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                      CRYSTAL VICTORIA

After overcoming the obstacles of adolescence, Crystal Victoria redefined her image by creating an opportunity for herself and the younger generation. While growing up in Denton, Texas, she endured many struggles for acceptance and endured a disturbing journey to satisfy the means. Although she was intelligent and had college education, she had difficulty searching for a purpose and maintaining rewarding success.

At the age of 25, she found her calling and passion through motivation, business, and writing. Today she is the President and Founder of Target Evolution, Inc. (Entrepreneurs Creating Success Association), a Senior Business Broker, and Author, who loves to read and learn. Her future plans consist of pursuing a doctorate’s in Business Administration and Business Law, as well as, continuing to support the young entrepreneurs in the Dallas community and nationwide.

From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady, is the book about her life revealing the strong woman behind the business, and how she became the change, she wanted to see. It will be released in mid 2012 through AuthorHouse Publishing.

"From the Streets to the Skies No Limits" is based on a true story and the diary of Crystal Victoria. The book addresses many obstacles facing our young generation, as they evolve into adulthood. Many times the author made decisions based on peer pressure and an immature mindset. In the end, she overcame her biggest problem, which was herself. This is the story of her failure, flight, and motivation to overcome the struggles in spite of the conflicts that could have held her back. The message "From the Streets to the Skies No Limits" communicates to individuals is to be your best self. The author's age, level of understanding, and in-depth story is certain to grasp the reader's attention and will keep you on the edge of your seat to the end. The life she previously lived was full of crime, drug abuse & dealing, prostitution, and domestic violence. It is by the grace of God, she survived the adversity. "From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of A Boss Lady" illustrates where and how she went wrong in the beginning, but also gained the strength to move forward and correct her mistakes.

3375 Who is Crystal Victoria?

CV: Crystal Victoria is not someone I can really define. If I do or try, I'd be limiting her and I don't believe in those, hence the title of my book. What I can tell you is she is on a mission and she's not playing. Her role, at this point, is providing a solution to the unemployment rate. Target Evolution is the solution and she is very passionate about assisting in the advancement of education and people. She loves people, she loves to be of service, and is not a stranger to hard work.

3375 You said you overcame obstacles as a adolescence. What were some of the obstacles?

CV: People. The very beings she loves, and also herself. The book is about growing up as Crystal Lott, and what is was like for me being teased, enduring peer pressure, and channeling my anger and hurt feelings. It was those feelings, which led me to committing crimes.

3375 Tell us a little about Target Evolution, Inc?

CV: Target Evolution, Inc is a non-profit organization that also serves as an entrepreneur incubation. Very simply, the only way to create jobs is to encourage and empower individuals to start businesses. We walk people through business creation into momentum, and also work on the entrepreneur behind the business. Business and personal have to harmonize, in order for it to be successful. There is no dividing line or separation. They must harmonize, and the way to create that harmony is by creating businesses that match the personality and strengths of the entrepreneur. We build businesses based on passions, not interests or what you think makes money. The object is to do something that you love to do long enough to find the dollar in it or niche, build a business model around it, and create a cash flow. It works like a child book called "The Magic Eye".

3375 What made you start Target Evolution, Inc?

CV: My frustration with life and the economy, suicidal rage, the love of my mother, and love and support of my friends. I started this with two other people dear to me, however during the process of it's forward moving we went our separate ways. At that time, it was called Entrepreneurs Creating Success Association of Dallas, Inc. or (ECSA of Dallas). It hurt, but I wasn't willing to give up or stop. When I put my mind to this, it captured my heart and my money. Success was the only goal, and I don't give up too easily. At the same time, God wouldn't let me and began making it easier for me. When that process started, I knew I was in line with His will and to just keep going. Honestly, I didn't know exactly what would happen or how it would get to the end result. Crystal Victoria is fearless and very strong. It was kind of like getting in a car and taking off with no destination in mind, but enjoying the journey too much to stop. I had goals, a vision, and a plan of what I wanted this to be and in the end, that's what it'll be. However, right now I'm in the moment and enjoying what I do.

3375 Do you think as a young black woman it difficult to get respect in the corporate America?

CV: I think that depends on the woman. I haven't had a problem in that area. As bad as this sounds, the majority of my problems have come from people who look just like me. It's okay and I understand, but it's the truth. On the flip side, I'm someone who has a little different outlook on things, and I make sure to line my thinking up with my faith. I only attract people into my life that have the same mindset as I do, so I don't cross paths with those who would make it difficult for me.

3375 What your advice to the young women that wants to be successful corporate America?

CV: Meditate on success. Eat, breath, walk, and talk exactly what you want and you will get it. Basically believe in yourself. I've heard that statement "believe in yourself" enough to where it sounds cliche. When you hear it, you think "I already know that" and it doesn't get taken to heart. So I said first "Meditate on success", not pray, MEDITATE. I mean sit down, close your eyes, don't say a word, just breathe. See yourself successful and doing all the things that successful people do, see yourself giving respect and receiving it. Be quiet, so you can hear God tell you what to do next. Secondly, I said eat, breath, walk, and talk exactly what you want and you will get it. Eat like you are a successful confident person, breathe (relax) like a successful confident person, walk like a successful confident person, and talk like a successful confident person. Eventually you will become a fully successful confident person. I added confident to lead to the cliche statement "believe in yourself". If you believe in yourself, then you are confident. Make sure to balance between confidence and cocky, but overall it's all about what you think about you that matters.

