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                                       KIZZI HENDERSON (REPNVA)

Kizzi , born in Richmond, Virginia but raised in Germany is a shy, lovable, laid back woman but loves to have fun. She ’s a big dreamer and is always trying to see what she can do next! Kizzi has explored everything from being a nurse to a hair stylist. She loves helping others and it is her infectious raw energy that keeps her motivated to reach her goals. Kizzi drive and determination has led her to explore radio. Kizzi's tough life lessons and tribulations have helped to formulate who she is today and has supplied her with knowledge and a level of relate ability. This is an essential element when connecting to others and offering unbiased expertise. Her main goal is to reach out to local artist, poets, athlethics, businesses etc. to give them a place to be recognized and to help rep Va. in a positive way. Kizzi will be captivating audiences and plans on taking the radio industry to astonishing heights. Kizzi is also a photographer, graphic designer, and plus size model, she is defiantly doing big things. Kizzi is about to a force to be reckoned with in the radio indutstry all while REP N VA ....STAY TUNED!!!

3375 Although your show has been very successful and you've had great feedback, I'm sure you started out with a small audience. It seems like doing strictly online radio would make it harder to quickly expand your fan base. Why online radio, why not just stick with the usual?
KIZZI I decided to do online radio because I don't have to stick with the basic and strict rules that regular radio stations have to go by. I can basically do what I want to do especially because I own the station. I wanted to do something different then what regular radio stations is doing and that's giving people like myself a voice to be heard you can't turn on regular radio and hear local artist. They will play other people music before they will support their own. On my show I caterer to unsigned artist I do everything from playing their music to giving them interviews so people can get to know the artist behind the music. I also interview local businesses, authors, poets, dancers etc.

3375 Do you like the way the online radio is going?

KIZZI I Love It! Doing online radio has given me the opportunity to meet some very talented people. I am always networking trying to see what I can do next the internet is a powerful tool, and I am learning a lot about the entertainment industry.

3375 What about radio made it more approachable to you ?

KIZZI I have always been known as the shy quiet type no one would every think I would be a radio show host so what better way to break out of that shyness all while doing something positive for my community why not radio it's given me as well as other people a chance to have their voice heard and we reaching people world wide so what better way to approach my shyness.

3375 What's the ultimate goal for the show? You?

KIZZI My ultimate goal for REPNVA is to be well known through out Va and in other states I eventually want everyone to know or heard of who Mrs.REPNVA is and what is REPNVA Radio. I have so many plans for the future I want to start a REPNVA Clothing Line I want to do a magazine the sky is the limit we doing big things.

3375 How do you feel about the local talent in Richmond Va?

KIZZI I think we have a lot of undiscovered talent in Va. from singers, rappers, clothing designers, and the list goes on. Many people in Va don't support one another they think one person going to get ahead and leave them behind but they quick to show support to the already established people.

3375 In your bio it says you are a photographer, graphic designer, and plus size model? You are a jack of all trades!

KIZZI Yes that is correct. ...LOL hmmm a jack of all trades I guess..... I'm just doing me and what I love to do. I always loved posing for the camera and smiling so that's where the modeling came from but I just recently started taking it seriously. My husband and I started doing photography together back in 2006 we started out just helping family out at their wedding but when we noticed we was actually good at it we started our on business called TruStory Photography and we have grown since then to doing graphics as well as t-shirts. So if you ever need any pics or graphic work done you know who to come to we do everything from business cards, flyers, cd covers and more

3375 Do you think women get the respect they deserve in the radio business?

KIZZI I would have to say no and that's why I'm working so hard to prove myself and build my brand. Some people don't take women seriously so I have to come correct with whatever I do to let them know I'm serious and passionate about what I do. I'm working twice as hard to make my name known

3375 Jay from Ryde4Mine Ent says your are the hardest working woman in Richmond Va!

KIZZI Awwww Thank You Jay! I wouldn't say I'm the hardest working woman in Richmond, Va. but I am constantly promoting and networking. I'm always researching seeing what I can do to better myself and how I can make a difference helping others reach their dreams.

3375 What are some events you put together and host?

KIZZI Who's REPNVA Wednesday's Comedy Night We Run Va Tuesday ( I was doing it with another lady Mona J she now do that on Tuesdays)Who's REPNVA Tuesday's @ Have A Nice Day Cafe I am also working on some other future events as well as a magazine.

3375 What artist are you listening to in your car right now?

KIZZI Hmmm As far as local artist I am defiantly listening to Lano The Don his cd is in constant rotation, Early, Louie Millz, Kayo Da'la just to name a few, I listen to so many local artist Va is filled with talented people. I also listen to Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Jennifer Hudson, and Monica I'm not a huge rap fan so if I do listen to a rap artist they have to bring it and actually grab my attention. I love gospel music as well so you will defiantly hear that playing in my car.

3375 Do you think plus size woman are finally getting the respect they deserve in the model industry?

KIZZI Do I think they finally getting the respect they deserve NO but do I think they finally getting recognized YES. There is nothing wrong with being big and comfortable in your own skin (BIG IS BEAUTIFUL YOU CAN BE BIG BUT ALSO HEALTHY)

3375 Tell the world something we dont know about kizzi?

KIZZI That's a good question I am pretty much an open book but I would have to say most people don't know I was raised in Germany. When they read it in my bio they be shocked. I even had one childhood friend inbox me when she read it saying "Girl you know you wasn't raised in Germany" LOL But I really was my dad was in the army and I stayed over there from birth to the age of 7

3375 How can we listen to your show?

KIZZI You can listen to my show by going to www.repnva.com I'm live on the air every Saturday 2pm to 4pm giving you the hottest interviews, local and celebrity news, and Real talk Questions of the week. If you would like to be a guest on my show, guest cohost with me or send in music people can email me at info@repnva.com

3375 Do you have any shoutout?

KIZZI Yes I have to Shout Out my husband Anthony, without him I wouldn't of got this far he is my biggest support system and also my kids they spend their whole Saturday with me at the studio instead of playing outside with their friends I love them dearly. I also have to shout out #Team REPNVA Comedian Tinman whenever I need him he is always there showing support, the beautiful Lissa P always have my back, Dj Ron C my dj, and of course I have to shout out all my listeners because without their support none of this would be possible so thank you for all the love and support it only gets better and Thank You 3375 Magazine for giving me this interview.

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