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                  KEISHA STARR

By the tender age of ten Keisha Starr wrote the first song of what has become a prolific list of impressive materials. Penning lyrics, with verses such as: “If I could turn back the hands of time baby you know I would/I would take back all the things I said only if I could/Because time has passed but the feeling have not/ Come back home and give love another shot.” Keisha Starr seemed to have possessed a maturity beyond her years in understanding the effectiveness of the simple sentiment of love.

Realizing that she had both the gift of singing as well as writing, Keisha Starr used that ability throughout her adolescent years to propel her as the author and star of several school plays and talent shows; by grade seven she was a published author; wining numerous writing contests. Unable to avoid the writing bug, Keisha continues to write songs for other artists. she has come to a crossroad that most songwriters eventually face; “Will the world accept me as just a songwriter, or should I deliver these songs from my heart with my vocals the way that they were originally conceived?” Giving a listen to a sampler of her debut album, “True Confessions,” the public will be glad that she chose the latter.

After releasing True Confessions, Keisha’s edgy mixed with poetic style of songwriting swept through her hometown. She then began to write music not only for herself but for other local artists. Keisha Starr’s talent has since caught the eyes of major record executives from Island Def Jam and Universal Records who personally contacted Ms. Starr to purchase songs.

Currently, Keisha Starr is ghostwriting for both local and major recording artists. She also writes monthly fashion articles/blogs for various online magazine publications such as Iconography the Magazine and Ezo Magazine. You can get a sample of Keisha Starr's work by checking out her short story "Dying to be a Star," which is featured in Nikki Turner's Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work. Her next book, "Jamaican me go Crazy," will hit bookstore very shortly!

When asked, "What’s the secret to successfully writing a song or book," Keisha Starr replies “Write what you feel and not what you think others want to hear or read. If it comes from your heart, it can’t go wrong.” You can honestly hear in each and every song or chapter in her books that she’s truly penning from her soul. Keisha Starr plans to take the music and literature industry by storm, and she’s coming strong so look out!

3375 Tell my reader who is Keisha Starr?

KSTARR Tell you about Keisha Starr? That’s a hard question. LOL… Well I was born Keisha Wizzart
in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a college graduate that literally grew up in a house full of music.
With my Jamaican West Indian heritage, I watched attentively as my father wrote songs and
played the piano and mother sang with other close family members to form the first reggae
collective in Baltimore called the “Determination Band.” They actually recorded their album at
Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica which was Bob Marley’s studio and I use to travel with them since
the age of four, modeling their devotion to music and appreciation for distinctive melodies.
By age ten I wrote my first song, penning lyrics, with verses such as: “If I could turn back the
hands of time baby you know I would/I would take back all the things I said only if I could/
Because time has passed but the feeling have not/ Come back home and give love another shot.”
I got in trouble for those lyrics actually (LOL) but to me I didn’t even know what I was talking
about. It just seemed that I possessed a maturity beyond my years in understanding the simple
sentiment of love; which is probably why I wear my heart on my sleeve today. I used my writing
ability throughout my adolescent years to become the author and star of several school plays,
and talent shows and by grade seven I was published author of poetry, wining numerous writing
contests. Music and writing has just played a major part of my life. It helped me through a lot.
Other than that, Keisha Starr is your average silly girl who loves to laugh and tell jokes. I
don’t have any kids (Yet…hopefully one day). I do have a huge, close-knitted family so I’m
surrounded by an abundance of love. I’ll be entering into my PhD program this fall majoring
in Human Services with a concentration in counseling. I love helping people; that’s a passion
of mine as well. Oh, I am a feisty one I must admit but only when necessary. I’m protective of
the people I love and I would do just about anything for a friend. Most importantly, I’m BIG on
LOYALTY! But overall, I’m a loved child… People LOVE KEISHA STARR!

3375 How old were you when you realize that singing is what you want to do?

KSTARR It would sound cliche to say all my life I knew I had a talent or passion for music and singing but it’s true. I would mimic my family during their rehearsals which was in our basement at the time and would go into my room and sing Whitney Houston’s song “The Greatest Love of All”
like every single day. My cousins and I would have singing contests all the time since I could
remember so I was always singing something. I think my mother or father overheard me when
I was around 5 or 6 years old singing in my room and from there they started taking me to some
of their shows and bringing me out on stage and I would sing for the crowd and enjoyed it so
much. Of course the Jamaican blood was in me so I was on stage singing Whitney Houston and
whining down to the ground like Patra. LOL…. It was funny come to think about it. I was so
young, chubby, and grown, but would have the crowd going all while singing a damn slow song
and shaky my ass…. It was a Jamaican thing I tell you! Hahahahaha!

3375 Growing up who inspired you?

KSTARR My family, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Pebbles, Shirley Murdock, Salt & Pepper, Mary J. Blige, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley; toooooo many to name. I was
inspired by so many great performers. I listened to all genres of music; it didn’t matter. If it was good music that moved me, I rocked it and it inspired me.

