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Brown Gyrls, Incorporated is a vision given by God to Latasha Johnson in October of 2013.

 Mrs. Johnson, who already has a thriving accessory business in Che’ Bella Customs and 

partner in Put It On A T-shirt Clothing, decided that there was a need 

for a parent company to house these ventures. Thus, Brown Gyrls, Inc was born. BGI is not

only a home for these companies but also an entity on its own. BGI produces events 

where vendors can network and sell their products, community events and parties with a 

purpose!! Come join us on this ride we call the Brown Gyrl Experience!

3375  Tell us when and how your career got started?

Tasha  I really through myself into this career. I've always loved a good party and loved to have fun. Event planning just kind of came to me. Ive always wanted people to have a good time and just wanted to be apart of making it happen.

3375   Can you tell us about Brown Gyrls?

 Tasha  Brown Gyrls is an event planning and promotions company. We produce events of our own such as our semi annual SASS event, complete with vendors and our Sticks N Stilettos event that is coming up in June. But we also plan events for clients anything from birthday parties to black tie events. No event is too big or too small

3375   How did Brown Gyrl come about?

Tasha   Brown Gyrls is a vision I received from God honestly. I had been thinking about it off and on for the past year or so and God finally said, Now is the time, and we were off and running. I grabbed some friends of mine that are very talented and was willing to take this journey with me and we've been rolling ever since.

 3375   Tell us about your first events?

 Tasha  Our first event was our SASS(Sip and Stroll Social) in February 2014. It was wonderful. It went off without a hitch and we still have people saying they can't believe it was our first event. We had great music, a wonderful caterer and 13-15 vendors promoting their businesses, we also had raffles. It was a really good time, we are doing it again in the Summer.

3375    What role does your family play in your success?

 Tasha  My family plays a huge part in this. My husband, Lamont, is actually Brown Gyrls CFO. We really wouldn't be able to do this without him. My kids have been so understanding realizing that Mommy may work from home but I'm always busy...they have been real awesome.

 3375   Who inspires you?

Tasha  People that have dared to step out on faith and start their own business, no matter what it is, they inspire me. The women entrepreneurs that we have connected with on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, they inspire me. The people that grind daily, just to carve their own path...they inspire me.

3375   Whats the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

 Tasha  The first thing I do? I pray. I that God continues to keep and provide for my family and I thank him for everything that He has done so far in my life and the lives of those around me.
3375   How important is it to give back to your community?

 Tasha  It is very important. Our goal is to find a charity or non-profit organization to partner with. Right now, we are looking to plan an event for Ovarian Cancer Awareness in September.

 3375   What is your greatest accomplishment?

 Tasha  My greatest accomplishment to date is getting Brown Gyrls off the ground and having a very successful event.

 3375   How can we find you online?

 Tasha  We can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our website is still currently under construction.

 3375   Do you have any shout outs?

Tasha  HUGE shout out to my Director of Operations, NuDasha Gratic-Fludd. Social Media Director, Joi Donaldson. CFO, Lamont Johnson without those three people Brown Gyrls would not be possible. And all those that have followed us and liked our page and shared our info. 2014 is the year of the Brown Gyrl, stay tuned for future events!!


* April 19, 2014 - In conjunction with Motivation Central  Dreamcatchers Music Symposium and Conference 

* May 3, 2014 - Unbreakable Bond: Mother/Daughter Brunch with guest speaker Rev. Lakeisha Cook of St. Paul's Baptist Church. 

*July 2014 - SASS event 

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