne Shante and Michel’le. While most suffer the loss of their mixtape buzz after a while, Candis continues to reign. Her recent nomination for an Underground Music Award (UMA) for BEST FEMALE RAPPER proves that this young lady is already making her mark in the game.
Closing 2011 with an appearance on MTV’s RapFix Live for an interview and video review of her single “Love You Baby” by host Sway and famed rapper, Wale, you can be assured that this year looks very promising for Miss HipHop. Although a single mom and recent graduate of Rutgers University, Candis remains faithful to her music career. She is currently working on a new album, Soundtrack of My Life, while building her brand and that of her company F02 Music Group

3375 What made you want to get into rapping in the first place?

CANDIS I always had a love for music growing up. Dancing used to be my thing. But I knew all the words to all the rap songs. I would right them down and memorize them. Then one day I just started writing my own lyrics down.

3375 How old were you when all this was happening?

CANDIS I was 13 years old. Still in junior high school.

3375 What do your parents think of all of this? Are they supportive?

CANDIS My dad never really gave an opinion other than stay in school and make a living because this music thing isn't guaranteed. But he kept buying me instrumentals to write to so I guess he was telling me to keep doing my thing in his own way. My mom listens and lets me know what she likes and doesn't like. She's very supportive in terms of encouragement. So yeah I would say they're supportive. They've never discouraged me and told me not to pursue my dream like many other parents and relatives do.

3375 How did you feel the first time you took the stage?

CANDIS I was nervous, of course. Butterflies and all. But not to a point where I got on stage and froze, or anyone could tell I was nervous.

3375 Whats your take on today's hip hop?

CANDIS I'm not crazy about it. The music doesn't have that feel that it did when I was growing up in the 90s. Artists are all for the quick buck and they seem to come and go just as quick. I come from an era of timeless music so I'm definitely not happy with the music that has taken over the radio these days. But there are songs I like here and there, more on the R&B side though.

3375 Tell us Three thing about Candis the world doesn't know?

CANDIS I'm a college grad with a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Rutgers University. F02 is not only a team I run with it, but it's a company I'm co-owner of. I'm a Leo. LOL

3375 Do you feel hip hop is dead?

CANDIS Why? It's not dead. It's just in a different place right now.

3375 What is the hardest thing about being a female rapper from NY?

CANDIS Us as women are the underdogs period, in all aspects of society. We have to earn respect instead of being given it automatically. I have to constantly prove myself. It's outrageous how the public will strip you of your esteem and judge your every move if you're a woman in the game, but men can do and say whatever they want. So as a female rapper you have to be strong mentally. That can be challenging when you're dealing with issues in your personal life as well. This is why many women never make it to where they're supposed to be in this game.

3375 What do you bring to the hip hop world that different from whats out here now?

CANDIS I bring a message of hope, strength, and empowerment. My music is proof that you can still be positive and spark the interest of the masses without conforming to what's popular in society. I also bring you the female perspective of things.


3375 Tell us about your MTV experience?

CANDIS It was encouraging and confirmation that I'm on the right track. That was an opportunity that not many artists are able to get. I am truly grateful. Also, if you visit Sway's Facebook page and look in his RapFix Live album, we're in it! Along with Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj and other industry big dogs. That's big!!!

3375 When you not doing Music what are your other interest?

CANDIS When I'm not doing music, I'm spending time with my family or relaxing.

3375 Being from NY is there any pressure on you not to sound like you from the south?

CANDIS Not at all. I do me. I don't focus on conforming to what's hot. If I went that route, I wouldn't be giving the world Candis.

3375 What does Brooklyn's Farragut & Fort Greene Housing Projects mean to you?

CANDIS It's the place that created Candis (SheIsHipHop). They represent my struggle and everything I came through and everything I have the ability to overcome.

3375 Is it difficult to balanced Candis the mom and Candis the Rapper?

CANDIS Not really. I try to incorporate my daughter into everything I do. It makes life a bit easier that way. She is used to tagging along on my music endeavours, late-night studio sessions and all.

3375 What can we expect from you soon?

CANDIS I'm currently working on my album "Soundtrack of My Life" and I just finished shooting three music videos. So expect to be seeing and hearing much more from me in the next few months.

3375 How can we Contact you?

CANDIS You can reach me via twitter, facebook, or email SheIsHipHopMusic@gmail.com

3375 Do you have any Shout out?

CANDIS Shouts to my supporters and my F02 Music Family. Love y'all!

