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Jessica Sweetie  Currently Live In Plainfield NJ Born Aug 5. "Modeling Is Everything To Me I Love To Be In Front Of The Camera I Love Meeting In Networking With New People In The Industry. Love Learning New Ideas To Help With My Career... I'm A Hard Working Model That Is Ready To Learn New Heights In The Modeling Industry"  Jessica Has done Lots & Lots Of Photoshoots Underground Videos, Interviews, She has Hosted Alot Of Partys and I just recently came of tour last month. " It Was Very Exciting Meeting New Models In Photograpers Managers Artist It Was Mind Blowing Am Featured In 2 Magazines Illussion Magazine & El Barrio Mag"
Tell us a bit about what you do
Well I am Jessica sweetie upcoming urban model from plainfield new jersey video vixen, published model 2x radio host, promoter, business women yes I know lol I wear many hats trust me its all worth it i love the energy of grinding in going out there in showing people what your made of in people recognizing your hard work

When was the first time you thought you might be interested in modeling?

Tell u the truth Ifirst thought about it since I was a little girl my mom would always say how I loved taking pics in always wanted to be in front of the camera which is true i remember me coming home from school just to play in my mom make up in posing in front of the mirror acting like I was at a photo shoot playing dress up walking in my mom heels lol priceless moments I love the rush u get when its time for a photo shoot the glamor the different looks everything

How long have you been modeling?
I been modeling for 9 months now

When you first found out you want to do a shoot, What was the thought
going through your head about actually shooting?

 First thing ran threw my head is whats outfit am going to wear whats the theme how my hair looking lol u know us females worried about everything I was nerves but the pics came out hot I loved my first photo shoot it taught me alot

What have you learn as a model so far that can aspired some else?
Go after your dreams don't let no one stop u no matter how many doors close keep going one is bound 2 open, networking is a must, when u make mistakes learn from them in improve your skills, always stay focus in be business minded, the only person opinion that really matters is yours, in u must have goals in this business so u should have a plan a,b & c, always do your research on people that your working with, in last but not least be very careful

Was you nervous on your first video set?
Was i yes i was but as we started shooting the video i relaxed

How many video have you appear in?
So far am in 8 underground artist videos in I just did a video with snyplife (dblock) ft jadakiss another day another dollar so that makes 9

What are some great piece of advice you have receive?
That u cant trust everyone in this business, watch the company that you keep, stay focus on your goals, brand yourself , promote yourself, be in it 2 win it, be comfortable with yourself, keep your  skills fresh, learn something new everyday, pay attention, ask questions, surround yourself with people that have the same goals u have, in always network

Will we see you in any movies in the future?
Hopefully yes am working on my acting skill as we speak talking acting classes in Manhattan so stay tuned u might be seeing me on the big screen

Are you single? Married?
Am single as a dollar bill ( gotta love the single life )

What do you look for in a mate?
Loyalty, honesty, someone who understands my career,someone who can make me laugh ( am a big goof ball ) kind hearted, family orientated, patience, someone who understand me, down 2 earth, passionate, great kisser, goals, I can go on in on am just waiting for my soul mate so we can be one

What is your biggest turn-off?
Someone that's lies about everything, not keeping it real, have no goals, don't know what they want in life, wasted talent, stink breath, dirty finger nails such a turn off

What sports did you play in school?
I played softball, volleyball, track, cheerleading i was in a drill team from the age 7- 16

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Graduating college, in reaching the goals that I made at 16, being independent, being a role model for young women to reach out to your dreams in make them come true, making my family proud of who I am today, last but not least my biggest accomplishment is me I look back in see how far i have got from when I first started modeling in this game I have grown & learned so much in have alot of people supporting me in am so proud of myself for going out there in the world for chasing my dreams in knocking anything down that stands in my way being focus in fighting for my dream

Thanks for allowing us to interview you? What are your contact information?
No thank u for taking the time out in getting to know who is Jessica sweetie & wanting to know my story in share it with the world much love 2 you in your team........ you can visit my website at or u can add me on fb Jessica sweetie twitter @krazelove69 instagram jessica_sweetie or u can email me at or

Do you have any shout outs?

I wanna s/o everyone that's supporting me right now #TeamJessicaSweetie is in effect I wanna thank y'all for riding this wave with me y'all be supporting me since day one in I thank y'all , my family thanks for understanding my dreams in not judging me & turning y'all backs on me when I needed y'all the most thanks for understanding me thanks to my true friends that never left my side in always keep it real with me even if I didn't like what y'all had to say am glad I have y'all as true friends s/o to my team illussion magazine, super ugly movement, models unleashed, hdtv, unsignedblast, LES, el barrio magazine crazymobsquadradio, crown royal, The royal family, all the makeup artist,models, hair stylist, promoters, DJ's photographers, designers, artist that I have worked with i couldn't have did it with out y'all sorry if I missed anyone its 2 many people to name but y'all know who y'all are thanks for supporting me big s/o 2 Jay Thomas for interviewing me much love in keep the grind going #salute


  1. BIG BROOKLY-LOVE S/O TO JESSICA SWEETIE,( the name fits u soo well) Proud to no only promo n support you. For all those who don't know.... " ya gonna learn today." She the BEST, so ya know #TEAM SWEETIE IN FULL EFFECT!!! Much love @Jessica Sweetie!

  2. ;-)gOod luck and stay blessed Jessica Sweetie.... Keep ya head high