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Asaad Graham “Saad G” November 11, 1990 was born in Florence, South Carolina were he spent a stretch of his childhood which also included living in Florida, San Diego, and Columbia before moving to his second home Virginia. Before moving to all these different locations with his family which now included his step father that was serving in the military it was just the young boy and his mother. Â

Saad’s mother had him at 20 years old and growing up they often struggled financially. There was stretch were Asaad and his young mother were homeless. At an early age this humbled Asaad. Suffolk Va is where Saad really found his love for music and vowed to put the small city on the map. Idolizing Jay-z and other rappers you could always see that the music inspired him. To best describe Saad G and his music would be a very unique outlook on a kid being a product of his environment and speaking on the harsh realities seen in his city and through his experiences.Â

Sports was also a big part of Asaad’s life in high school him and a friend (Sedrick Johnson) started this group called “The Goons” which consisted of players on the team that were stand out athletes. When they weren’t playing ball they were out partying and living a lot of things you hear Saad speak about throughout his music. January 9th 2010 Asaad’s best friend was shot 3 times after the group were fighting at a house party in Norfolk. The death of Saad g’s closest friend changed his life and from that day on he determined he would let his music be his friend Micheal Givante Lee’s voice after he passed away. GGM was created not long after; and this simply stands for goon gang music and the movement is only getting stronger with every event Saad G shuts down. Perception is reality and its not hard to tell that

Saad G has the necessities needed to be around in this hip hop industry for a long time.

3375  Tell us who you are and where you from?

SAAD   My name is "saad g" aka "I rap like i been here before!" and im
from Suffolk, Va eastside we in here..but i was origanally born in
Florence, South Carolina

3375  How long have you been in the music industry and has music always been
a part of your life?

SAAD   Ive been making music for roughly four years, but music has always
been apart of my life... I remember when i was younger "cool like
that" by digital planet was my anthem i was too young to remember the
words but everytime it came on my mom said i would start rocking!!

3375  Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “music is
what I want to do”?

SAAD  I use to freestyle and shit in high school with all my boys when we
went out to the clubs or whatever. They would always say i was nice an
should take music serious. I never really had a intrest in making
music then i was focused on football and woman lol. In my mind rap
could wait. but 1/9/10 changed everything...My best friend was shot 3
times in the chest at a house party me and my friends attended.. One
of the last things he told me before he died was "Saad you nice dont
stop making music you got a gift." I aint looked back since

3375  What inspires you (or your music)?

SAAD  Jay-Z!!!! Sean Carter..Hov or any other name he goes by ... that
dude came from nothing now look where he's at .. also my experiences
and life itself inspires me

3375  Who’s on your iPod playlist?

SAAD  Jay-Z Yo gotti Drake Kendrick !!!! Rick Ross Juvenile styles
p/jadakiss pusha t And the old lil wayne

3375  Have you worked with any big names or indie artists in the music industry?

SAAD  Ive opened up for Bubba Sparxx at a club in Va Beach...smh i got
kicked out for fighting lol but atleast i can say i did ha ha

3375  Whether you’re an actor, musician, or artist, I imagine it is hard for
anyone to break out into mainstream America. What have been your
struggles and triumphs in the business? Are you interested in
venturing to markets overseas?

SAAD  The struggle is real ....i think jadakiss said it best with this
line "I just want the finance to match with the bars" though ive seen
a few dollars i caint support my music carreer with the money i make
off of it i think for me thats my biggest struggle and until i have
done so any small triumphs i may have will not be glorified because i
dont feel like it is enough until im were i wanna b if that makes any
since..if i saw oppurtunity over seas i would be on the first plane
out.. if u want things you never had before you gotta do things you
never done

3375  What are your thoughts on the evolution of an artist and the evolution
of music today?

SAAD  I feel like every succesfull artist has evolved in some shape or
form... staying the same is how u get left behind. All artist should
embrace evolution in their music. Personally i dont like how rap music
is evloving into a hustle for niggas; know passion know emotion just
whatever to make a lil money.

3375  Do you have other passions in life? Do you believe passion is an
essential part of success?

SAAD  I'm passionate about everything i do call me eccentric but i feel
like you can learn something new from every experience. Before i took
music this serious football was my passion and probably still is.
Passion and success are hand in hand if u dont truly desire success it
will never come Law of attraction!