3375 If you could go any where in the world where would you go?

CV: Right now I'd go away to an island in the middle of the ocean and leave the cell phone, computer, and all forms of communication. (Laugh) However, that isn't feasible due to all the endeavors I'm involved in. Not that I want to be left alone, but I am very much a nature person. I like to get away and enjoy the beauty of all the little things that we so often take for granted and don't take the time to appreciate like sunlight, water, wind, and sand. Business-wise I think I have a thing for Uzbekistan. I don't know why, but I saw a picture of it and the skyline and I love it. The name is funky too.

3375 Being 26 what motivates you to get up in the morning?

CV: My love for what I do, my love for my mother, and my love for other people. Works like Folgers coffee. I am not a real morning person, but usually after I talk to one of my partners and get through my first appointment, I'm fine.

3375 Tell us about your new book Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady?

CV: The book is an honest reflection of my life from my point of view. I was an interesting teenager, and my anger had a way of pushing me into difficult situations. I had one of the worst attitudes, but it was something that built up over time and had a lot behind it. Even now I have to catch myself sometimes and make sure that I emotionally detach from things and people. I was searching for love in all the wrong places and did not have enough of it for myself to stabilize me. Actually there were a lot of things I was searching for like acceptance and a place to fit in. I never felt like I really fit anywhere, so I was attempting to fit in with other groups of people. In the process, I picked up some of their habits and when I mixed all that with my own insanity, the result was a raging suicidal lunatic. (Laugh) I really like how I put that. I went through a whole lot, and I'm just grateful to be here.

3375 What made you want to write this book?

CV: Because I learned that me keeping secrets, kept me crazy. I had nothing to be afraid of and I was sick of covering myself up. I also needed to fund my non-profit organization, and I felt like this could do it. I told the individuals that chose to engage in business with us that I would find ways to fund them. I found plenty of ways, but the process was difficult. I wanted a simpler solution and process, with little restraint or guidelines. Therefore I had to create it, and my book is fundraising for them. It will also be funding some other things too, of course, but more importantly I am a person of integrity. If I say I'm going to make something happen, best believe I will attempt to move Heaven and Earth to see it through. I've found in my adult life that moving Heaven and Earth is really not necessary cause God usually blesses me with a pretty good idea.
Most good ideas are simple. I just had to sit down and be quiet so God could tell me which direction to move or what to do. I do a lot of meditation nowadays.

3375 Was it difficult as a new author to stay focus and write a book?

CV: Nope. I've always been able to vent fully through writing and keeping journals. The last 5 or 6 years I was a little more consistent with it, and I'm only 26 well I'll be 27 this year. From ages 0-5 was a blur, so I had about 15 years that needed details. So much stuff happened in those 15 years that it was the easiest process, what was hard was looking at it and reading it for myself, all put together. There are details that I don't include cause they're not important, but writing that book was hard because of what I had to write about. Every event that I had to detail, I had to re-live and experience the emotions associated with it all over again. I started on my book in October of last year and by December I was finished. The editing was the hold up, but also the much needed fix. She pulled out of me the details that I needed to highlight, and took out the details that were unnecessary. I had written a good book, my editor made it excellent. By nature and profession I'm a writer, so writing anything is never difficult for me.

3375 What the message you want people to get from your book?

CV: Don't let this happen to you! I want this book to serve as saving grace for some parents who cannot explain to their child why they shouldn't do certain things. Don't worry just hand the kid my book, it will scare them straight, especially girls. They will be okay, maybe a little shell shocked. In addition, adults should read it because they should understand what their kids maybe going through and why. The last chapter is my favorite and the one I had the most fun writing. I laughed writing the whole chapter. Originally it was called "Life is Funny" and that is because I take all my insanity and make a joke out of it, but then twist it and make the joke on you. I came out real in the last chapter, but it makes people think about everything you see around you. Almost a stroke of genius.

3375 How can we purchase your book and contact you?

CV: You can purchase my book on my website www.crystalvictoria.com, through AuthorHouse Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble.com. It's on its way to Barnes and Noble book shelf, but hasn't made it just yet. It's technically in pre-release, but it's out and you can buy it. There is a promotion going on from now until May 18th called "The Release Rush", in which there will be two prizes of $500 cash given away. To enter the giveaway simply buy a hardcover or paperback edition of the book. If you order it from another website then email your receipt to bossladydiary@gmail.com for automatic entry. You can like the book on facebook www.facebook.com/bossladydiary, and follow me on twitter @diaryboss.

3375 What's next for Crystal Victoria?

CV: I can't tell you. Takes the fun out! I actually have an invention that I've been working on for the past several years, then kids and a family. I'm doing everything I'm doing now to build a life for my kids. I hope to have some one day and I think I want a private jet, too. I got a lot of work to do.

3375 Do you have any shout out?

CV: YES! SHOUT OUT TO my mother Grace Lott, Oprah, all the characters in my book whom I love dearly cause without them I wouldn't have a story to tell. SHOUT OUT TO everyone who has supported me and will support me in the future! I appreciate and love you! SHOUT OUT TO 3375MAGAZINE for giving me the opportunity to have this interview. My photographer Rafael of Visual Konnections Photography and One Entertainment Magazine. SHOUT OUT TO Target Evolution, Inc. I love y'all and this is for you! The rest of humanity that I didn't name SHOUT OUT TO YOU TOO!! MUCH LOVE, PEACE, & LAUGHTER!!

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