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Who Is Jina Law?

"I believe in Destiny... "

Humanitarian, Model, Stylist, Personal Image Consultant, Mentor
Jina Law is going to take the industry by storm. She is a socially-conscious, strong willed young woman that wants to leave a lasting impression on every life she touch. With her work ethic, ambition and spirit of excellence she is not only consistant, but persistant in accomplishing her goals.

Jina Law is thankful for the exterior beauty. However,she understands that beauty can only be the initial attraction it takes substance: Love, passion and character to maintain it.
I am the face that will elevate your company to the next level..
3375  Looking back on the last year, tell us
what it has been like.
JINA  Looking back on the last year it has been full of trials and triumphs. I have learned to embrace both. As both have cultivated me into the person I am today.
3375  One thing that I love about young generation is their creativity and flexibility because it
transfers so well into a successful online presence. What social media tools do you use to promote yourself.
JINA  Social media is truly present day PR. I use several social media sites to network. My favorite are twitter and instagram. Both allow me to connect with people I otherwise may not have access too. I use them both to it's full potential.
3375  So Jina what made you want to become a stylist?
JINA  I started doing hair, makeup and wardrobe regularly in college. Once I realize I could really make some money. I decided to attend cosmetology school while in college . It would not only give me financial stability, but also flexibility . And that is how the gift was born.
3375  I notice you are also an Personal Image Consultant. Who have you work with?
JINA  As for image consulting I have and will continue to work with anyone who is sencere about make a positive change, taking there brand to the next level or enhacing what they have. I have work with clients from all walks of life.
3375  What motivates you to get up in the morning?
JINA  The that I know God has on my life motivates me to get up every morning. I look at each day as a new opportunity.
3375  Who is Inspires you?
JINA  I most inspired by those that have gone before me. Those that come from humble beginnings and how through hard work they persevered.
3375  Tell us how you got started Modeling.
JINA  I started back model for fun after college. However, when I realized I wanted to be seen as more than just a pretty face, I began to really study my craft . I want to use my platform to give others a voice.
3375  Do you have a favorite quote?
JINA  My favorite scipture is " Don't grow weary while well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not" My motto is Destine for complete Sucess~ they shall call her Blessed
3375  Being a mentor, how important is it to you to give back to the community?
JINA  It is so important to give back It not only teaches the next generation the power of Love, it is also or purpose ... We are not her for ourselves but to be s blessing to others.
3375  What is your best advice you can a young generation following there dreams?
JINA  To our younger generation ... Never give up, through prayer and perseverance .. Dreams do come True.
3375  What make you stand out from the world?
JINA  What makes me stand out in the world and especially the industry is I conform to the world and what they believe ... I am a very strong women, transparent and strong willed. I do not give into pressure.
3375  Talk to my reader about being a Humanitarian.
JINA  Being an Humanitarian on any level is needed and welcomed. As I stated previously we are here for one another. If I can help someone in any way I will. I love to see children start early from coat drives to soup kitchens to marches against bullying.
3375  Where do you see Jina Law in five years?
JINA  Definitely a successful model, actress and entrapenuer. Taking my humanitarian work to a higher level ~ "for where much is given, much is required
3375  How can we find you online?
JINA  You can find me online
Facebook~ Jina Law (actress)
Twitter~ jinaLaw
Instagram jlaw4
ImDb~Jina Law
3375  Any Shouts?
JINA  First and foremost,I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ my family and friends .without their love and support I never could have made it!

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