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                   DANYOL JAYE
For over a decade Danyol Jaye has been whispering melodic rhythms throughout North America with his rich tone, incredible range and heart-felt lyrics. This Los Angeles, CA, native has been amazing audiences and continues to be on the rise. Executing an amazing sound and breathing fresh air into an R&B/Soul voided industry, Danyol Jaye defines vocal perfection and has already established many notions from A-list musicians. Danyol’s debut American release“Get Out” , released digitally June 9, 2009, has had fans craving an entire album. With his acoustic arrangement of the iTunes hit, Danyol pierces hearts with meaningful lyrics, and edgy “raspy-tenor” riffs. Independently, Danyol Jaye has performed with some of the world’s most esteemed artists including Grammy award winner,

Diane Warren and legendary record producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Jaye was the
featured soloist for A Place Called Home fundraisers which have honored the likes of music
icon, Janet Jackson and Rap sensation LL Cool J. Also in the first annual fundraiser for
Project MuszEd, Danyol performed with the incomparable Paul Jackson Jr., giving a mature
and soulful rendition of the Jazz hit “These Foolish Things.” Not only branding his sound
in R&B/Soul, but Danyol Jaye has launched a new side of himself with the hit online talk
show The Jaye Spot and his website OnTheJayeSpot.com, where Danyol takes to the airwaves with his views on various entertainment, social and political topics while also giving in-depth interviews with up and coming artists all over the U.S.

Triple Threat Entertainer, Writer and Radio Host doesn’t stop Danyol from remembering to give back. Danyol Jaye, has been devoted to the development, encouragement and exposure of people and their stories through entertainment for many years. As a dancer and performance instructor with Fire & Ice Dance Studio, Danyol has always had a passion for teaching and mentoring youth through the arts. Beginning with Art Share Los Angeles at the age of 18, Danyol was among the first to showcase his music and bring a buzz to the program with his soulful singing, intense lyrics and amazing live band. After taking advantage of Art Share’s resources, Danyol became the Program Director of this downtown Los Angeles nonprofit for 3 years in which he completely helped change the curriculum and catapulted its yearly productions from auditorium showcases to professional theatrical productions. It is because of this work that Danyol continues to support youth and the arts through various charitable events, concerts and volunteerism throughout Los Angeles.

Currently serving as the Musical Director for Vintage City Entertainment, Danyol Jaye, is also busy at work with his autobiography, “Closed Mouth’s Can’t Sing: The Danyol Jaye Story”, an extension of his AMAZING one man theatre show that premiered April of 2011,Closed Mouth’s Can’t Sing: A Story of Abuse and Self-DiscoveryWith many other writing projects, Danyol continues to collaborate with Vintage City Entertainment and continues to bring his audiences the REAL, the RAW and the NECESSARY!!!!

3375 Do you write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

Danyo Almost all of my songs that have been recorded have been lyrically written by me. I really just draw from my life experiences and the experiences of those I know. I've always been a great story teller and I find that the greatest stories are the ones that are real and that people can relate to. My favorite part of the process is hearing the completed product, because that's when I get to see my creation fly.

3375 If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

Danyol Le'Andria Johnson's Version of "Nobody Greater", Ernest Pugh's "Hosana", EVERYTHING Ella Fitzgerald lol, Ledisi, & John Legend.

3375 If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

Danyol Ledisi hands down, I LOVE her voice, her music and her skill.

3375 When you perform the new stuff live, what kind of feedback have you been getting?

Danyol It's been a while since I've performed anything new, I've been so focused on my writing projects and the talk show, however I always get the same feedback, people LOVE the lyrics, they're amazed with my voice because they never expect for something so soulful to come out.

3375 Are you worried about some of the things that come along with the fame and the pressure of being an entertainer?

Danyol I worry about trusting people. The more notable you become you get a lot of "yes" men and women and those people are really hard to trust. I am of the belief that you always need a group around you to hold you accountable and give you a firm NO when you need to hear it.

3375 What make you different from any other singer/songwriter?

Danyol Nothing really, outside of the fact that I believe God gave me something specific to do and there's not anyone else who can do it the way He gave it to me to do. And I think that's one of the dangers is that people are always looking for what's "special" or what "makes" them and their individuality by very definition should be different.

3375 Who have you wrote for?

Danyol No one really, I've done more collabs than actually writing for an artist other than myself.

3375 Is there anything that you would like to do in addition to making music?

Danyol Oh my God yes, there are SOOO many things. I'd love for The Jaye Spot Talk Show to really take off, I'd love to act more and do theatre both directing and writing. And later on down the line I would love to have a clothing/fragrance and shoe line in addition to opening up a 3 fold foundation called the Townsand Delony Van Buran Foundation. A foundation that caters to battered women, gang prevention and HIV/AIDS research and support.

3375 What are your thoughts on the music on the radio today?

Danyol I think there are a handful of artists that are really bringing music back to it's roots, meaningful lyrics, great stories, etc. However in a generation where everything is DO IT YOURSELF it causes for ANYONE to make ANYTHING and call it music. But people buy it so I don't think it's going anywhere. I think that music today has lost it's mystery and intrigue. I miss the live music, the recorded orchestras that singers use to sing to on a track. Now it's just a bunch of sounds that make a nice beat and you have NO IDEA what they're saying or what half of it really means.

3375 In terms of the future, will you hit the road anytime soon?

Danyol No I won't be hitting the road anytime soon. I'm taking a bit of a break to work on a couple stage plays as well as an autobiographical book called Closed Mouths Can't Sing: The Danyol Jaye Story. But when I do you'll definitely know about it.

3375 Is there a dream tour collaboration that you have?

Danyol I would really love to tour with John Legend, Jill Scott and Ledisi.

3375 In five years, where do you want to be?

Doing what I love to do and getting paid well for it lol.

3375 I know my female reader wants to know, are you single?

Danyol LOL Yes I'm currently single and not dating anyone at the moment.

3375 What is your greatest accomplishment this far in your life?

Danyol Honestly I have two, the completion and run of my one man show that I did last year which was a major success. And the other would have to be becoming a licensed minister at my church. I NEVER thought that would happen but it really has given me a new outlook on life and people and I'm just grateful for it.

3375 How can we contact you?

Danyol There are a few ways: you can follow me on Twitter at @TheJayeSpot or @DanyolJaye as well as on LIKE The Jaye Spot Facebook page. You can also visit the website www.OnTheJayeSpot.com.

3375 Do you have any shout out?

Danyol I would definitely like to shout out my marketing team LDC management, my Publicist Brit Morris and the Vintage City Fam Bam, my church family at The Message Center in Torrance, CA and of course I couldn't do what I do without the support of my wonderful JayeScribers!!!! They keep me connected and grounded and I love them for it. So keep supporting and don't forget to catch The Jaye Spot EVERY Wednesday at 8pm (PST) on Blog Talk Radio.com to get the latest and greatest about what's going on.

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