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Red Sonya

 When you hear that thunderclap in the distance right before a rainstorm, you know Red Sonya is coming! Hailing from the World's Most Famous Beach ( Daytona Beach, Florida), Red Sonya is definitely a lyrical tornado when it comes to her rapid-fire delivery, creative wordplay, and egnimatic presence. Even before music, she has always captured & fascinated people of all walks of life with her presence alone. She has superstar status/sex symbol written all over her. Men lust after her and women emulate and want to be her. She definitely has star quality.

Red Sonya has been around music all her life-her father was a saxophone player in a band. Born August 29th, she shares the same birthday as the biggest entertainer of all time-Michael Jackson. She adored & idolized the late singer and announced to her parents at the tender age of 6 that she wanted to entertain just like her musical hero. She did just that when she released her first record at the age of 12 with "Give A Dog A Bone" from her debut album "Doggy Style Funk" on Boomin'/BMG Records, a subsidiary of Jive/RCA Records. It peaked at #54 on the Billboard Rap Charts and received international attention. She took tome off from music for awhile to pursue & continue her education, even opening several businesses. The music seed took hold and began to grow within her again and she decided to put out a mixtape in 2011 called "Red Sonya's Street Gems" with guest appearances from Haitian Fresh, KLC (former lead producer of No-Limit Records), Cardiak, Grindmode ("I'm So High" fame) and Mattnificent, a fellow local up-and coming rap artist. The mixtap because a street success. She is currently working on her upcoming release CODE RED. Producers include Johnny Juliano (Birdman/Gucci Mane/Big Sean/2 Chainz), Kajmir Royale (Tyrese, The Game), & KLC of The Medicine Men (Master P/Mystikal/B.G./ Juvenile/ Snoop Dogg). KLC is also executive producer of her album CODE RED and contributed 5 tracks and is also her mentor & big brother. "He's taught me so much about the game. I'm just so thankful & blessed to know him and have him as my producer as well as on my team. You don't understand...Mystikal is one of my favorite rap artists and I've been a HUGE fan of him & KLC's music!" she gushes. "I've ALWAYS wanted to work with KLC. I love his sound!"

With hard-hitting, bass-heavy Southern street bangers like "Code Red," What They Need," and  "I Declare War," KLC provides the perfect backdrop for Red Sonya's sexy but deadly flow and aggressive, back-breaking wordplay. "YOURS TRULY" (her current EP on iTunes) & "CODE RED" has breathtaking production and is guaranteed to be platinum bound!

It's a CODE've been forewarned. The female rap game will never be the same after Red Sonya answers the call!

3375  Tell everybody your name and what area you represent?
Red Sonya  I 'm Red Sonya....I represent that 386....Daytona Beach, Florida.

3375   How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?
Red Sonya  I've been doing music since I was 7....over 15 years. Michael Jackson was my inspiration as far as wanting to do music.

3375   How would you describe your style and best attribute as an artist? 
Red Sonya  Basically my style is street with a sexy edge...I'm just honest. People don't expect me to address certain truths in my music because they consider me to be such a glamorous, girly sexy female...well I am (lol), but there's a hardness about me that comes from my background and how I grew up. So my honesty & rawness as well as the lyricism makes me stand out.

3375   Tell us your greatest experience thus far as a music artist and why? 
Red Sonya  Meeting my producer KLC and meeting one of my favorite Southern rappers, Mystikal. They're family now. I've always, ALWAYS wanted to work with KLC. I love his sound and he's a legend. I've learned so much from him...

3375   What is the biggest challenge you face being an artist?
Red Sonya  The sexism in this industry and the respect factor towards female rap artists. I work my ass off, just as hard if not harder than the average male rapper and sometimes it seems to be not enough....but I like proving males wrong. I love the challenge of showing them that I work just as hard and I'm creative-lyrically I feel I'm better than most and it shows when they get intimidated by me. I've even written for male rappers! Lol

3375   Who would you like to collaborate with in the music industry and why?
Red Sonya  My brother Mystikal, for one. He got a mouth on him just like I do, lol. I would love to do something with T.I....3 D Natee, Rick Rozay, Drake, I love Snoop Dogg....

3375   So how do you feel you rank against top music talents today? And why?
Red Sonya  I feel like I can stand next to any of them because lyrically, I feel I'm raw...people love WHAT I say & HOW I say things because I sound like no one else. I literally write and spit everything you hear comin' out of my mouth.

3375   What are you working on now, and when can fans expect to hear more from you?
Right now I'm doing remixes & freestyles from local DJ's...I'm about to focus my attention back on finishing up my album, Code Red...its executive-produced by KLC. Whenever his schedule calms down on the road with Mystikal we can get back in the studio and finish this work....

3375   Give readers one tip about pursuing their dreams?
Red Sonya  Stay focused. Be determined, not deterred by haters and dream killers. Keep a positive support group around you...and learn ALL YOU CAN about this game. It can be real shady. 

3375   So what do you want to accomplish as an artist overall? 
Red Sonya  I want to do a number of things. I not only do just music. I have a shoe/accessories brand in the works as well as some beauty projects. Outside of music I'm a licensed beauty professional...I have some other things in development too, including a movie script I'm developing...I have a party interested in it in Miami.

3375   If music never existed, what do you think you would be doing?
Red Sonya  What I been doing-makeup artist! Lol Otherwise my second career choice would be in communications because people say I read and speak extremely well.

3375   Tell us your influences and inspirations?
Red Sonya  My Great-Grandmother. She built a small fortune from nothing with just a 3rd grade education (real estate). My mother for her strength & resilience...I aspire to help others in need because I've always been a compassionate person.

3375   What do you think of the “Hip Hop” music world right now?
Red Sonya  I don't. Lol. I listen to Kendrick Lamar and Cassidy tho, as well as Snoop, Scarface, Juvenile, Biggie, Lil Kim & some others...mainly old school. Not really feeling alot of the B.S. That's out there right now....

3375   What quote do you feel best represents you?
Red Sonya  "successful people find a way to persist." My favorite quote of all time. Describes me perfectly because I'm determined...

3375   What music do you have playing in your sound system right now?
Red Sonya  Kendrick Lamar. Cassidy. Trick Daddy, TGT, Mystikal, KLC, Rick Rozay, Juvenile, Future and some local artists I know....and 3D Natee.

 3375   I have to ask for the single men out there. Are you single or do you have someone special"?
Red Sonya  Lol....I never discuss my personal life...yes there's somebody special..but technically? I'm single. *giggle*

3375   How can business heads and fans contact you in the future?
Red Sonya  You can follow me on Twitter at RedSonya4Eva or visit my official site launching soon,

     3375   Do you have any shout outs?
Red Sonya   S/O to my whole 386 family, KLC & Overdose Entertainment as well as The Medicine Men...also S/O to my 305 Family as well...R.I.P. To my Angel, my Great Grandmother Josephine. She still encourages and supports me to this day...even in spirit.

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