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Leah Michelle was born and raised in Charlottesville Va. She attended PVCC and ODU before joining the United States Army where she graduated basic training at Fort Jackson and went on to complete combat medical training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas. She became an Army Paratrooper and was stationed at Fort Bragg Home of the 82nd Airborne Division. During her time in the Army she has done one tour to Afghanistan from 2009-2010. Leah has been in front of the camera since she was eight years old. She did her first runway shows for Belk department stores bridal line. She took an interested in tattoos and body piercings at the age of eighteen Since then she has adorned her body with over 20 pieces and is currently working on completing her left arm sleeve, and a few body piercings. She works with Blasted Ink Girls out of Los Angles California and does promotional work with Sickwitted Ent and has done recent work with Grindtime and MaLaChi from Richmond Va. She plans on finishing school with a BS in Journalism . Her long term goal is to own and operate her own publication that would feature urban artist on an upscale level

3375 What made you join the United States Army?

LEAH I joined the US Army to finish school. I went back and forth to
different schools before I joined and I didnt have the money to
continue to attend on my own. Since joining I have finished three
semesters of college one being while deployed in Afghanistan.

3375 What have you learned in Army since you joined?

LEAH I have learned a lot. Some of the skills that I have learned some
basic skills like how to shoot a rifle and pistol. I am a medic so I
am a certified EMT-B and trained in combat medicine. I think the best
lesson I am going to take away from the Army is that pain is only
temporary and I can get through and get over anything.

3375 As a Army Paratrooper, were you scared the first time you jump out of a plane?

LEAH I was a little nervous and excited. Not scared at all! However the
second time I jumped I knew what was coming and I think I didnt have
as much adrenalin so I was a little scared the second time.

3375 How was your experience in your tour in Afghanistan from 2009-2010?

LEAH I loved it! My experience wasnt as bad as the news makes it seem. I
was a medic for a squad of military police. We trained some of the
Afghan police, searched buildings, and arrested a few bad guys. It was
something that I will never forget and never regret. Although we never
encountered any major losses during my tour my unit as a whole did. We
were lucky and I am very thankful that we all came back safe.

3375 Tell us about modeling and what it means to you?

LEAH Modeling is a stepping stone for me. I am 27 I know that I cannot do
this for much longer. I am a writer at heart (poems and articles) I
would love to get into ghost writing music one day and am working on
that skill right now. My dream is to finish school and start my own
magazine. As far as modeling goals I really want to grace a cover,
preferably Urban Ink, but id be happy with seeing my face on any

3375 When did you know you wanted to become a model?Why?

LEAH I have been modeling since I was eight years old. I knew I was good at
it when I was around nineteen. I didnt start going after the career
until I was twenty one. It took me so long to persue the career
because I was so worried about finishing school and making sure I had
a stable future. After modeling did not take off the first time I
joined the Army and thought I would never model again. It wasnt until
Ricky Godette of LGP approached me and asked me to do a shoot with
him. This shoot was really all about me and my several new tattoos
that I had gotten over time. It was the first time I had been
tastefully nude in front of a camera (actually it was the first time I
had been nude in front of a camera at all) In the last year I have
taken the modeling part of my life more seriously.

3375 Who are some of your favorite models?

LEAH Oh wow I have so many! I probably spend half of my days searching
tattoos and models. It wasnt until I found a model by the name of BG
(Britanie Girard) She has a full body suit of tattoos. The reason I
fell in love with her was because she looks like me. I had never seen
a woman modeling with tattoos that looked like me. I was impressed and
inspired to do what I had always wanted to do but had previously been
scared to do. Then after seeing her I started noticing other models
like Rio Walker, Miss Paris, and ESaucey. I have always liked the
standard models like Tyra Banks and Gisele, however my heart bleeds
creativity and art and this is one of the ways I express it.

3375 Tell us about the first time you walk on the runway!

LEAH I actually do not do runway shows. I have walked once in a show and it
wasnt really my style. The beginning scene was actually my favorite
where I got to dress in a gold bathing suit and dance a the beginning
of the runway on a chair to Beyonces naughty girl. It sounds funny but
I loved it I thought that it was creative at the time and different.I
am not a fan of the runway I think I might be uncoordinated so I
always feel awkward when trying to walk sexy.

3375 What is your ultimate goal as a model?

LEAH I stated before that I want to be on a cover of a magazine. I think my
ultimate goal is really to inspire young women to be who they are and
do what makes them happy. I am kind of a advocate for self expression
and self esteem.