3375  What advice would you give to someone just starting out in his or her
career, whatever industry it may be?

SAAD  I would tell them to believe first because knowone else will
support you until they see your truly invested to whatever feild your
in ...and stay determine as simple as that sounds determination can be
the catalyst to something great

3375  How can we keep update on you and listen to your music?

SAAD  Follow me on twitter!!!!!! (@jamesbondgoe) im always up there i
feel like people connect with you more as an artist when they know you
as a person i also have a instagram (@jamesbondgoe) same name we
trying to brand that like pepsi baby lol shout out denzel!.. youtube
me as well (jamesbondgoe) or just hit up DAT PIFF and type in SAAD G

3375  Any Shout outs?

 SAAD  I want to shout out 3375 Magazine interviews for allowing me the
oppurtunity to talk my ish .. i wanna shout out my family, my girl,my
promoters #GGM which is my brand Goon Gang Music yall stay tuned we
got so much more music coming its ridiculous and last but not least i
wanna thank my click!!! GOE i wouldnt be where im at know without

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Fashion Model, Teen Speaker, Parent/Teen Coach, Youth Mentor. Desiree Lee is an Ex- Felon, who now shares her prison experience and hard-ships as an Ex-Felon with our youth, in hopes of showing them the reflections of making careless decisions. Currently, pursuing her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Accountancy from Atlanta Metropolitan College in Atlanta, Georgia; Desiree’ is a Youth Mentor with The Adventist Youth Society at West End SDA Community Center.
Prior to studying Accountancy of Business, Desiree was an honor student at Shiloh High School in Gwinnett County, a basketball athlete with a promising future in the WNBA ahead of her. That all quickly changed when she was charged with 11 Counts of Armed Robbery and 5 Counts of Aggravated Assault. With 110 years faced against her, an Inmate in State Prison of Georgia. Like many teens, Desiree’ struggled with communicating effectively with her parents, peer-pressure, insecurities, depression and faced with bullying. Upon her release in 2006, she reflected on how she can share her story in positive way that it will impact the lives of our youth.
Desiree’ has spoken at various youth organizations including, Martin Luther King High School, in Decatur, Georgia. By using herself as a visual aid, it has proven to be a resourceful tool that helps students retain the reflection of heading down a destructive path. With an emphasis on the importance of decision making and cultivating students’visions, she reveals her experiences in prison, and life after prison. By enriching students with effective decision making tools, develop respectful relationships with their parents, teachers, and authority. Her story enables them to re-experience life as an inmate and become more aware of their opportunities and working towards future success. She believes that in working directly with the community, together we can reduce the rising numbers of our youth in jails/prisons.

Through her journey of self-discovery through God, she is now not only certified, but she passionate about helping our youth un-leash their inner Gifts. Desiree’s seeks to help each student find hope in the midst of challenging pressures and pull through adversity as a stronger, more complete person during high school and in life. She focuses on the strengths of each student to highlight strategies for growth and success. Discussions with a mentor is often a way for a student to recognize how his or her own thought patterns affect emotions and actions in both positive and negative ways. It can also be a way to resolve personal issues without the stigma of judgment and criticism. Desiree also views motivational speaking as a way to facilitate change, but ultimately change comes from within the student. Desiree’s commitment is to meet students where they are, to help motivate and empower them to achieve their ultimate life goals and connect with their own personal passion. “10 minutes of thinking, could save you 10 years out of prison.” –Desiree’ Lee

3375  Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
 DESIREE  I am a California Native, raised in Georgia by my mother, and I am the oldest of 2.

3375  You were not a product of your environment. What started your illegal actions and at what age was your first crime?
DESIREE  My mother did her best raising 2 kids by herself. I Went to the best schools, Church every Sunday, and starter of the basketball team. At the age of 17, surrounded with peer pressure to fit in with the popular crowd, I was on a mission to be the baddest chick in high school. I began to skip school, smoke weed, and drink alcohol. It was soon after making poor decisions that I ended in prison for 11 counts of Armed Robbery and 5 counts of Aggravated Assault.

3375  What life changing events did you miss while being incarcerated?
DESIREE  While I was incarcerated, I missed out on the opportunity to go to college, landing a career as an international translator, missed my brother's high school graduation, and my freedom of choice. It was in prison that I was forced to grow up. My friends quickly forgot about me in the first few months. It didn't feel good being in an unknown environment alone.

