Sunday, July 8, 2012

Interview with Up and Coming Model DeeDee Carlos

DeeDee Carlos

 DeeDee Carlos aka BodyBeautiful is 5'3 full bloodied Honduran with measurements 38C 35 48 from Bronx, New York. She outgoing free spirit adventurous published model who  been modeling close to 3 years. DeeDee love being infront of the camera expressing herself and showing creativity to the world. She's been feature on several online magazines along with hard copies and  done runway for designers. DeeDee is not done yet because there is still more of the world to see and she going to enjoy every bit of it.

3375  What was your childhood like, including any unique experiences?

DEEDEE   I came from a family with strict rules. My mother was born from Central American where there was two set if rules of males n females. The boys get to explore and the girls stay close to home.

3375  How did you get into modeling?

 DEEDEE  It was a fluke for me. My daughter used me as a test dummy for a new camera I brought her...I post it on MySpace and Modelmayhem and got great responses from photographers who would like to shoot with me and the rest is history.

 3375  Are there any particular models that inspired you to pursue modeling?

DEEDEE  Yes, Imani, Beverly Johnson, and Tyra Banks. I like their style, sexiness, and originality
3375  So, many people think models have it easy. Traveling, being pampered. How do you feel about that perception?

 DEEDEE  Traveling to different places is a great experience and pampered is nice also especially when you're tired but it can be a headache when you feel more relax in your own bed.

3375  What things about the modeling industry do you like the most, and what are some things that you would like to change?

 DEEDEE  I like the creativity between me and the photographer that shows in the images. What I would change is the stereotypes of what size criteria a model should be in certain model industry. All women are beautiful in all sizes.

3375  In this line of work, do you always feel respected by others within the industry or your peers, or have there been times when you weren’t respected?

DEEDEE   It goes both ways...most of the times I received respect for what I do and very few time I don't but it doesn't really bother because good and bad I get notice so its all good.

3375  Some photographers say they encourage models to "make love to the camera." Have you ever tried that?


 3375  What other interests do you have besides modeling?

 DEEDEE  I would like to host events, shows, being a correspondence and inspiration to all plus sized models.

3375  What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your modeling career?

 DEEDEE  Always do research on the photographers you are going to shoot with and be prepared for anything throw your way.

3375  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

 DEEDEE  As I said before do research on the photographers you are going to do shoots with to make sure they're legit and make sure your portfolio is up to date
3375  A sad aspect of modeling is that many models starve themselves to stay thin. How do you stay in shape?

DEEDEE   I'm very comfortable with my size but I do excerise and watch what I eat.

3375  What has been the biggest life lesson you’ve learned?

  DEEDEE  Preparation, preparation, preparation and did I say preparation.

3375  What is a typical day like for you?

  DEEDEE  Just work and tending to my family.

 3375  Any beauty tips you can pass along to our readers?

 DEEDEE  To keep your skin soft after a shower always use baby oil with Aloe before you towel yourself dry.

3375  The career of a model is relatively short. Why do you think the models in magazines are all so young?

  DEEDEE  The like younger looks and feel that's what the fans like to see.

3375  What are some goals that you are really striving to achieve like business ventures, etc?

 DEEDEE  Promotering for others and open my own fragrance line.

3375  Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?

  DEEDEE  No, I like to leave some things a mystery...hehe.

3375  How can we keep in contact with you?

 DEEDEE  You can always hit me up on Facebook and
also for booking

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

 DEEDEE to say it was great working with you Canvas Photography and AceDuJour, also SCB Photography. aka Mr Medi who I'm looking forward if working with..yes indeed...I'm excited already

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