3375 Tell my reader and your fans about your tattoo?

LEAH I have so many and working on a lot more. I have a few favorites are
my red tattoo on my left side. It says 'lies love truth pain' and its
my idea of the relationship cycle. Me and my sister have matching
flowers with sister written in Italian. I have black heart written in
French to symbolize how I feel about love and how I shouldnt rush into
anything too soon. And I am working on my sleeve right now the top
part represents things that motivate me and inspire me to do better (
I have a Micheal Jackson tribute tattoo and a bunch of things that
represent family) and the bottom is going to be stuff I have to let go
of and I havent finished that yet.

3375 As model who do you want to work with?

LEAH I dont really have anyone specific that I want to work with. My goal
at this moment is to be published in national magazine (like Urban Ink
or Inked). I am willing to work with a lot of people as long as I feel
like the match is a good business decision. I feel like I have a good
network of people in the Virginia area and now I would like to expand
that to Northa Carolina and Georgia.

3375 You also going to school to get your BS in Journalism, what made you choose
that career?

LEAH I like to consider myself a 'jack of all trades' I have had many
different jobs in my 27 years in this world. My very first job at 15
was at Mcdonalds, after that I thought I wanted to go to school to
become a buyer for a retail company. Then I went to school for massage
therapy. After that I worked for M.A.C. and wanted to be a makeup
artist. The list really goes on and on. All of that lead me to realize
that I wanted to create anything. I have always been in school and am
determined to finish in the next two years. The idea to get my degree
in jounalism came about when I started modeling again. I really wanted
to be a photographer, so that i could created my own images for my own
magazine. After looking into it and helping out a few photographers I
know I realized that, that wasnt enough for me and decided that I
wanted to know and do everything for my own publication one day and
decided to look into editing and writing my own magazine. I have
always been a good, creative writer and affter being published in
Glossip Agencies first magazine it gave me the satification that I was
looking for.

3375 United States Army, Model, and Journalist do you have any free time for Leah?

LEAH I have plenty of time for myself! I dont think of modeling and writing
as a job just yet I take most of my free time and put it to good use
with my modeling and writing. I also go to school part time and sell
Mary Kay on my free time which is all helping me to be successful. I
still hangout with friends on the weeeknds or during the week. I go to
kareoke at a local resturant here in town every Tuesday and if I come
home on the weekends I always see friends and family. The only issues
I run into is that im never alone. People always wonder why I drive so
much (going from NC to VA 2-3 times a week) most of my modeling
opportunities right now are in VA however I only get to be alone for
the most part in my car during that 3 1/2 hr long drive.

3375 I know my readers and your fans want to keep up with whats going on with you. How can they contact you?

LEAH The best way to contact me is on twitter @iNkModeLeah (with one L)
for bookings you can contact me at www.blastedink.com (west coast) and
peronally at leahmichelle.bookings@gmail.com if you are on the east
I also have a fb fan page leah-michelle and a tattoo fan page on fb
called Uniquely Designed People

3375 Do you have any shout outs?

LEAH First I have to say thank you to two of my favorite photographer in VA Ricky Lebaron Godette because I wouldnt even be in front of a camera today if he had not contacted me over a year ago and offered to shoot me, he is the reason why I am modeling again. Jubert Gilay, he always amazes me with the images he creates of me. I have to say thanks to my wonderful network of people who always promote me @blastedink and @blastedinkgirls (www.blastedink) ,@sickwittedent, Grindtime and MaLaChi for putting me in their last two music videos. Thank you to www.ink-city.com www.sotattooed.com and Glossip Agency for letting me show off my writing skills, all the models and MUA that I have had the pleasure to work with over the last year everyone has been positive and helpful in one way or another, I love my family, my friends and ,INK! GO SEE ERICH AT ELITE TATTOO STUDIO IN FAYETTEVILLE NC!!!!!

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Ericka Broaddus Johnson can be described as funny, intelligent, sassy, outspoken and a host of other things. But, if you were to ask her, I’m, sure the most important thing she’d want you to know is that she is “a child of God.” Plainly put she “loves God and my relationship with Him. I am His child and I am human. So often people equate mention of God with perfection-but for me it’s more about striving t be the best person I can while realizing that I WILL and DO make mistakes. The key is whether I getting up and continuing on… if I can do that then I can look myself in the mirror every day without regret.”
In addition to the above, Johnson is a native of Richmond, Virginia and graduated with honors from the Henrico County Public School System. Furthering that she went on to graduate from James Madison University where she proudly proclaims to “Bleed Purple”. She has also worked in the banking, finance, and securities industries. Currently, she is in the field of Real Estate and is a Notary Public. But of all these things family is at the center of her heart; and the titles of Mother and Military Spouse reign supreme.