3375  Sometimes we all wish we had do overs, give just two examples please.:
DESIREE  If I had a do over, Oh what a joyous day that would be. :) I would definitely thought out the decisions that I was making during high school. If I would have taken just 10 minutes to think before I drove the car to the robberies, those 10 minutes would have saved me 10 years of my life out of prison.

DESIREE  I would have also taken heed to the wisdom, the do's and don'ts, the advice that my parents and extended family shared with me. Listening to the advice of my friends that knew nothing about nothing, influencing me to be a down ass chick, is what landing me in prison. All because I wanted to be cool and accepted by my friends. Its after doing time in prison that I realized that the advice my parents gave me was only to help me secure a more successful future than their own.

3375  They say everything happens for a reason. Why do you think you were placed in the situations of your life?
DESIREE  Yes, everything does happen for a reason. At times the reason or the experience is not only for me to learn from. We often go through situations to encourage others who are about to go through, who are in, or coming out of the same struggles we experienced. My story motivates our teens not to make the same mistakes/bad decisions, encourages those who are incarcerated not to make prison the end of their life, and to inspire those who are now ex-felons to not give up the fight for a successful future.

3375  What would you say to a young person trying to fit in with the in crowd?
DESIREE  I would ask them, "Is going to prison to be cool really worth the successful future that I had lost? Going to prison had the opposite effect of fitting in the crowd. That same cool crowd left me in a few months time. Now it is the Ex-Felon Crowd that I fit into, and being an ex-felon is not cool at all. The judgement, negative connotation, the limitations that comes with the title of being an ex-felon is not the kind of cool that any teenager is looking for.

3375  What are you currently focusing your energy on in your life?
DESIREE  I am currently focusing solely on helping our teens with better decision making tools. I am pushing for our community to be more involved in this effort. It's only together that we can help reduce the rising numbers of our youth in prison.

3375  What are your favorite family or solo activities?
 DESIREE  I enjoy going to the park, traveling, family events, and family dinners.

3375  When you hear the word happiness what is the first thing that comes to mind?
DESIREE  To help. Helping those who want to help themselves, and to be in a position to help someone is what brings me happiness.

3375  What was one of your favorite activity of yours as a child?
DESIREE  My favorite activity as a child was playing board games. Guess who board game was the best game ever and is now one of my daughter's favorite games to play.

3375  What is one life lesson you have learned and would like to share with others?
 DESIREE  Experience is the name that we often give to our mistakes. Take it from me.... A Fool learns from their own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Learn from those with experience mistakes because it never feels good when you learn from your own.

3375  How can others best give you support?
DESIREE  You can always visit me on Facebook at There you can donate, volunteer and help support the mission to reduce the rising numbers of our youth in prison.

3375  Who are some of your favorite motivational speakers and why are they your favorite?
DESIREE  Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of many great speakers. It's not only how delivers his message but his passion and love that shows through his messages. Joel Osteen is another speaker that I admire. He has an awesome gift and love that he shares unconditionally through his teachings of the Bible.

3375  Any shout outs?

DESIREE  Thank you 3375 Magazine Interviews for this opportunity and helping my story reach as many teens as possible. I would like to shout out... My father, Marvin Lee and Mother, Melody Lee for their undying support and love. My brother Jonathan Lee for pushing me into my purpose. To my friends and supporters thank you all for believing in the mission.

Desiree Lee Is An Ex-Felon (Inspirational Story)

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3375  Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got involved in the business.

PATRICE  I was born and raised in Virginia. I am an upcoming model in the DMV area. I was discovered on Facebook about 3 years ago by a photographer. He threw a offer out there and I accepted an have been modeling ever since. When I got into this industry I was scared an afraid. Really didnt know anyone who modeled or thought about so I just played it by ear an learned a little on my on own but thanks be to god my photographer from my first shoot help guide with the do's and don't. I spend majority of my time watching Americas Next Top Model just so I can get my poses down. In the beginning I was scared an didn't know how to pose but after doing this for years I have to be a pro at it. My favorite model is of course the lovely Tyra Banks. I love how she took her talent from the runway to the streets to teach the new up in coming generation of models. I have had the opportunity to work with the best photographers an from networking from social media sites I'm known all over as "LADYBUG". For years I looked at my family an friends an saw their talent but never knew what mine was until I got a message in my inbox asking if I would be open to do a shoot an since then the blessings have been pouring in. From calls, emails or texts from strangers I don't know asking if I could do events, help promote or audition for tv roles. When my time is up with modeling I do hope to transfer over to a actress. Your never to old to make dreams come true. The sky is never the limit with me, I'm going all the way to the moon.

