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My name Tron. Im a member in the BMA family but me & one of the other members had a group already called YMG (Young Minority Gang). We linked up with Modah & 40 to form wat he calls BMA. Im 18, and im from East Baltimore. Music is my passion and I plan 2 make much more. Seeing the luxury music brings is a constant motivation. Joey Bada$$ is my favorite rapper and plays a part in me wanting to be a lyricist. I try to only make music about wat I see, know, went through or plan to do. I WILL be famous remember that. As long as I am supplied with a mic & a producer (which im struggling 2 find) making music wont be a problem.

3375  Tell everybody your name and what area you represent?

TRON  My name is Antron Jones but I go by "dat niggah tron" and Im reppin 4 the city as a whole but Zone 6, Cedonia to be specific.
3375  How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?
TRON  I have been writing on and off for about 2 to 3 years. I have been into music my whole life, its in my blood. I have always been into it because I see it as a way to tell your life story. Let people know the real you.

3375  How would you describe your style and best attribute as an artist?
TRON  I would say I am a lyricist. My best attribute would probably be my flow. I try to make my verses have meaning.
3375  Tell us your greatest experience thus far as a music artist and why?
TRON  My greatest experience would be meeting Mooda & his team. My very 1st studio session was with BMA. We been cool ever since.
3375  What is the biggest challenge you face being an artist?
TRON  My biggest challenge I would have to say is finding more studio time. Building a "rapper-producer" relationship would be great. So if any producers out there need an artist, hit me up.
3375  Who would you like to collaborate with in the music industry and why?
TRON  Hmmm.....I would like to collaborate with Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, or DJ Premier. I just like all their styles and with one of these 4 guys on the track its bound to be a classic.
3375  So how do you feel you rank against top music talents today? And why?
TRON  I feel as though the only reason these other guys like Twoiney Lo & G Rock are higher ranked then me is because they can easily get studio time. If I had it like them, no doubt about it within a year or two I'd be on their level, if not, above them. I mean you have to respect their hustle but when it comes down to talent and word play, I got them beat.
3375  What are you working on now, and when can fans expect to hear more from you?
TRON  We are currently workin on our debut mixtape called "Life Long Dreams". You can expect to hear that this summer and trust me its fire!!!! I'll be droppin a few singles (that wont be on the tape) hopefully this spring. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated.
3375  Give my readers one tip about pursuing their dreams?
TRON  They're called YOUR dreams for a reason. Dont EVER let anybody tell you what you can't do.
3375  So what do you want to accomplish as an artist overall?
TRON  I just want to live that lavish lifestyle. Not only for myself but so that the people closest to me no longer have to struggle.
3375  If music never existed, what do you think you would be doing?
TRON  Aww man, I cant think of a life without music. But if it didn't exist I'd learn how to do an extreme sport. Skateboard, motocross, BMX, etc. Something that'll keep me interested.
3375  Tell us your influences and inspirations?
TRON  Honestly, this might sound crazy but I'm influenced by famous rappers that suck. I see it as "Shit if he can make it, what's stopping me." I know for a fact I'm better than a lot of those guys. I just need the recognition.
3375  What do you think of the “R&B and Hip Hop music world right now?
TRON  I don't really listen to R&B like that but from the songs I do hear it seems to be doing better than hip hop. As far as hip hop, as long as the beat's bumpin it's a "hit". So thats shout out to all those producers out there. They're the only reason hip hop is still alive.
3375  What quote do you feel best represents you?
TRON  "The part I love most is they need me more than they hate me" -Drake
3375  What music do you have playing in your sound system right now?
TRON  Lil Wayne-Gunwalk.....that's my new shit!
3375 How can business heads and fans contact you in the future?
TRON  Hit up my Instagram or email.
Instagram- @Dat_Niggah_Tron
3375  Do you have any shout outs?
TRON  Yeah, shout out to Jahaid, Corey, Toshi , Mooda, Rated R Shaad, Lor Skip Miller, 40, Toma, Clyde Ro$e & Basement music, (Zone 6) Cedonia, the whole city foreal. And anybody that likes my music, shout out to you too.

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