3375 Why did you begin writing?

Ericka I started writing in my spare time when I was younger. If I was 'bored' as a kid, or if I was having a moment of solitude, or if I was just going through something that I wanted to get out and didn't necessarily feel comfortable expressing it aloud.

3375 How long have you been writing?

Ericka I've probably been writing since I was eight.

3375 Tell me a little about your personal writing process?

Ericka Most times when I write there is some sort of 'muse'. It could be my experience during the day, it could be rainy and I just want to unwind, or I could just be going about the normal day to day tasks throughout the day, and I get the notion to put my thoughts on paper.

3375 What is the hardest part aspect of being a writer?

Ericka For me the hardest part about being a writer is sharing my writing. Erykah Badu's line, "keep in mind I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my s#=!" Applies directly to me. Except I don't always look at myself as an artist. I view myself more as individual who put her thoughts/ideas on paper, probably because I don't eat, sleep, and breathe writing.

3375 How do you manage to balance writing with other real-life things (like children, etc)?

Ericka Balancing 'life' is very challenging. Being a military spouse can be very demanding, as you are responsible for the children, the household, and your mate. It can sometimes leave you with the daunting task of figuring out where you or what you like to do fit in?? Late nights, interrupted sleep and long showers are probably where a lot of my ideas are revisited.

3375 Where do you find your inspiration?

Ericka Real People' are my inspiration. Celebrities are great, but they are not my inspiration. When I see an older person, I'm talking 80+ going on about their day and doing their thing that inspires me. It makes me fee l like I can push through or press on.

3375 Tell us one random fact about you.

Ericka Horses are my favorite animals! At some point, I would like to have my own horse.

3375 Who are some of your favorite authors?

Ericka Some of my favorite authors are: Tami Hoag, Dean Koontz, Joyce Meyers, Lance Watson, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Kay Hooper

3375 As a new author was there any challege?

Ericka One of the biggest challenges for me was getting the word out and getting in front of my target audience.

3375 What does the future hold for Ericka?

Ericka I have a children's story book on the horizon. It has already been copywritten, I am just awaiting the illustrations. Be on the look out for that if you have children or teach them.

3375 Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about you or your books?

Ericka In the Mournig will challenge your thoughts while exposing my experiences in life.

3375 Do you have any shout out?

Ericka I would be remiss if I didn't shout out my family and friends as they are supportive of every endeavor I pursue.



B.DeVINE or DeVINE, as she loves to be called is an emerging Jacksonville, Florida based

singer-songwriter-poet who’s lyrical and vocal style stir up an influence reminiscent of
musicians such as Floetry, Jill Scott, and India.Arie.
DeVINE jokes that if Prince and Jill Scott could have created a love-child it would have been her! A singer since she could remember and a songwriter since she entered puberty, DeVINE found herself drawn to all types of music, from R&B to Techno and anything in between. After working countless hours in several studios around the city and lending background vocals for numerous local artists, she was chosen to perform with Psycster (a local Hip-Hop recording artist), to headline for Ja Rule, Mr. Cheeks, and Khia. This concert was ultimately the last concert to be held in the Jacksonville Coliseum before its demolition. After that time, she met Al Ross, an arranger and producer with 33 1/3 Productions, who eventually introduced her to Tony White, another talented Jacksonville native, who would become her mentor and self-proclaimed biggest fan. Over the next ten years, the two of them would collaborate by writing and arranging their own music. Recently, DeVINE wrote/co-wrote three songs that appeared on T. White's debut CD, Street Love. She also recorded and performed the CD's intro, "Honeydripper Lady" and was featured on "Rather B" another popular song from the CD. The album is still currently available on iTunes for purchase. In late 2010, DeVINE finally decided to embark on her debut project. A decade in the making, she carefully selected poems written for what she still hopes will be her first book, to be a part of her spoken word project. After completion, DeVINE along with a few others from TyTeWork Entertainment, quickly realized that there was very little exposure for the type of music they created. Armed with only an idea and ProTools, she decided to form her own genre of music, affectionately named Pornetry, due to its infusion of intimacy-based spoken word with smooth melodies. To put it simply, it is Erotica set to music. Literoticism, another term coined by B.DeVINE, is the ability to create and/or heighten sexual pleasure through literature. B.DeVINE is excited to share "SoulBareHer" with the world. Once B.DeVINE's project is unveiled, the temperatures in Florida may get a tad bit hotter thanks to this seductive entertainer

3375 When did you first start singing?

B.DeVINE I would have to say my earliest memory is around 8 or so, I started singing in the youth choir at church. I have always enjoyed hearing songs in harmony and learned the technical side of discovering notes in music from my mother as a kid.