3375 How did you feel when you first heard one of your songs on the radio?
KSTARR Ecstatic, Happy, Excited, and EMBARASSED all at the same time (LOL). The first song I
heard on the radio was a song I did with Huli Shallone, a rapper from Baltimore, and boy oh boy that song was uncensored. I didn’t think it would even make the radio. A friend of mine called me and was like, “Girl, is that you saying all that stuff?” I was like “Damn, hope my mother don’t hear this… But I can’t wait to hear it again!” LOL…

3375 As a song writer what make you different from other songwriter?

KSTARR I honestly can’t say that I’m different. I can only say that I write from my heart and I write what I feel and not what I think others want to hear or what’s politically correct. If I’m in love you get songs like “Invaluable.” If I’m not, you get songs like “Breathe.” If I’m in a sexual mood you songs like “Sextacy.” When I’m feeling confident, which is most of the time you get songs like, “I’m that girl.” LOL… Honestly I write for ME because its therapeutic so many times my music is heartfelt. So when you ask what makes me different, I would say just being Keisha Starr makes me different…. No one’s like Keisha Starr! (LOL)

3375 Is it hard as a female to get respect in the music industry?

KSTARR Not when you take your music seriously and demand respect. I came into the game weighing
300 pounds so you know I got the blues at first but I didn’t take no shit. They fought me and I
fought back harder. I lost the weight (175 pounds to be exact), then the same people that were
downing me, talking about image is everything and that I wouldn’t make it, were the same
people calling me up asking for collabs. Now, I pick, choose, and refuse who I want to work
with. As a woman, you can be flirtatious as long as you’re not promiscuous. That’s the problem now a days… Women are sleeping their way into the booth and that’s exactly where their music is going to stay; in the booth right along with their pride and dignity!

3375 When you not doing music, what do you do in your down time?

Working towards something else trying to stay productive. I write for other artists, fashion blogs for online publications, plus featuring in an upcoming movie called Hood Dreamz. I’m also a published author so I’m either working on a book or something of that sort. I graduate with my Master’s Degree this year so for sure school takes up many of my time. I’m in the process of starting a Human Service Agency for adolescent pregnant/homeless girls and that’s hell of work in itself. I feed the homeless with my family and close family-friend on a weekly basis. Other than that I try to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible. I’m a busy girl… I don’t have down time; I have grind time!

3375 Jay, (but you call him Jeffy) the founder of the blogs speak very highly of you. What does
he mean to you and your career?

KSTARR Wow Jeffy is my baby. I love him because he’s been super-supportive of me in everything that I do. I think he promotes me even more than I do myself and his drive, drives me at times. I couldn’t have a better friend.

3375 What is your favorite food?

KSTARR Sushi, Sushi, and more SUSHI… Did I mention SUSHI!!!
3375 How did you meet Nikki Turner?

KSTARR Nikki co-wrote a book with 50 Cents and I know a couple of his good friends. Halim Rice, which is one of them, knew I was writing a book so he introduced us and she’s been the best
mentor/friend/sister to me ever since.
3375 As a new author what have you learn from Nikki Turner?

KSTARR Her Drive, Motivation, and Entrepreneurship. She believes in her work and she’s actually making a good living off of doing what she loves. She inspires me in so many ways and she’s always giving me advice and calling me up just to keep me grounded. Plus she adds that hip-hop flavor to literature which is right up my alley. That’s why she’s the Queen of Hip Hop Fiction and I inspire to be just as successful as she is.

3375 If you had one wish what would it be?

KSTARR To have a million more! LOL Just kidding… To be happy, content, and fulfilled in whatever path God sets me on.

3375 With the 2012 election coming up what advice do you have for first time voter.

KSTARR Think of the state of our economy right now. It could even get better or worse and I don’t think we could afford for it to get worse so VOTE wisely!

3375 You are singer, songwriter, author, and now you taking on acting?

KSTARR Acting is something new but I’m willing to try anything. Anita Foster is taking a chance on me and I don’t run from any challenge to yeah, acting is something I will definitely try at least once If I’m good at it, I’ll keep going. If I’m bad, I’ll get some lessons, learn from some professionals and try it at least one more time. If I suck a second time, I’ll laugh at myself and put it down!

3375 How can your fans keep up with Keisha Starr?

KSTARR Wow…. You can find me almost anywhere!!!


3375 Do you have any shout out?

KSTARR My Entire Family /Gary, Pinchie, Derron, Mylia, Big Derrick, Von (Too Many To Name)
My Supportive Parents (Nick and Dawn)
John, Barbara, and Rallin (J.B.R) and Fitroy (Rest in Peace)
Eugene Smith (One True Love)
Simone, Michelle, Lil Dionne, Carmen (BFF’s)
Nikki Turner (Mentor/Sister), Nikita Glenn (PR/Assistant)
Anyone else I didn’t mention please forgive me…. I only have a few lines and its tooooo many
of yall to mention!

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