3375  What's your favorite part about being a model?

PATRICE  My favorite part of modeling having the opportunity to meet new people. I get to work with different photographers and models.

3375  What do you find to be the most surprising part about modeling?

PATRICE   What's most difficult about modeling is that you don't want to get caught up in the hype. Meaning that shooting with everybody is not always. Do research first. Some photographers have a motive an getting you published is not always one of them. Just because they have a nice camera does not mean they are a real or legit photographer

3375  Is there anything about modeling that you've found to be really difficult?

PATRICE  In the beginning what was difficult for me is the posing. I was clueless and scared so after a little training in the mirror, looking thru magazines, and watching videos on YouTube I'm more confident in my posing but practicing an recording yourself is always helpful

3375  What do you do to prepare for a phoot shoot?

PATRICE  Believe it or not I'm always nervous before all of my shoots. Once I get a shoot date I usually start prepping my mind on which them or look we going for, which outfits to wear an definitely how I'm going to pose. The day before the shoot I'm trying on my outfits practicing poses. I don't sleep I'm up all night waiting to head out for my shoot

3375  What are some of your absolute favorite beauty tips you've learned
from modeling?

PATRICE  Beauty tips for modeling is to know how to do your own make up. Don't always rely on a MUA. Anything can happen to your MUA, they could be in a accident or running late so it's very important to know how to do your on face.

3375  Are we going to see you acting anytime soon?

PATRICE  Right now I'm all over the place. I know the modeling may not last for long so when it's time to transfer over to another career I'm looking into being an actor. Right now I'm networking with a lot of people trying to get myself seen not only in magazines but on TV as well.

3375  What are some of your favorite things to do? What do you like to eat,
and what do you like to do with your friends?

PATRICE  What I love to do most is spending any free moment that I have with my children. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids one daughter an two sons. We enjoy shopping and eating out. All of our favorite food to eat is Japanese. We I do get to see my friends what we love to do is have fun an end up having a good night in a lounge usually in Washington DC or Maryland.

3375  What's up next for you?

PATRICE  What's next for me is to continue with my modeling an working hard on my acting career. I not only want to VA. First supermodel but I want to be known as a icon. People think they really know me but they don't!

3375  How can we follow you online?

PATRICE  You can follow me on Facebook @Patrice "ladybug" Lee, On Instagram @Mslegs2u and on twitter @Mslegs2u

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

PATRICE  Shout out to all my family, friends and haters because the haters are the ones who really pushed me to work even harder than I was an for that I appreciate u..... Muah

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16 year old Jewalle Samone Papadoupalos-Wright better known as Jewalle P was born in Charlotte, North Carolina to the parents of Michael Papadoupalos and Christina Wright, with the ethnic background of Greek and African American. Jewalle P is one of the future rising stars of R&B/Pop and Gospel singer/songwriter. Some people were made to become stars but in this case Jewalle P was born to be a star. Jewalle P gift of being a singer was discovered at the tender age of 9 yrs old and soon after became a part of the “Libby Stone” model and talent agency. Her talent for songwriting came at the age of 13. Jewalle P had the opportunity to be a part of the most known production studios “Creative Edge” that was future on Fox news. This is where Jewalle P at 11 years old begin competing in several talent shows and reaching the final rounds. Music is a big part of Jewalle P, but above music she places GOD and her love for education first. One of her mottos in life came from a song called “To Fly”…”I came to win, to fight, conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive to prosper, to rise, to fly”…..

At 13 Jewalle P was the first and the youngest to make it through the audition for a musical and main stage singer for Charlotte’s elite professional choir “Carolina Voices”, Soon after she was invited to be a guess on one of the hottest radio station in Charlotte “Power 98” where she had the pleasure of singing on air. Since then Jewalle P has been a part of many productions and plays. Jewalle P ultimate goal is to flow her dreams of becoming a singer and work being able to work with Tyler Perry movie/play writer.

3375  Where did you grow up?

Jewalle  Charlotte N.C.

3375  What sort of things influenced you as a musician growing up?

Jewalle   I have always listened to a lot of Gospel and R & B, both of which have definitely influenced my singing.
3375  What is your background with music?

 Jewalle  I started singing at 9, while listening to my grandmother sing I became interested in writing my own music.