3375 What did your family do to encourage you?

My family supported my decision to pursue music in church, school, and our community. My mom encouraged me to compete in local pageants, talent competitions, as well as youth community choirs. I studied music from grade school through high school.

3375 Who else in your family sings?

B.DeVINE My maternal grandfather, my paternal grandmother, my mother & father, all of my aunts and uncles on my dad’s side, four of my siblings, and quite a few cousins on both sides of the family can sing & play instruments. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize it, but over half of my family can sing and/or play a musical instrument.

3375 Who are your musical inspirations?

B.DeVINE I have too many to name, but if I had to pick my top five musical inspirations, I would have to say my mother who can bring tears to your eyes with her rendition of Madame Butterfly, Lalah Hathaway & India.Arie, who have an edgy lower vocal tone that I (as a content alto) just adore, Jazmine Sullivan because she so young but has the voice with the soul of Nina Simone, and last but certainly not least, Prince…his range, his vocal ability, and his knowledge of so many different instruments truly astounds me.

3375 What kind of music do you listen to today?

B.DeVINE I am a lover of House music; believe it or not, this genre has been my favorite to listen to since middle school. I also love Ambient/Chill, Classical, & Gospel music…I have a very diverse playlist right now!

3375 What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

B.DeVINE I don’t think any song would be embarrassing for me because I truly enjoy listening to all types of music from Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun to Mozart’s Sonata No. 11 in A Major. If a song shows talent in writing, production, and vocal ability…I will automatically be a fan!

3375 Where would you most like to perform?

B.DeVINE I would love to perform in Europe or somewhere else abroad. There is such a true passion for great music outside of the US and I feel like I would be embraced for being exactly who I am, a vocalist who happens to also be a spoken word artist. I just want to share good music with whoever wants to listen, wherever!

3375 Who would you most like to open for?

B.DeVINE I would love to open for Marsha Ambrosious, with her being a former member of Floetry; I feel that my style of music would be like a breath of fresh air for her… reflective even. Ultimately, my dream is to perform on a stage with people I have admired over the years in music.

3375 If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?

B.DeVINE I have a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, I have always wanted to work with the FBI, so I most likely would have pursued a career with the government.

3375 Do you play any instruments?

B.DeVINE I really want to learn to play the piano and acoustic guitar, but unfortunately, I am not where I would like to be with those instruments just yet. Ask me again, in about two years…hopefully I can say YES, with confidence.

3375 If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

B.DeVINE Ambient House, this form of music is so chill; it is so different than anything I have ever heard. It relaxes me and allows me to truly get in touch with my vocal abilities and honestly, if it were more “mainstream” I would certainly give it a shot!

3375 What genre of music can't you stand to listen to?

B.DeVINE I haven’t heard a genre that I “can’t stand” per se, but I will say the Hardcore Rock (where the lead singer screams every word) is certainly not my favorite.

3375 What hidden talents do you have?

B.DeVINE I can sing my alphabets backwards. I memorized them as a kid and I guess it just stuck with me. All of the others are for me to know and for TMZ to never find out.

3375 Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?

B.DeVINE Yes, absolutely, I can always count on writing poetry and music to ease my mind and help me get through some of my toughest times. Writing has actually been like therapy for me and I don’t know what I would have done without my gel pen and my composition book.

3375 Where can we listen to your music and contact you?

Everyone can listen to music as well as contact B.DeVINE via the following links:

3375 Do you have any shout outs?

B.DeVINE Of course, first I must SALUTE my family (immediate and extended) for supporting me through the years as I transition my music from being much more than just a hobby. I love you more than words can capture! I would like to THANK Tony White with TyteWork Entertainment for the amazing production and mentoring over the last decade, I have truly grown up creating music with you and I hope we continue to make it B.eautifully! I would like to THANK Mrs. Dana with The LMS Group for believing in my talent enough to tell someone else and for standing firmly behind your word; no words could express my gratitude for your friendship and support! Finally and most importantly, to everyone who has ever purchased, downloaded, liked, followed, posted, & reposted anything about B.DeVINE…I appreciate ALL of you and your efforts individually and collectively! THANK YOU!



