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Born on August 4th, in the city of Brooklyn, New York and raised between the United States and Puerto Rico. Her parents are both from Puerto Rico. During her childhood, she spent her holidays and summers in Puerto Rico with her family where she learned about her Hispanic roots and culture.
After graduating from high school, she moved to Puerto Rico with her mom. Erica began to study Computer Programming at Universal Technology College of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, PR for two years where she graduated and received an Associate degree. She then relocated to Florida where she is currently majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Motion Picture/TV Production and Public Relations.

The former Latina Beauty Queen started in the arts and entertainment industry at an early age. Multitalented, charismatic, hardworking, outgoing and beautiful inside out are just some of the characteristics that define Erica. With a charming personality, loving, honest, determined, and persistent, a dreamer who loves life and is determined and passionate to do the best she can with her talents. Spontaneous and disciplined because it keeps her balanced but always does the things she enjoys because she understands that life is a journey and not just a destination. She believes that life is about finding your true potential and not settling for anything less.

As a child, Erica developed many talents just to name a few: Dance (Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Gymnastics, Lyrical, and Hip Hop). Her mom enrolled her in dance and acting classes at an early age. She started Ice Skating at the age of 5 and acting at age 7. She became passionate in the world of dance where she had 16 years of dance training and considered dancing professionally and auditioning for Broadway dance Musicals in New York City. She filmed her first TV cereal commercial at the age of 7 at Barbizon Modeling Agency in New York. She has modeled for many fashion shows such as Fashion Designers Expo and modeled gowns/cocktail dresses for Zola Keller and Kesi Case. Erica was recently a featured extra on “Step Up 4” and has been an extra on “Havana Nights” and “Wuthering Heights”. She has been a model in music videos, commercials and television series extra roles such as “Burn Notice”. She started modeling at the age of 14 when her mom signed her up for a local pageant at the mall and won her first local pageant. Dance and acting still play a huge interest and impact in her life.
She had the opportunity to be featured in two Dr. Pepper commercials with Pitbull in 2011 and 2012.
3375  Tell us when and how your career got started?

ERCIA  I started my career in the entertainment industry at the early age of 3 with Dance, Acting & Modeling. My mom registered me for Ballet classes and I didn’t like Ballet. She then decided to enroll me in Tap classes and I loved Tap! Then she signed me up for acting classes at age 7 with Barbizon and I filmed my first cereal commercial and at age 14, she signed me up to compete in a local pageant at the mall and I kept winning titles! And that’s how my career started.

3375  Being born in the USA, how important was it for you to visit Puerto
Rico and learn about your roots?

ERCIA  It was very important for me to visit my country since I have family there and my mom was born in Puerto Rico. Every Christmas and summer, I would spend one month in Puerto Rico and after graduating high school, I moved there and attended College there as well since I knew the language perfectly, I never had any trouble adapting to living in my country of origin. Aside from that, I learned a lot and had the opportunity to attend college in Puerto Rico and receive my Associate Degree in Computer Science.

 3375  Was it difficult to get respect as a woman in your career?

ERCIA  It was very challenging since I’ve always worked around more male than female in my career. I’ve never been comfortable doing nude or partial nude model shoots and in numerous occasions, I was offered to do nude model photo shoots since it has never been my cup of tea so those are the jobs I always reject.

3375  How did you feel when you won Latina Beauty Queen?

ERCIA  I was extremely excited and it was the best experience of my life! It opened up so many doors for me into many different areas of the entertainment industry.

3375  How did winning Latina Beauty Queen contest impact your life?

ERCIA  It had a huge impact on my life since it opened so many opportunities for me. I was featured on the front cover of Latin Connection Magazine, newspapers, radio interviews and worked with numerous charities which I really enjoyed. I was shy as a child and competing in beauty pageants was not something I had an interest for until my mom enrolled me in my first beauty pageant at a local mall. I started out as a dancer at age 3. Pageantry started at age 14 when my mom signed me up for a local beauty pageant at the mall and I won my first pageant and made it to nationals. I always considered myself a winner even when I didn’t win a crown because to me pageantry has never been about winning a crown but the experience and standing in front of such a huge audience to compete considered me a winner and I would compete for myself and thought of myself as my only competition.

3375  Who inspires you?

ERCIA  My mom inspires me. She has always been my hero and has instilled confidence and motivation that inspires me. She taught me to be resilient and never give up.

3375  What role does your family play in your success?

ERCIA  My family has always been very supportive of my career. They play a huge role in my success and have given me the motivation to move forward in my success. I am blessed to have such a supportive family.

3375  Tell us about college and what you major in?

ERCIA  College is my tool to success and education to me is a plus no matter what field of study you’re in. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Science and I am majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Film Production with a minor in Public Relations.

3375  Can you teach me how to ice skate?

ERCIA  Of course I can teach you how to ice skate. lol

3375  Talk about the TV shows and movies you appear in.

ERCIA  I appeared in shows such as “El Show de Las 12” on Telemundo in Puerto Rico, A commercial spot for Miss Puerto Rico World in 2000, a cereal commercial for Barbizon Modeling Agency, the movie Wuthering Heights as a featured extra, Havanna Nights as a featured extra, Step Up to the Streets as a featured extra and Step Up Revolution as a featured extra.

3375  How did you feel working with music artist Pitbull on the Dr. Pepper

ERCIA  Wow! Working with Pitbull on the Dr. Pepper commercial was such an amazing experience. I was really excited and it was the experience of a lifetime.

3375  You do a lot of charity work for a lot of organization. Why are these
specific organizations important to you?

ERCIA  These specific charity organizations are important to my because they have taught me to be thankful and appreciate everything I have accomplished in my life. Each charity organization is an inspiration in my life and has taught me many lessons in many ways. For that reason is why I enjoy being a role model for the young generation who looks up to me and inspire young girls and woman in the world.

3375  With everything you have achieved, you also host on online TV Show for LCTV?

ERCIA  Yes! With so many of my amazing achievements, I am so excited to be working with such a great team and working as a host for Latin Connection TV.

3375  What is your greatest accomplishment?

ERCIA  I would have to say my greatest accomplishment has been graduating from college.

3375  What next for Erica?

ERCIA  Erica will continue working as a TV host since she enjoys it has a great personality! Working in the Spanish TV network, she hopes to host her own entertainment TV show and own a modeling agency. She will also continue to work with various charity organizations since it’s her passion and she enjoys helping others.

3375  How can we find you online?

3375  Do you have any shout outs?

ERCIA  Yes I sure do. I’d like to thank God first because without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.
My mom for all of her continued support, my family, friends and fans for their continued support.

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