3375  Do you play any instruments in particular?

Jewalle  Yes. Piano and Acoustic Guitar

3375  Are there any significant events/people that have gotten you to where you are as a musician today?

Jewalle  Yes. There are quite a few people who have contributed to my growth as an artist, my mother, god-father, family and my community being the biggest supporters... I have had the opportunity to sing at weddings, church functions and much more.

3375  What is your process for writing music from the inspiration to creation?

 Jewalle  I like to find a quiet area in the house or under a tree on a nice sunny day and brain storm ideas. Sometimes I’ll listen to the rain drops fall and the words will begin to flow through my pen and onto the paper. Other times I will listen to an instrumental, choose the instrument that fits my mood and write to it.
3375  What artists/styles of music influence your music the most?

Jewalle  To name a few: Mary J. Blidge, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson.

3375  Are you working on any new material at the moment?

Jewalle  Yes. I am working on my first official single to be released soon.

3375  What is your biggest struggle in the music scene being at such a young age still? Any advantages?

Jewalle  I think the most difficult struggle I face as an artist is to be different. Think outside the box in terms of creativity, not conform to what other artist are doing to become popular... stay humble overcome through discipline, dedication and devotion to my passion while delivering inspiring messages, for other young people.

3375  Who is your hero?

 Jewalle  WOW… I can’t pick one so I’ll tell you two. My Grandmother and my Mother is my hero’s. My grandmother is an educator on life and has a really good head on her shoulders. She teaches me to give back and also how to save for a rainy day. We have Cancers and Chronic Asthma disease that run in our family, so she encourages me to go visit patients and also participate in fundraisers. She keeps me well rounded as an individual as well, making sure I am exposed to a lot of things other kids my age aren't. My mother simple because of her love and devotion she has for me and my siblings, she strives to be and do the best. She displays great morals and values. My mother is my grandmother’s daughter, a generation of blessed women in my life.

3375  Tell us about your influences, who do you listen to, emulate?

Jewalle  Kim Burrell, Oprah Winfrey even though she’s not a singer she still influences me in many other ways, Aaliyah, Monica, Missy Elliot and Kandi Burruss just a few to name. I like the way they conduct their business, and how they provided a positive message with their music and or acting. I try not to emulate anyone, only because I want to be original.

 3375  What is life like where you live for an up and coming music artist?

Jewalle  They need a place here where teens can perform.

3375  How do you balance school, music and all the rest at the same time?

Jewalle  I meditate a lot and try to think good thoughts all the time. I like to remember that God is in my heart and guiding me through any obstacles that may come my way and at the same time giving me guidance in my education and career.
3375  What do you do to relax?

Jewalle  I listen to soft mediation and gospel music, but ultimately prayer relaxes me in every situation. 

3375  How important are your friends in this process?

Jewalle  My friends are very important… They help to critique new ideas.

3375  How did you like the studio experience?

 Jewalle  The studio being the one place I can go to express myself. If I get frustrated I can vent through my music. The studio is also a great place for networking opportunities and a chance to meet other talented artist.

3375  Tell us a little about the process and all the folks that have helped.

Jewalle  After school I do my home work, help out around the house, whatever time is left I start writing new music and building my fan base. I receive a lot of guidance from Pro and Hostlye Whosane who provide me with any information I require.
3375  What’s next for you?

Jewalle  Acting... preparing for my upcoming auditions...GOD willing one day get to work with Tyler Perry
3375  Where online can we find update?

Jewalle  YouTube: Jewalleable Twitter: @ Jewalle P

3375  Any shout outs?

Jewalle  Well before my shout outs I always have to give honor where honor is due to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…. Now with my shout outs….... Most definitely shout out to my mother Christina Wright, Pro da ‘Icon “The Game Changer , my family and fans. I would also like to shout out Leomenza, Sandy Hudson CEO of Gutta Magazine, Ty Staz, Jay Will, Hostyle Whosane and No Limit Larry & The Morning Show Madhouse…. And last but not least shout out to Jay Mr. 3375 CEO of Ryde4mine.


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Today we have an interview with an up and coming model by the name of Cherry . She is quite a character and not just a pretty face. Cherry is not only one of my best friends, but she’s also been a true inspiration throughout my life this past year, whose focused ambitions inspire my own passions and creativity. I spoke to Cherry about her progress over the last year,

3375  Tell us what's been going with you since our last interview?

CHERRY  Since our last interview, I've had a number of photo shoots, one of which has been published in Ryder Magazine (my first publication). Also, I am now an independent model, so I am in more control over my bookings.