"JASON" aka JASON804 an entrepreneur, recording artist, 2011 Playdate USAHost of the Year, Actor, Commercial Producer, Script Writer, award winning director, Author, Youth role model, entertainer and a NC A&T Alumni!! A Richmond, VA native "JASON" has several published projects “Road to Success”, “The VA show”, “Now or Never”, high energy singles “Happy Hour Mood Swing”, “Feeling So Alive”, How to Make More Money with Your Music (eBook) and the classic motivational full length solo project; (Born to Motivate...Raised to Succeed) preceded by the video release of the introspective "Earl's Gone Fishing.", moving over 7,000 units of JASON804 music. JASON has hit the stage after Jermaine Dupri and G -Unit on MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen", he has appeared on the same stage as LL Cool J in front of 10,000 plus fans, and smashed an opening performance for Lupe Fiasco in front of 3000 plus screaming fans. 2012 marks the release of new single “B.A.M” the appetizer to the long awaited full length album “Mind of a Champion! As an actor JASON has appeared in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, the award winning hit independent films “You Are Not the Father,” “Laying My Past to Rest”, traveling stage play “Who Killed Uncle Pete” appearance in “Stomp the Yard 2”, Most recently wrote/directed/starred in his first sitcom “The Crib”, and various roles for a few other independent movies. Above all the accolades JASON is a very personable and charismatic person, a ball of contagious/infectious positive energy a marketing dream come true, a Brand.

3375 Give Us Some Background Info As To Who You Are.

JASON [Laughs]

That’s a unique question well phrasing of a question. Background as to who I am…I am a hard worker…a hustler first. I am a data junkie, Cum laude Graduate,
rebellious, fun loving, extraordinary fly, charismatic, paradox from Richmond, VA. This JASON aka JASON804 the brand. Stamped as the Artist/The Actor/The Entertainer!! I’m a lover of creativity and of creating so from making music, to film, to architecture, d├ęcor, clothing design, basically; all things creative I am into and go hard for. A vessel of talent and information.

3375 What Sets You Apart From Other Aspiring Rappers?

JASON Number one I no longer “aspire” to be a “rapper.” I AM an emcee…professionally

because I get paid to do this. What also sets me a part is I’m corporately trained so I approach even the fun part of making music very business like. I arrive on time or early to my shows with my camera crew and media team. I don’t smoke I don’t drink but I rock HARD! I don’t have a posse or be 100 deep in the studio, all I need is me the production team and the engineer. Sometimes it’s just me and the engineer. This is because I know what I want, I know where I want to go and even when I’m experimenting musically I know what I want to hear. Another thing that sets me apart is my vision has been always been global never my street, neighborhood, or city. I always planned to go several levels beyond the basement studio. I also understand that music alone don’t sell music, people buy into a package a movement an idea of what they believe you represent and/or stand for. I approach music with such a formula…it’s always on purpose. So colors, pictures, images, objects, words, song titles, phrases, etc.Remember it’s always on purpose so peek the layers in my verses.

3375 What Is The Philosophy By Which You Live By?

JASON “Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today” I always felt like my life was

moving at a pace that I must get it all out before it’s all over. I must say it, I think about someone there is a reason for it so I need to call or text them ASAP if only to say “what up” I’m also a real work-a-holic when it comes to this entertainment business because if I don’t do it who will. I don’t sleep, I barely eat…I’m extremely active and I go hard.

3375 Which Artists Have Inspired You?

JASON I’ve been inspired by different artist and entertainment figures for different reasons.

Musically inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, Redman, KRS ONE, Biggie, Eric B and Rakim Jay-Z, Outkast, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kanye West, Bill Withers, James Brown, Hall & Oates, Lupe Fiasco. That list could go on, but that’s enough but I’m also inspired by Diddy’s work ethic, vision and drive; Nelly’s attitude, story, and placement in music; T.I.’s confidence; R. Kelly’s pen and ability to constantly reinvent himself. Maaaan I’m so analytical we could name drop this whole interview [chuckles]

3375 What Is Your Opinion Of The Current State of the music industry?

JASON People ask me that all the time and I tell them that the music business has been a beautiful mess from the beginning of time. The business of music and creative works is probably the hardest to get a handle on because you are creating value in something that ultimately has NO MONETARY VALUE. Your thoughts, your words…have no monetary value until someone says it does by marketing it or paying for it. So music industry is what it’s going to be. Consumers have more power now than ever because of the rate and ease at which indie music can get out. So if you are tired of hearing less than quality music…support quality music and artist. Share their music with folks, click the share button on their videos visit www.JASON804live.com and share an article or a

single. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem and I believe that!

