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New Found Talent, ANISA JANAY, is a first time rapper with an undeniable delivery and flow riding ability. Even though she's only been rapping for a month, she's already been catching the ears and the eyes of major heavy hittas in the game, shes about to bring back Hip Hop to female rappers like it use to be. Best known to be behind the scenes in the industry, Anisa Janay, developed a passion to persue music. But being so in demand with event directing, model casting, and administrative attributes, it was hard to gain attention on her artistry level. By using her wits to be heard regardless, Music Cleaners CEO, Just Shawn, was in awe when he heard her very first recorded session, and her remixed version on Lil' Wayne and Drake "She Will" joint, and her unheard of word play. He immediately had a vision, and signed her on as the, FIRST LADY OF MUSIC CLEANERS. So, now with a strong team on her back Anisa Janay together with Music Cleaners, will make an indisputable sound, that will send chills down Hip Hop emcees spines, and flame under current female rappers' skirts! Watch out for the mixtape... Coming Soon!

3375 The first time I heard you rap I was blown away. How do you feel about
all the feedback you have got thus far?

Anisa *Honestly when I first started I was at a lost of words when the
feedback started coming in. I haven't had any negative feedback on my flow
pattern or delivery. I mean I do have some dislikes on youtube, but I can't
please everyone. But I am very appreciative, being compared to Foxy, Roxanne
Shante', Kim, Lauryn Hill it's been a true honor. And that just gives me

motivation to keep going.*

3375 What do you think sets you apart from the many new female rappers that
are popping up everywhere?

Anisa *I think what sets me apart from the others out now, I'm not using my
body as my main marketing tool. I don't feel like I have to flaunt around
half naked to be heard. Also my tone, I hate that tone most female rappers
have, it's only a select few I can listen to, and wouldn't mind hearing a
whole album on them. And last thing (lol) I'm attacking the root of our
culture, I feel that the 80s and 90s you had to have real talent to be
taken seriously, and that's my focus, I want people to recognize my talent

and feel my music in all aspects.*

3375 What is the best constructive criticism you have got thus far that you
are currently working on as a new artist?

Anisa *The best constructive criticism is to show more confidence. I just
started rapping in December 2011 (lol) so yeah, before then I didn't even
know what my voice sounded like recorded. So it's a process I'm still
working on. A lot of things are happening so fast, but this is my new love,
as far as being a femcee, and confidence is definitely a factor that needs

to be shown.*

3375 How do you feel about the female MC's on the radio today?

Anisa *Well there's only mainly one, (lol) Nicki Minaj, she is the reason why
I started to become interested in rapping. I love it when Nicki raps, I
know she exploring different genres, but I love her best at rapping I think
she's very talented. The other ones getting a buzz on the net... ummmm... I
think they're pretty... (lol) no but seriously they are talented as well.

And I'm going to stop at that.*

3375 Tell us about Why you want to rap?
Anisa *I started off behind the scenes, with event organizing and
administrative work. I've work with Konvict, DJ Trade Association, and
numerous local companies in my hometown of Fayetteville, NC. Like I
mentioned I would hear Nicki on the radio and I would recite her and people
around me said I was good at it. So when I finally recorded myself and
heard the feedback I knew I wanted to do it. Also I wanted to bring back
the essence of Hip Hop. There's a lot of party raps out, which I jam to..
but I miss the Nas and Fugee type of feel. They had something to say and I
got something to say as well. But we're coming back to that, well I hope so

anyways. *

3375 I let a couple people in Richmond Va hear your music. They all said you
have that old school hard core female flow! What do you think?

Anisa *I've been hearing that since I started, I love it because that's what I
was going for. I mean the old school tracks I'm remaking has something to
do with it (lol), but I wanted to be different on what you hear today. So I
am so glad that is what people are saying, I hope the continue to support


3375 Tell us how you met Shawn (The Ceo of Music Cleaner)?

Anisa *Funny story... in Fayetteville I swear we are the last in the music
scene, there is still so much people have to learn about the industry. So
me and my naive self did managing out in Fayetteville, Just Shawn is also
an artist (dope one at that), I called myself trying to manage him.. only
to realize he knows WAAYYYY more about the industry than I did. So I went
under him as a protege' to learn the business, and was the administrator
for, & from there it was history. I'm now a blogger and
rapper for the company and I still assist here and there with the


3375 How is that music marrige working out for you?

Anisa *It's great! I love my label! The independent movement is such a
force... it gives me life. Music Cleaners really respects my opinion and I
don't feel left out when it comes to the production of the finally sound.
Im right there when it's being mixed and I feel like I have a lot of

control over my sound. Couldn't ask for a better label or a better team!*

3375 What does Anisa like to do while she isn’t on her grind writing rhymes?

Anisa *Honestly I don't know (lol), I do like to blog and give other artist their recognition on our site. Sometimes it's not just about you, always
reach back to pull others up. But I love hanging with my girls and my

family! *

3375 What does Anisa like to watch on TV? Favorite movies?

Anisa *(lol) Honestly, say what you want.. I still like to watch Spongebob and
the food network channel..My mom watches it and we would watch it together,
with me being away from her it gives me a since of comfort, because while
I'm in ATL I know she's watching it in NC. (lol) Spongebob I haven't grew
out of it. Oh and I love TV dramas like Law and Order SVU, I can watch

literally all day and the repeats... I love that show!*

3375 When can we expect your first mixtape?

Anisa *EVERYTHING!!! (lol) the mixtape will get you crunk, get you smiling, get you chill and relaxed, get you sad, get you proud... it's a big ball of
emotions. I just hope all my fans and supporters like it... I put a lot

into it.*

3375 If you was on tour, who would you have open for you?

Anisa *Local artist, that has a great unique sound. I'm all about supporting
people on my way up, there is so much great talent out there that needs to
be heard!*

3375 We look forward to hearing more from you in the future, how can your
fans and my reader keep up with you?

Anisa **
*Search Anisa Janay in Youtube or *
*if you have an android download my free app search Anisa Janay*

3375 Do you have any shout outs?

Anisa *Most definitely Music Cleaners, Just Shawn, Jalil, Jamil, DJ Ray Dog,
Jason, Sean Pollard from Fayette- nam* and all my fans

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