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Celina Judd was born in Jacksonville, Florida in July, 1996. Her
mother noticed her special gift at a very early age. Celina remembers
when her father (now deceased) told her at the age of four, “Celina,
you sure can sing! You’re gonna be a star one day!”
Celina attended a local catholic school, where she often sang during
the morning mass, and won talent shows. She loves to sing in the
church youth choir. Celina played bells in the 6-member church ‘Bell
Group’ also.
Celina auditioned for and was accepted to LaVilla School of The Arts
(6-8 grade). This budding talent flourished when, upon acceptance, she
was immediately placed in the highest chorus groups LaVilla had to
offer. She was also placed in honors classes academically. After
passing a series of local and regional testing, which served to
determine the best vocalists in the state, Celina qualified for
Florida Allstate Vocals (2010 & 2011) in Tampa, Florida. Each year, in
addition to qualifying for the best 300 students in 7 & 8 grade in
Florida, she received the honor (after even more testing) of being the
soloist. This was a first time achievement for any LaVilla SOTA
student! During her 8th grade year she also took local and regional
testing, and qualified for Florida Thespian Allstate, which took place
in Melbourne, Florida. In this Celina qualified as a soloist (singing
'I Know The Truth - Aida), and small-group artist categories ( as Mama
Euralie in 'Once On This Island).
Celina auditioned for and was accepted to the Grammy – award winning
high school Douglas Anderson School of The Arts. Here, she was
accepted for both her vocal and musical theater skills! Celina still
maintains her honors academics with virtual classes while touring the

3375  Tell us who Celina is?

CELINA  The most determined and driven YOUNG artist you’ll ever meet. I’ve had a lot of road blocks try and stop me from achieving my dreams as a Singer/songwriter but it doesn’t defeat me. I’ve grown to be strong . I’ve always been that “different” kid in school and in cliques of people. I never really FIT in but , when I look back I realize that its GOOD not to fit in because being different allows you stand out. I’m very into my music. I can sit down to listen , write , and vibe to ALL kinds all day , every day. I’m weird and tend to be a goofball but , I’m down to business when its time 

3375  What inspired you to create music?

CELINA  I always loved it as long as I can remember. I used to watch MTV and BET when I was just 4 years old and try and imitate my favorite artists at the time like Aaliyah , ashanti , destiny’s child and more. I didn’t start actually making originals until I was 13 years old. Every since that first time I heard what I sounded like on the mic….I didn’t want to stop.

3375  Who are some of your influences in music?

CELINA  Good question. Mary J Blige, Katy Perry , Toni Braxton , and Aaliyah. I adore Mary J’s voice!! I loved Aaliyah’s style and her persona …

3375  What has been your favorite moment of your pop/r&b career?

CELINA  There’s many. I’d have to say being on CW17 singing the national anthem on National TV . It was the best feeling in the world.

3375  Take us through a studio session with you - how do you come up with
your music/songs?

CELINA  It can go two ways. If we are making a song from scratch and the beat is amazing..its like I instantly come up with a hook first!!! I’m a very energetic person so , I usually write the song on the spot , record it and then come back and perfect it.

3375  Are you working on any new projects?

CELINA  I’m working on the official videos for my single “Fell For You Again “ and My other “On It”.
Fell For You Again made the top 20 list in the city of Jax Fl and On it is getting air play. Love the feeling!!

3375  Who are some of the artists/producers you have worked with?

CELINA  Some pretty Amazing producers like Mgeezy , Trakrunnerz , Keezy , and I’ll be working with more in the near future. I’ve worked with a few dope artists like Dstaff , John Blk stars and currently working with Jasmine rhey. I haven’t done many collabs because I’m working on myself but , I plan to do more in the future.

3375  What is going to set you apart from the rest of the pop/r&b game?

CELINA  My distinct voice and not quitting. Being fearless and not letting others get in the way of the path to my calling. Its very easy to fall off track especially for YOUNG artists but , that won’t be me. I’m in it to WIN it.

3375  Where can we find you at online? Twitter? Facebook

CELINA  Tweet me : @celinamusicsite
Instagram : @celinalina_pow

3375  Any last words of advice to artists?

CELINA  Don’t let anyone cause you to quit.
People will try to tear you down but , don’t let them defeat you because YOU are the winner.
It’s a hard knock game but , staying focused will keep you straight …believe in yourself no matter how hard it gets!!!

3375  Do you have any Shout outs?

CELINA  I wanna thank my moms for standing right by my side through EVERYTHING no matter how stressed things get, she’s always there and she motivates me when I feel low. She’s the reason for everything!
Mgeezy (winlab) for believing in me and giving me FIRE instrumentals to create my sound! You rock
And to all the artists in my circle going hard like Dstaff who is also one of my engineers, he is an amazing person and I know he’ll go far. Shoutout to Kool Caleb for showing Atlanta how its done… he just dropped an album called “evolve everything” its fire. Shoutout to my sister Monica , we go through It but , she knows I got her. Shoutout to Gmaynfrost , he is phenomenal and shout out to ALL my supporters and fans who REALLY hold it down and SHARE my music nonstop. I love you guys so much!

Celina Lina - DIAMONDS(Rihanna Cover) Directed By @SeanayYBMG


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