3375 What Producer Would You Like To Collaborate With In The Future?

JASON I like whoever’s dope with the music so it’s probably a long list but I think “Chops”

is dope, “The Ark” out of RVA, oh of course Kanye West because he’s probably my favorite creative mind and Pharell because he’s from Virginia

3375 What Is Your Favorite Movie And Favorite Book?

JASON Honestly don’t have a favorite movie but I love the movies. Probably the only time I can

get my mind to stop moving on my quest to score points is when I’m watching a movie. My favorite book aside from the ebook I wrote “How to Make More Money With Your Music” would be Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”

3375 What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Live Show? How Has It Evolved?

JASON My favorite part of my live show is the intimacy in which I perform and involve the

crowd. I love to connect with the people because my music is so personal that I want people to feel me. How has it evolved, I smile more because I know that’s my meal ticket. I guess part of that though is the acting I definitely use my theatrical training in my hip hop show so you will see an array of emotions. Also I’m still after all these years working to tame the beast inside me
[laughs] the energy beast…I’m a high energy dude and I just wanna go a million miles an hour from top to bottom. I can’t do that though, have to control that and my wind because I have a lot to say...you need to be able to hear that.

3375 Tell us about your transition from rapper To actor?

JASON Real talk it’s not really a transition, I’ve been acting and performing since I was about

seven or eight. I started writing rhymes when I was eleven. I’m a natural performer but also as I stated I’m a data junkie. I study my crafts and acting is no different, I study other actors and I think through the range of emotions we have as humans. So to answer your question I always planned to continue acting, and I never planned to be rapping my whole life…well being a performing rapper. Look out for more JASON on the screen under my government though. Look up my sitcom “The Crib Show” a comedic web series I wrote, starred in and directed. If I had to describe it…a combination of Martin and Seinfeild

3375 Would you consider yourself a triple threat?

JASON Definitely…but 3 might not be enough so just drop the “triple” and just consider me a


What Are Some Major Misconceptions That You Think People Have Of You?

JASON That I am conceited. Never been that guy, I’m aware but never been conceited nor

arrogant. Unfortunately this is hip hop and don’t nobody see you when you being humble. So you kind of have to be in that face like “Im the Sh*t” for people to give it any thought. Also that I’m just an entertainer…so very wrong

3375 Can you Explain what Playdate USA is for people that does know?

JASON PlayDate is an alternative to the typical night out. It's the most FUN you've had in a long

time. A national brand, we travel around the country delivering fun and joy into people’s lives at private events, major festivals, businesses and universities.

3375 Whats next for you in 2012?

JASON The single “B.A.M.” is out and burning all over the place locally, regionally, nationally,

internationally!! Available on Itunes, Android market, Cd Baby and anywhere digital music is sold. So next in 2012 is the album “Mind of a Champion” executive produced by Big Boyz Music (www.bigboyzbeats.com). Filming new show entitled “the Label”, Hosting Essence Festival in New Orleans, The Hoodie Awards in Vegas, ahhhh just stay tuned!!

3375 How can we stay update with you?

JASON Stay connected with me via my site www.JASON804live.com, follow me on twitter @JASON804, Instagram JASON804, and join my facebook Brand page www.facebook.com/JASON804brand or join the email list on any of these sites.

3375 Do you have any shout outs?

Shout out to you for having me, Big Boyz Music, Daerae Media and the Future because
we looking forward to what it holds for us



Ja’ae emerged from an eclectic and morally
strong background to become one of the most
sought after new urban suspense Authors in
the game. As an Urban Suspense Author, she
captivates her readers’ attention and takes
them on a roller coaster ride of emotions. She
paints a vivid image of each character and
leaves her readers eagerly anticipating the next
Currently residing in NYC, Ja’ae is the CEO
of ESW Enterprises, a Publishing & premiere
Corporate Multi-Media Company. She is
also the founder & Director of The New York
Foundation for Abused Girls. A non-profit
organization that provides assistance to the
teenage victims of Sexual Trafficking. She is a

Motivational Speaker as well an an advocate for
the Empowerment of Women.
She received her education in London, UK. She
enjoys cooking, baking, traveling and spending
time with family in her free time.
Be on the lookout for Ja’ae, one of the hottest
new Urban Suspense sensations in the game!