 3375  How has your life change in the past year?
CHERRY  I've met some great people (especially photographers) whom I plan to work with this year. There have been some changes in my personal life as well and I can honestly say that this is the happiest and most satisfied I've been in a while. I had a lot of negativity in my life and once I found how to get rid of it, things got A LOT better. A complete 360°.

3375 You have this great charisma when it comes to modeling, what is it you enjoy most about it?
CHERRY  Thank you! I enjoy getting prepared for a photo shoot. I love the anticipation because, even though you have an idea about how things are going to be done, NOT actually knowing is the fun part. Then, afterwards, seeing your work for which you got all "dolled up" for is...rewarding. Great feeling.

3375  What is one thing you do to dress up an outfit?

CHERRY  I always consider how my hair should look. You can have on a GREAT outfit but, to me, if your hair doesn't fit with your clothes...the photo just doesn't look right.

3375   Name one thing you cannot get ready without in the morning.

CHERRY  I cannot leave the house without mascara on. I don't need to have on a full face of makeup, but mascara and a little lip gloss is a MUST for me!

3375  Explain your style to our readers.
CHERRY  My style is urban. I like to keep it simple. The "I have to stand out " look isn't for me. I stand out on my own. But, to fully describe my style...cropped top (I love showing my midriff), skinny jeans or a long peasant skirt and a pair of strappy heels. Simple yet stylish. Sexy yet classy.

3375  Who is your favorite designer?
CHERRY  Oh wow...this may sound crazy but I don't have a favorite. If I see an article of clothing that I like, then that's it. The designer isn't important to me.

3375  Favorite photo-shoot?

CHERRY  My favorite photo shoot, as of right now, would have to be my most recent with photographers Maria Robertson a.k.a. TuTu and John Lewis for their 2013 Bittersweet Collection. They asked me, along with a few other lovely ladies, to be a part of this collection and I loved working with these two. This photo shoot showed my "girly" side, as well as, my tomboy-ish side and people don't get to see that too often.

3375  What is a day in the life of Cherry like?
CHERRY  A day in the life of Cherry is...productive, a little hectic, but satisfying. I work, come home and relax. The thing is, I talk constantly. I talk to myself, to my cats...and if that isn't enough, I'll call anyone who's willing to sit on the phone for at least an hour and listen to me blabber about whatever is on my mind at the time. So, I can be a little exhausting. Otherwise, I can be quite fun. I love to joke and I can be extremely playful.

3375  What are some of your absolute favorite beauty tips you've learned from modeling?
CHERRY  I've learned a few eyeliner tricks and I love finding eye shadows that go well with my skin tone. I've learned that, usually, less makeup is better.

3375  Any taboos in the modelling industry that we should know about?
CHERRY  If it looks, walks, and quacks like a's a duck. That is all.

3375  What 'Plain Jane' things do you do when you're not modelling?
CHERRY  I love to read! I read romance, mystery and horror novels. I'm a huge fan of Stephen King and Nora Roberts. My idea of fun is laying on the couch, with my headphones on and a good detective story. I am also very good at crossword puzzles and board games.

3375  What kind of music do you listen to?
CHERRY  Usually R&B. I love the mid-90s to early 2000s era. But, I do listen to Hip Hop as well. I'm a big fan of Curren$y, T.I. and Big Sean.

3375  Do you have any hidden talents?
CHERRY  I draw very well and I love to cook when I have the time. I'm a country girl, so I like to buy fresh products or pick them from a garden and cook them with my own seasonings. I am also a great dancer.

3375  What's up next for you?
CHERRY  More shoots and hopefully, more publications. I prefer to do things spontaneously because things hardly ever go as planned.

3375  Where can we see/find out more about you online?

CHERRY  For more info about me, like my fan page on Facebook at and to see a more personal side, request me on Instagram > mzcherrylynn. You can also follow me on Twitter @804RaisedCherry.

3375  Any last words or shout outs?
CHERRY  I'd like to give a shout out to my baby sister for being so supportive and always giving great advice. You fashionistas out there should definitely follow her blog > It's great! Shout out to all of the photographers I've gotten a chance to work with recently! Thank you all! Shout out to my friends and those who support my work! I really appreciate the love! Thanks to all who took the time to sit and read this interview. It means more to me than you know! Shout out to Jay Thomas for giving me the opportunity to give your readers the chance to get to know me and what I love to do! Stay blessed!