3375 So, tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you

JA'AE Hello 3375 Magazine! I am Author Ja’ae Quancei. I currently reside in NYC by way of London UK. I am the CEO of ESW Enterprises, a premier Corporate Multi-Media & Publishing Company based in Manhattan. I am also the Founder of the New York Foundation for Abused Girls. A foundation providing support and assistance ito the teenage victims of sexual abuse,

3375 When and why did you begin writing?

JA'AE I began writing poetry at the age of 11. At first it was just a hobby, however by age 14 my friends were paying me to write poems and desiign cards for them! I was making money and a lot of it for a teenager! LOL By the time I was 18 I began perfecting my craft and writing had become a form of release. By my mid 20’s it became a sincere passion! I realized God had Blessed me with a gift and I am humbled and grateful.

3375 What inspired you to write your first book?

JA'AE After years of working with Battered Women and hearing so many horror stories of abuse I gained a deeper understanding about the trials and mental spirals of abused women, The dead look in their eyes and lack of emotion in their voices spoke volumes of Scorned women.

3375 So I have to ask, do you ever experience writer's block? If so,
how do you get through it?

JA'AE Yes actually I have experienced long periods of writer’s block! Ugh!!! It is truly frustrating! One thing about it, you can’t force it. Patience is key and when the evil writer’s block creeps up I simply pray, meditate and wait. Everything is in God’s time.

3375 Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

JA'AE Writing for me comes natural. The only challenge for me is pacing. My mind is constantly racing and my thoughts reveal themselves with a speed that supersedes the speed of my pen LOL!

3375 So let’s switch gears for a moment. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

JA'AE I first considered myself a writer when I started getting paid for my work. i.e.my poetry, so in actuality I considered myself a poetress plain and simple. Once I ventured off into writing short stories I penned myself a writer.

3375 What book(s) have influenced your life most?

JA'AE The book that has influenced my life most is The Holy Bible. The knowledge, wisdom and understanding I have gained from years of reading and studying the Bible are priceless. It keeps me grounded and focused and constantly reminds me who my Savior is and how much HE loves me. AGAPE love.

3375 What book(s) are you reading now?

JA'AE Currently I am reading a book called Proverbs. It’s a spiritual book that focuses on the lessons in the book of Proverbs from the Holy Bible. It’s quite inspirational and very uplifting. Sometimes I have t take a break from urban literature and become one with my spirit,

3375 Is there someone you consider a mentor?

JA'AE Yes the person I consider a mentor is my Mother! She has always been such an inspiration to both my sister and I. My mother is legally blind, however she runs circles around us all. She never allowed any challenge to halt her progress in life. She faced them head on and exceeded the expectations set forth by society! Not only that the core values and principles she instilled in my sister and I are the same ones she lives by. I love my mom!
3375 What would your ideal career be, if you couldn't be an
JA'AE My ideal career would be a Criminal Defense Attorney as I am passionate about the rights of our minorities sitting in jail with hideous sentences for acts not comparable to those who are killing and raping.

3375 What has surprised you the most about the publishing

JA'AE What has surprisd me most about the publishing industry is the ease of self-publishing. What seems quite frightening to most is simply an easy process. After a few weeks of research I learned how to self-publish and turn my dreams into my reality.

3375 Do you have any advice for other writers?

JA'AE My advice to other writers is to perfect their craft. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams! Don’t just up and quit your day job as you still need revenue to fund your projects. Looking for investors and attempting to convince others is time consuming. Always remember the best investment you can make is in yourself!

3375 How can my reader purchase your books?

JA'AE My books are available for purchase on amazon kindle,
Also on Bookpatch in hard copy delivered right to your front door

3375 Can you tell us little about the New York foundation for abused girls?

JA'AE The New York Foundation for Abused Girls is a Foundation that caters to the need of the teenage victims of sexual trafficking. Human trafficking of our children is on the rise. Our children are being pimped out and sold into sexual slavery. My foundation provides assistance to these young women as thry ransition back into society. We will offer self-esteem classes and group therapy this fall
3375 Where can girls call or go if they are in a abusive situation?

JA'AE If any young woman is in an abusive situation they can call
212-227-3000 for sexual assault and 800-342-3720 for child or physical abuse. They will
then receive a referral of a location of safety.

3375 Whats next for Ja'ae?

Next for Ja’ae will be the release of my highly anticipated Erotic Poetry Book “Melted Caramel”. A collection of erotic poetry guaranteed to ignite, erupt and soothe the reader! Release date is July 10, 2012. From there my current release I’m Betta Without Ya… will be filmed as a DVD and sold this fall.

3375 Do you have any shout out?

JA'AE Yes, a big shout out to my fiance Demetrius Williams (DemeGod) Thank
you for all the encouragement and support. Hold ya head my King!